EiF Patch notes – 1/16/21

EiF Patch notes – 1/16/21

Boonta Eve

  • Boonta Eve has been disabled for the year.


  • Loot drops have been added and corrected where appropriate.
  • Initial version of lightsaber recolor.
  • Lightsaber schematics corrected.
  • Lightsaber subcomponent decay added.
  • New lightsaber crystal/pearl system implemented. (Anishor)
  • Screenplay hooks added for manipulating Jedi stats.
  • Removed Jedi XP loss on clone.
  • Adjusted meditation system messages.


  • Reworked “Find Lost Items” on structure management terminal. (Phoenix)
  • Fixed lot withdrawal also triggering house packup.
  • Added newsnet terminals to all major starports.


  • Fixed missing Ewok spawns at Ewok tree village.
  • Fixed missing hide type on Talus world boss.
  • Removed vendor droid from Taanab.
  • Plasma Mining Facility bonus boss updated with new text. (Demiurge)
  • Added new Mandalorian weapons. (Not available yet.)
  • Added new modular ranged weapon. (Not available yet.)


  • Pistoleer specials adjusted. (Anishor)
  • Fencer specials adjusted. (Anishor)
  • Polearm specials adjusted. (Anishor)

Patch Notes 12/15/2020

EiF Patch notes – 12/15/20

Boonta Eve

  • Boonta Eve is live and will run for four weeks!
  • Players should head to to Mos Espa, Tatooine and speak with Bib Fortuna to get started.
  • Earn Boonta coins each day from various activities to purchase rewards, with some new additions to the reward vendor.
  • The Boonta Race has been changed from Podracing to Skyhopper Races


  • The second wave of collections is now live! Keep your eyes open as you explore the galaxy – there are objects hidden throughout all of the playable planets and they can be difficult to find.
  • Rewards for completing collections include one-off items, schematics, and titles!
  • Over twenty new Collections have been added with the second wave (Collections created by Mina, Traycn, Kelta, and Syn)

General Content

  • Wearable rank badges are now available to purchase from the Faction Vendors.
  • You must at least be ranked as Lieutenant, and can purchase any rank badge up to your current rank.
  • Pazaak Tables now have added textures (Courtesy of Abi)

Combat Changes

  • Stability issue: all weapons are now speedcapped at 1 attack per second. This change is part of our attempts to isolate the deadlock that occasionally brings the server to a halt.

Current Known Issues:

  • House packup occasionally will not allow unpack. (Please contact Halyn if you run into the issue to get it fixed, and include the error number that you receive.)
  • Multipassenger vehicles will hang up on bridges. (No ETA for fix.)
  • Nightsister and SMC tattoo styles cannot be changed after character creation. (No ETA for fix.)
  • Changing clothes as a male character while in a holocomm causes clothing to have a female appearance (or as a female will cause male appearance) until the next time the client hits a loading screen. (No ETA for fix.)
  • Stuck states after a server crash (burning, diseased, blind, etc). (Contact a member of the team for the character to be fixed.)
  • Ancient Polearm Collection will not trigger. (Patch staged for next reboot.)

Patch Notes 7-9-2020

Patch Notes 7-9-2020

Empire Day

  • Empire Day is upon us!
  • New Republic players should visit Hanna City, Chandrila and speak to Event Coordinator Ingri to get started.
  • Imperial players should visit Kuat City, Kuat and speak to Event Coordinator Wulf to start.
  • Earn challenge coins from various activities to purchase rewards!


  • The first wave of collections are now live! These are objects hidden through the game world – some are very obvious, but some are extremely difficult to find.
  • To collect an object you have found in the world, simply use the radial menu and select “Collect”. Your quest journal will update and can be used to track your progress on collections.
  • Rewards for completing collections include one-off items, schematics, and titles!
  • More than 20 collections are live with this first version. (Collections created by Mina, Traycn, and Kelta)

General Content

  • Kuat and Chandrila now have working mission terminals. (Courtesy Abi)
  • New paintings are now potentially available at the Lake Retreat from the droid vendor. (Courtesy AOJ and Abi)


  • The login server is now separated out from the game server. Upon initial login, players will now be able to see the proper server status (offline, online, loading, or locked). (Courtesy Phoenix)


  • Cloning observer now properly drops when exiting Axkva Min heroic.
  • Player characters must now be out of combat to either set a base to overload or abort an overload.
  • Base overload abort sequence now takes 15 seconds instead of 60 seconds.
  • Incomplete Galaxy Tour quest has been deactivated.

Patch Notes – 3-9-19

Change Notes:

  • The Sith Shrine heroic is now available to test. (Loot drops are disabled until we have received and implemented feedback on difficulty.)
  • 100+ new flooring items have been added to artisan. Speak to your local artisan to get metal, hardwood, or tile flooring objects to put down in your house.
  • A very odd protocol droid has been spotted on Naboo, selling high-quality paintings for cash.
  • Mon Cal and Dac cities have both received another upgrade. Mon Cal has received a terrain upgrade (to accomodate Mon Cal City upgrades).
  • Dac City and Kuat Drive Yards now have proper citizens.
  • Certain factional spawns have been upgraded.
  • NPC astromech droids now come in a variety of colors.
  • Ship houses now show “locked” on the radial if they are unavailable for entry.
  • SWGEmu-implemented bugfixes. (Check their patch notes for details.)
  • New Republic marine armor bracers and gloves now render correctly on male characters.
  • AV-21 schematics are now holograms.
  • Rattle can now be used while sitting.
  • Sleeveless duster added. (Not player-acquirable at this time.)
  • STAP and Swamp Speeder schematics added. (Not player-acquirable at this time.)
  • Leather armor chestplate schematics now drop in three versions instead of one.
  • Removed deprecated Object Manager calls from all EiF screenplays.
  • Added new city framework script for faster population of new cities.
  • Added random name generation for BB and C1 droids.
  • Reenabled FRIENDLY tag for mobiles.
  • Updating cloning point for Sith Shrine and Nym’s Auction structures.
  • Heroic framework implementation for faster content development – automatic instance tracking and safety, lockout timers, spawning functions, shutdown timers, and more.