Starport Crackdowns, Concealment & Crackdown Bounties

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Starport Crackdowns, Concealment & Crackdown Bounties

Post by EccentricM » Sun Mar 29, 2020 10:44 pm

So, as the title suggets, simple idea. The cantina crackdown system in starports. Like real life where we have luggage checked by airport security, I thought it would be fun if starport guards did crackdown scans on players walking through, scanning for illegal items (sliced items, spice, etc).

Addtionally I had the idea of concealment, this would work in two ways. Smugglers would have a "conceal illegal items" ability, which they could either use on a party or themselves which prevents the NPCs being able to scan for the illegal items. But an alternative would be a special container which can jam NPC scanning abilities when items are put inside/or an attachment akin to a pup which has limited uses for blocking detections, which can be crafted uniquely by smugglers and sold/given to people to use.

If a player is caught by this crackdown, they must kill the attacking NPCs (the NPCs would not be weak) within a certain timeframe before a bounty is posted on them and placed on the boards.
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