New Server Ordered!

Thanks to the more-than-generous outpouring from the community, we ordered a new server today.

If you’ve been paying attention, you’ll probably wonder how we closed the last 20% overnight. The short answer is…we didn’t. We actually were offered a deal on a server slightly faster than the one we’ve been working toward, and at a lower price point.

The new server is a quad-decicore server with 128 GB of RAM. So, 40 physical cores with hyperthreading (80 threads total) – should be a far cry from our current 8-core, 32 GB of RAM rig. For the moment, we’ll be running on a traditional RAID array of mechanical disks, but eventually we’d like to upgrade those to SSDs as well.

We’ll still take donations to defray the monthly expenses of running the server; notepad figures put that around $100 a month, but if necessary we’ll continue to cover that cost. We’ll also be working toward some small upgrades like the aforementioned solid state drives.

Patch Notes – 5-29-17

  • Added backpacks for Hutts.
  • Added more Creature Handler tamables.
  • Adjusted item count for large buildings.
  • Adjusted large hospital lot requirements.
  • Adjusted melee low-SAC weapons crafting. It is no longer possible to craft negative-value weapons.
  • Adjusted power handlers to be more useful.
  • Adjusted Tatooine sandstorm damage downward a bit.
  • Starter weapons now properly grant weapon crafting XP and require weapon experimentation lines.
  • Light harveters now properly grant structures crafting XP and require structure experimentation lines.

Friday Feature 5/26/2017: Decorating in Empire in Flames


This guide draws heavily upon old guides and the input from Gail and Andarta. Thank you! Feel free to add others!

As the server is progressing, players are beginning to decorate their shops, homes, and other RP centers, it’s time to share tips and tricks to help you decorate. A personal goal for the EiF team is to get ready for our version of the Galactic Showcase!

The basic commands

The following are the commands you will need to use in the decorating process:

/move forward 1-500
/move back 1-500
/move up 1-500
/move down 1-500
/rotate yaw 180 to -180  
     A positive number turns the object right horizontally
     A negative number turns the object left horizontally
/rotate pitch 180 to -180
     Spins the object in a circle.
     For example, /rotate pitch 90 will lay an object down, as if a person standing falls backwards
/rotate roll 180 to -180
     Tilts the object, as if a person standing falls on their side

In technical terms: Pitch, Yaw, and Roll refer to the axis of rotation.


Use the Ctrl + Up arrow to repeat the previous command

Create macros to put on action bar buttons, so you don’t have to type them out over and over. Each of the lines in the list below should each be a separate macro.

/rotate yaw 45
/rotate yaw 90
/rotate yaw 180
/move forward 10
/move back 10
/move forward 5
/move back 5
/move forward 1
/move back 1
/movefurniture up 10
/movefurniture down 10
/movefurniture up 5
/movefurniture down 5
/movefurniture up 1
/movefurniture down 1

Pro Tip

Use a chair to arrange your furniture. This will help keep straight vertical and/or horizontal lines. Here are some steps to do this:

Place the chair and then use the rotate command to position it in the “line of sight” you wish to have for your objects (in this example we will build a counter).

Drop the items near the position you wish to line them up at, you can leave them all stacked on one another.

Sit in the chair (which should now be facing in the direction you wish) and then select the first item.

Using the move forward or back command move the first item

Items on Tables

Each table has a specific height, so once you find the height write it down for future reference. (Use the /no command to open up the notepad, if you want an ingame place to store information) Place the table and then the item. Select the item and move it up in increments of 10 until it is at or above the top of the table. This is best judged by being in third person view and tilting the camera so you can see the edge of the table head on. Once the object is in place add up the number of moves and use it for subsequent items.

Website Resources:

Basics: (doesn’t include pitch, yaw, roll)

Pics of decorated buildings

Chandeliers, Fireplace, Imperial Table

More ideas on Pinterest

Hotfix Patch Notes – 5-25-17

  • Some previously untamable creatures may now be tamed.
  • Tweaked cu pas from CL11 to CL10 to allow non-creature handlers to use them.
  • Rifleman Headshot now targets the health pool. Mindshot targets the mind pool.
  • Block now absorbs 75% of incoming damage.
  • If block fails to intercept an attack, it rolls a second attempt.
  • Added battle fatigue healing to high-level camps.
  • Added missing species to instrument permissions.
  • Skill enhancing attachment loots now drop with only a single mod per attachment.