Apologies and What’s Ahead

I apologize for the radio silence for some time here at Empire in Flames. Due to personal reasons, I’ve had no time or energy to post anything here for several weeks.

On the plus side, there’s much to look forward to in the weeks ahead. Coming up includes more official server lore (starting with planetary lore for Naboo), skills, and profession information. We’re also working on some updates for the test server to try to iron out the worst issues (namely, skills missing modifiers and low-level abilities normally gained through starter professions that are no longer available).

Research continues apace on the most important features: Galactic Civil War and Underworld. It will likely be some time yet before details are publicly available, but rest assured that we’re working hard.

Yes, details are a bit sparse, but I hope to be sharing specifics with you in the coming weeks.

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