Skills: Pikeman

“For you, an enchanted blade, blessed with our most potent magicks.” ―Mother Talzin, to Savage Opress, Clone Wars


The polearm is a surprisingly wide-spread weapon in the Star Wars universe. From the Imperial Royal Guard’s force pike to Darth Maul’s double-bladed saber to the staffs carried by Grevious’s Magnaguards, polearms have been a continual background – and occasionally foreground – presence.

And the trend has continued even in the Clone Wars and Star Wars Rebels series – Savage Oppress’s initial melee staff and later another double-bladed saber, while Rebels character Zeb’s weapon of choice is a Bo-rifle.

In Empire in Flames, the venerable pike can be the right weapon at the right time.



Polearm combat is heavily defensive in nature. Slower than a single-bladed weapon, pikes provide a sturdier defense but allow for sweeping attacks against multiple opponents. While they can lash out for a longer attack than any other melee weapon can manage, as a rule they are kept closer to the body for defensive purposes, giving up pure offensive power for more effective defense.

A good pikeman is hard to take down in a melee fight.


Pikes are favored by characters who love to stand and fight. They serve well in pure melee combat, and can be useful in keeping a ranged opponent pinned down if the pikeman gets within melee distance.

Interview with a Mercenary: Rori

The following is a transcript of a news report released on the Holonet shortly after the Emperor’s death.

Q: This is Halori Stella with the Galactic News Network. It’s been two weeks since the assassination of our beloved Emperor by Rebel terrorists during his tour of Imperial military forces.

Today I’m on the Outer Rim moon of Rori, previously believed to be a hotbed of Rebel activity. Orbiting Naboo, the home world of our beloved fallen leader, recent rumors suggest that the assassination plot launched from here.

Today I’m interviewing Zabrak mercenary Ceikeh Alari, who claims to have intimate knowledge of events on Rori in the last year.

Mr. Alari, what can you tell our viewers about Rebel activity on Rori?

A: I suppose it’s impossible to talk about the war on Rori without talking about Restuss.

Q: Restuss?

A: Restuss was one of the two colonies first established on Rori. It was a quiet city until a while back, when whispers started up about a new power source, a “Star Core” device. Supposed to be powerful enough to run a Star Destroyer but small enough to fit in a starfighter.

When the word got out, the Rebels and the Imperials both rushed armies here. They marched on the city, there was a big battle, and the Star Core prototype exploded.


That’s the official story, anyway.

Q: The entire city was destroyed?

A: Pretty much. The Rebs and Imps were both dug in, too, so even after the city was leveled they kept fighting. Tryin’ to find bits of the Star Core. The General, though, he told me on occasion that he didn’t think it ever really existed. He figured it was nothing but one big honeypot to draw the Rebs into a trap.

Q: But the fighting is over now?

A: Yeah, it quit some time before the big dust-up at Endor. The residents have moved back in and they’ve been rebuilding the city.

Q: That seems like a large project – rebuilding an entire city!

A: It is, and it doesn’t make any sense to me. Even if all the civvies who lived there before the fighting broke out all survived and came back, the credits needed to rebuild must be crazy. I don’t know who’s bankrolling it., since the Empire hasn’t seemed interested.


Q: Has there been any fighting in the other city on the planet?

A: Narmle? Hardly. There’s nothing there worth fighting over, unless you count some swoop racers getting into a brawl. It’s just a colony city on a backwater moon. Unless you’re trying to lead a quiet life with no excitement at all, I can’t imagine any reason to go there.



Q: What about rumors of a Rebel base here on Rori?

A: There used to be one, yeah.

Q: Amazing! What can you tell our viewers about it?

A: The Rebels called it Zephyr Base. It wasn’t much more than a fuel stop for Rebel ships until General Lance moved the 118th Rebel Fighter Wing into the area and started up a flight school. It never got as big as the bases the big Reb brass used, like Hoth, but it was important enough the Empire were looking for it.

The General gave orders to abandon it before his fighters took off to join the Rebel fleet to go after the Emperor at Endor, though, and there’s not much left there except a few maintenance droids.


Q: You sound like you have firsthand knowledge of all this!

A: I do. I wasn’t part of the Rebel Alliance, but General Lance recruited me to help liberate Iridonia.

Q: So…you’re a Rebel?!

A: Who did you think you were interviewing?

<Transmission ends.>


Friday Feature: Ranger



“To be a Ranger meant knowing how to move in any environment. To blend in with the forest or grassland, to sail, to swim, to dive, to pilot. To be masters of our surroundings. We were good spies, good warriors, very adept at intrusion and escape.” – Tyria Sarkin

In the live Star Wars Galaxies games, the Ranger was an underappreciated class. Too much of their thunder was stolen by the basic Scout profession, and the most of the rest was taken away by game changes.

