EiF Patch Notes 03/25/2022

Here are the notes for the patch released on Friday, March 25th, 2022.


  • Toolbars can now be locked to prevent unwanted changes, courtesy of Phoenix. No longer will you accidentally pull an ability off of your bar in the heat of battle and then immediately forget what was there in the first place.

Itemization Updates

  • New loot has been added to certain groups.
  • Dye kits for clothing, armor, and furniture added in preparation for the Great Fashion Disaster. These are not yet craftable but will be available in a future patch. (Phoenix)
  • Added single-hand gloves as alternate appearances for a regular pair of gloves when crafted by a tailor. While only appearing on one hand, they use the same slots as a regular pair of gloves. Cosplaying as Luke has never been so easy.
  • Ithorians can now wear the invisible helmet per player request.


  • New weapons added to be available in future content.
  • Combat walkers should now work as intended and are no longer invincible or prone to crashing the server when a pilot tries to take control.
  • Panic shot is once again properly weapon agnostic.
  • Restored Force Lightning Blast to master Jedi.
  • Changed launcher pistol animation to be something less seizure-inducing.


  • Merges from SWGEmu to fix harvester droids, pets, and some other misc issues. Pets should no longer betray and turn on their owners, and harvester droids should no longer be as lazy..
  • Devaronian skin palette adjusted.
  • Witch characters now have high-resolution eye textures.
  • Rori snapshot changes for Exchange event.

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