EiF Patch Notes 10/18/2022

Here are the notes for the patch released on 10/18/2022, featuring the long-awaited return of the Exar Kun Holiday Instance:


  • The Temple of Exar Kun has returned!
    • Reports of disappearing archeologists have begun to swirl around a dark temple on Yavin 4. Others whisper about a shade haunting the temple – a shade that must be confronted before the temple’s depths can be plumbed.
    • Three players are required to begin the instance. The instance can be run once per day, per character. Take care in the depths of the temple – there are no cloning centers available.
    • The Temple of Exar Kun will only be accessible for a short time during the Halloween season. Conquer it to acquire unique, limited-time weapons and items! New loot has been added for 2022!

Bug Fixes

  • Scattergun specials now feature subtitles in the skill tree
  • The Scavenger’s Lightsaber has been fixed and now recolors as intended
  • Center of being modifiers should now be properly added to agnostic lightsabers.


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