EiF Announces Storytellers!

An Empire in Flames is just over a year old and as our community has grown, it’s needs have matured. EiF isn’t a roleplay server, but it strives to be a place where roleplayers can thrive and develop their characters and stories. As such, it’s becoming more and more difficult to meet the needs our RPers with just the admins. As everyone knows, we are all volunteers with families and jobs. EiF has some members of the community who have selflessly created content or given of their time to step in at the last minute, so events would not be cancelled when an admin wasn’t available.

These circumstances lead the staff to decide it was time to create a Storyteller role within the EiF community.  A role where an individual can have a few more permissions and be able to help tell their stories, the stories of the community, and EiF. You will be able to identify these individuals by the [Storyteller] tag in Discord and EiF.

We have been honored, as staff, that three individuals have never asked for anything. Rather they give of their time and creativity over and over and over. They have shown a love and caring for EiF and more importantly the community of EiF.

I would like to introduce to everyone an Empire in Flames first Storytellers:




I know many of you will recognize their contributions and agree with us that these are deserving individuals whom I know will continue to enhance the EiF environment!

Sandarie, Community Manager