The Call

“My children awaken.”

The petite brunette raised her head from the table looking around to see who’d dared to call her a child. Her bloodshot eyes couldn’t focus or seem to settle on anyone, so she chalked it up to a bad dream. Her head dropped back down to the table.

Awaken. You are needed.
One has awakened who will upset the balance
To keep the balance, you must awaken.”

She snapped her head up, looking for the voice… or was it two voices.. who were clearly talking to her. “Listen. I. Don’t. Care! Leave me alone!” she said aloud. The few other patrons in the tavern turned curious eyes towards her, but she glared at them, starting to lift a hand in their direction and they quickly turned back to their drinks.

More words spoke to her and she realized they were in her head. She began to comprehend what was happening. Sitting up straighter, she closed her eyes and concentrated on the words. Her lips drew into a tight, thin line as the voices impressed upon her the need to leave and seek out others. This went against her survival instincts for the last couple of years. She’d been in hiding, avoiding others and avoiding using her abilities. She felt an anger welling up inside her at the compulsion.

Yes, there was that one time where she’d encountered… Her eyes flew open, jaw dropping. “Oh… oh no…” she breathed out the words, barely able to draw in her next breath. “It’s them again.

She jumped up from her seat, nearly overturning the table and dashed out of the tavern. She ran to her ship, giving orders to the droids to prepare to leave. When queried about the location, she simply said, “Yavin IV.

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