Core3: Unlocked


The SWGEmu team has announced the conditions and contract for receiving the time-unlocked Core3 files.

Having reviewed the agreement, the Empire in Flames team sees nothing that causes us concern. However, we’re not quite ready to comply with all the conditions set forth – a problem we hope to rectify in very short order. To prevent any misunderstandings: the delay in our application is on our side, not the SWGEmu team’s.

Assuming we don’t have any issues with receiving the Core (our understanding is that the SWGEmu team reviews these as applications and therefore reserve the right to turn down applicants), we should be ready to move forward with public testing in the very near future. We’re not putting out any dates, yet, so you’ll have to settle for Soon™.

During a review of our environment and server, we encountered an issue – a hardware limitation with our network equipment. We’ve already put in an order for new equipment, and should hopefully have the issue resolved before we’re ready for public testing.

The fire’s coming.

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