Patch Notes 12/15/2020

EiF Patch notes – 12/15/20

Boonta Eve

  • Boonta Eve is live and will run for four weeks!
  • Players should head to to Mos Espa, Tatooine and speak with Bib Fortuna to get started.
  • Earn Boonta coins each day from various activities to purchase rewards, with some new additions to the reward vendor.
  • The Boonta Race has been changed from Podracing to Skyhopper Races


  • The second wave of collections is now live! Keep your eyes open as you explore the galaxy – there are objects hidden throughout all of the playable planets and they can be difficult to find.
  • Rewards for completing collections include one-off items, schematics, and titles!
  • Over twenty new Collections have been added with the second wave (Collections created by Mina, Traycn, Kelta, and Syn)

General Content

  • Wearable rank badges are now available to purchase from the Faction Vendors.
  • You must at least be ranked as Lieutenant, and can purchase any rank badge up to your current rank.
  • Pazaak Tables now have added textures (Courtesy of Abi)

Combat Changes

  • Stability issue: all weapons are now speedcapped at 1 attack per second. This change is part of our attempts to isolate the deadlock that occasionally brings the server to a halt.

Current Known Issues:

  • House packup occasionally will not allow unpack. (Please contact Halyn if you run into the issue to get it fixed, and include the error number that you receive.)
  • Multipassenger vehicles will hang up on bridges. (No ETA for fix.)
  • Nightsister and SMC tattoo styles cannot be changed after character creation. (No ETA for fix.)
  • Changing clothes as a male character while in a holocomm causes clothing to have a female appearance (or as a female will cause male appearance) until the next time the client hits a loading screen. (No ETA for fix.)
  • Stuck states after a server crash (burning, diseased, blind, etc). (Contact a member of the team for the character to be fixed.)
  • Ancient Polearm Collection will not trigger. (Patch staged for next reboot.)

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