Friday Feature 6/9/2017 – EiF Character Builder Beta Testing!

Anishor has been spearheading the effort to make an interactive Character Builder which is compatible with an Empire in Flames! He is working with a team of a few other EiF community members to get the data entered for each of the professions and skills available in EiF

My apologies for the lousy screenshots. I can’t make WordPress play nice. If you click on the screenie, it will enlarge and be more clear. Better yet! Click on the link below if you’d like to test out the prototype for yourself!

Squad Leader is the only profession currently and there are seven of the skill trees available.

Note, the black navigation bar on the left can be collapsed by clicking on the lined icon to the right of the EiF logo. This will give you more screen real estate. Also the vertical blue bar on the far right entitled Skill Box Preview can be expanded and collapsed, as well.

Below you see  a Squad Leader Profession with three Novice Skills selected. As you click each of the boxes in the prototype, you’ll see the numbers adjust. Take the EiF Character Builder for a test drive, then leave comments and feedback on the EiF Forums!

One final note, as you are looking this over you will see some other areas which will be added in the future. Along with these there is discussion of a mobile app and linking directly into the files to retrieve information.

Have fun!

Patch Notes – 6-9-17

A week later, and we finally got this patch pushed live. Sorry about the delay!

  • Evened out armor piece complexity ratings.
  • Evened out armor layer complexity ratings.
  • Increased armor chestplate hitpoints.
  • Updated previously Artisan foods and drinks to use Chef experimentation.
  • Updated previously Artisan weapons to use Weaponsmith experimentation.
  • Added new Creature Handler tamables.
  • Tweaked DNA sample to allow sample-kills to work again.
  • Adjusted entertainer buffs to be in-line with the new system.
  • Adjusted mind cost for Squad Leader specials.
  • Squad Leader specials now only affect in-range group members.
  • Mind cost for SL specials now scales according to group size.

Friday Feature 6/2/2017: Enter the Cats

Star Wars Galaxies has long struggled with the idea of obsolescence. An Empire Divided launched without any player transportation – only shuttles – which meant characters spent a lot of time on foot, hoofing it to distance POIs after landing at the nearest shuttle.

Creature Handler mounts were the first to cut into that, with a handful of mounts available to everyone (well, everyone who had befriended a Creature Handler!): carrion spats, kaadu, lesser dewbacks, and lesser bols quickly became a common sight; larger mounts, like the giant carrion spat or the larger dewbacks, were sources of pride among the Creature Handlers.

Then came the speeders.

Creature mounts quickly fell out of favor, even among the Creature Handlers. Fast-moving swoops became ubiquitous; even the slower speeders, like the Speederbike and the X34, barely saw use. Speed was king.

And it’s hard to blame players. Creature mounts were clearly obsolete, and have remained so ever since. Even NGE mounts like the rancor were a novelty, not a serious mode of transportation.

That changes on Empire in Flames.

The Clone Wars CGI cartoon actually demonstrated Talz riding narglatches. Not only were they a viable mount, but they kept pace with the Republic force’s BARCs!

In SWG, creature handlers running missions often use cat creatures for just that reason. Cats in various forms can almost keep up with a swoop. That said, creature handlers still generally resort to driving a swoop themselves, since the mountable creatures are too slow to be efficient at running missions.

Adding cat mounts to Empire in Flames has to walk a fine line – on one hand, they need to be valuable and useful if we expect players to actually seek them out, rather than just use the same old swoops (and improved speederbikes) that are already in use. On the other hand, creatures aren’t killed off in the same way speeders are blown up; if they’re too good, we essentially kill off the speeders market.

How do we walk the fine line?

First, by speed. Cat mounts are slightly slower at natural speeds than a swoop; at /gallop the speed boost makes them slightly faster.

Second, by skill. Only the largest cat types can be used as a mount, and none of them are available to non-creature handlers. Your CL10 cowardly gurreck or BEed narglatch? Don’t expect them to carry you across the planets. While the list has not yet been finalized, powerful wild cats like the narglatch matriarch, grand wrix, and greater sludge panther are strong enough to carry a rider.

Coming soon in the client patch!