EiF Patch Notes 03/01/2022

Here are the notes for the patch released 03/01/2022.

Player Races

  • Playable Arkanian race added. Arkanians are egotistical masters of genetics, and a perfect fit for an aspiring bioengineer.
  • Playable Echani race added. Echanis are obsessed with personal combat, with racial bonuses to center of being.
  • Dathomiri witches should now have new face markings available.
  • Chiss characters have received a visual upgrade. New customization options are available, such as eyebrows, makeup, etc.
  • The EiF team experimented with the new-canon style Chiss eyes. The team has chosen to release a mod for that instead of including it in official server files. If you wish to try it, download this file and drop it in your EiF directory. To uninstall, simply remove the file.

Server Changes

  • The SWGEmu AI update has been integrated into EiF code. This was a massive undertaking requiring a huge number of changes on EiF to implement the code. Bugs may result – please report issues promptly.


  • NPCs may now holster their weapons after exiting combat.
  • Weapon DPS calculation reworked to include a player’s speed modifiers and the speed cap. DPS is calculated as a base-level /attack with the weapon in question.
  • Smugglers examining weapons and armor will now see information on the slice performed on the object instead of the generic “This weapon has been altered by a smuggler and may bring unwanted attention from the Empire” message.
  • Heavy weapon specials have had their range restriction removed.
  • Worn weapons implemented. (Not yet available to players.)
  • New armor added. (Not yet available to players.)
  • New weapons added. (Not yet available to players.)
  • Nexu mount fixed.

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