Patch Notes 7-9-2020

Patch Notes 7-9-2020

Empire Day

  • Empire Day is upon us!
  • New Republic players should visit Hanna City, Chandrila and speak to Event Coordinator Ingri to get started.
  • Imperial players should visit Kuat City, Kuat and speak to Event Coordinator Wulf to start.
  • Earn challenge coins from various activities to purchase rewards!


  • The first wave of collections are now live! These are objects hidden through the game world – some are very obvious, but some are extremely difficult to find.
  • To collect an object you have found in the world, simply use the radial menu and select “Collect”. Your quest journal will update and can be used to track your progress on collections.
  • Rewards for completing collections include one-off items, schematics, and titles!
  • More than 20 collections are live with this first version. (Collections created by Mina, Traycn, and Kelta)

General Content

  • Kuat and Chandrila now have working mission terminals. (Courtesy Abi)
  • New paintings are now potentially available at the Lake Retreat from the droid vendor. (Courtesy AOJ and Abi)


  • The login server is now separated out from the game server. Upon initial login, players will now be able to see the proper server status (offline, online, loading, or locked). (Courtesy Phoenix)


  • Cloning observer now properly drops when exiting Axkva Min heroic.
  • Player characters must now be out of combat to either set a base to overload or abort an overload.
  • Base overload abort sequence now takes 15 seconds instead of 60 seconds.
  • Incomplete Galaxy Tour quest has been deactivated.

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