Empire in Flames aims to make the Ranger a valuable addition once more.


Rangers are the outdoorsmen of Empire in Flames. Of the various professions available (more to be unveiled soon!), Rangers have the highest terrain negotiation, allowing them to climb hills quickly and cross rugged terrain in quick order.

While all characters can skin out animal kills and acquire meat, hide, or bone, the ranger is far more effective. Years of experience in the outdoors allow him to recover far more valuable organic material from a kill than a character without his skill.

ranger duster

Rangers are masters of camouflage, allowing them to sneak up on unsuspecting wildlife or bypass hostile creatures without confrontation. Many early Rebels trained as rangers for the stealth skills necessary to launch surprise attacks on Imperial outposts.

Experienced rangers also know how to read the signs of an environment. The best rangers understand not only how to track their prey, but figure out what else – and who else – is around them. Bounty hunters seeking targets on the run may employ Rangers to help them track their target even in the wildest jungle or forest.


Rangers may go days or weeks without seeing civilization – in part because they bring civilization with them. Rangers can build camps from even primitive materials, but with advanced techniques and components they can build a home-away-from-home. While a camp is useful for a ranger, it’s far more important for a ranger’s allies – often adventurers who are unaccustomed to the harsh outdoors.


Rangers rely on a wide variety of skills in the field to keep them independent from the city. They often pick up first aid medical training, and specialize in long-range weapons – often taking their prey with precisely aimed medium- to long-distance shots.

Skills: Pistoleer

“Hokey religions and ancient weapons are no match for a good blaster at your side, kid.” – Han Solo, A New Hope



Lightsabers aside, blaster pistols are arguably one of the most iconic weapons in Star Wars. From Han Solo’s trusty BlasTech DL-44 in the original trilogy to Kyle Katarn’s Bryar to Carth Onasi’s twin rapid-fire sidearms in Knights of the Old Republic, the venerable pistol is the perhaps the most-preferred weapon of non-Jedi in the galaxy.

The Empire in Flames experience is no different.



Pistols are a close-combat weapon for ranged fighters. While accuracy quickly drops off at long ranges, up close they are fast-firing, suffer the least penalty from movement, and a wide variety of damage types.

While lacking the punch of its heavier cousins, the blaster pistol is not to be underestimated in combat.



Pistols tend to be favored by characters who are light on their feet, like smugglers. They also serve well as backup weapons for characters who favor melee combat to pin down opponents who attempt to kite, or by long-range snipers who need something quick to point and shoot should an opponent close to melee distance where long-barreled weapons are unwieldy.

After Action Report: Dathomir

After-Action Report
Stormtrooper Corps
Imperial Star Destroyer Imperator

FROM: AR-15791

As per our orders, battalions deployed via drop ship on Dathomir to eliminate local insurgents following the death of the Emperor, to quell the uprising threatening Imperial interests on the planet.


First battalion deployed against the area locally known as Singing Mountain. Locals were initially taken off-guard by our shock assault, and we inflicted heavy casualties before the witches could mount a resistance.

Enemy survivors of our initial push retreated inside the mountain itself. The witches were able to stall our advance at the entrance to their bunker. While our pre-mission briefing and intelligence did not indicate such, I believe these “witches” are Jedi – they showed abilities during the battle that match Clone Wars-era descriptions of Jedi in combat.

Facing mounting casualties, the battalion commander requested air support.

Due to unfavorable local atmospheric conditions, the Imperator‘s wing commander requested target beacons to be placed. The battalion commander ordered beacons placed, and upon activation, a flight of TIE bombers bombarded the bunker entrance with heavy proton bombs.

Post-battle survey of the area has shown the entrance to be sealed, with no sign of insurgent activity. It is believed the witches were killed in the bombing.


Second battalion deployed to the largest concentration of the witch group called the “Nightsisters.”

While the witches were more prepared for combat and initially stalled the battalion’s advance, support from AT-ST and AT-AT units scattered the insurgents. As ordered, second battalion burned all structures in the “stronghold” to the ground.

The “nightsisters” had underground facilities nearby as well. Scouts cleared the cavern system of the few witches that chose to remain before using thermal detonators to render the caves unfit for use by any further insurgents.

Reports from second battalion’s troops seem to indicate these “nightsisters” were better-prepared for combat than the “singing mountain” witches.


As per orders, third battalion did not deploy to the village “Aurilia” until after the Imperator blanketed the area with a targeted bombardment of turbolaser fire.

Third battalion did not encounter any resistance.

Only a handful of survivors were found, and as per orders, were either executed or taken into custody.

The battalion retrieved all corpses for identification aboard the Imperator. Almost all expected insurgents were identified, though one high-priority target was not found. As per orders, target is presumed to be alive and dangerous.