Mandalorians Bounty Hunting (Cabur at Work)

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Mandalorians Bounty Hunting (Cabur at Work)

Post by Traycn » Mon Sep 30, 2019 4:48 pm

This tale surrounds the story of four Mandalorians: Traycn, 'Nosolee, Thaych, and Jeil. Traycn invited his three comrades to partake in a particularly dangerous hunt. The four of them are about to embark on a lively journey, getting to know one another along the way, and testing their mettle.

Here's what happened.

Traycn strode into the Mandalorian Great Hall, his boots clicking as they pushed into the stone ground beneath him. His shoulders were broad, his back straight, covered head to toe in his muddled silver, white armor. The entrance was darker, covered in a silhouette of shadows. Upon entering the Great Hall proper, distinct lights flicked and welcomed Traycn as he strode in with a rifle on his back, adjusting it while he made his approach. The remarkable 't' of his visor reflected the light perfectly, flashing onto a nearby way with a slash of a burning blaze. The young Mandalorian titled his head to one side, and then the other. For the moment, silence filled the hall. The table in the middle of the room, filled with sits with food, drink, and comfort, had no one around to enjoy and partake in such delights. He sighed once, his body waning from the previous few days. The bruises he had acquired earlier were still aching his body. They were not enough of a nuisance to matter. With a roll of his shoulder, he strode into the hall.

He took a seat on one of the places to the far left, removing a datapad and setting it down in front of him. He clicked his teeth in a familiar pattern and unsealed his helmet, removing it from his head and keeping it nearby. The young man had the shadow of a bruise on his neck, barely peeking out from beneath his armor; it had nearly disappeared. But it still ached his frame.

Traycn was in his mid-twenties, with a pair of bright emerald eyes, dirty brown hair, and the walk of someone who still carried a boyish grin on his face if he ever needed to pull it out of his back pocket. He wrinkled his nose in thought as he brought up the datapad and activated it, a bright-blue hologram shot up from the middle of it. It was a thin white line, nothing more. Then, information began to run down the hologram.

While the information began to scroll out across the screen and speak to him, Traycn was busy turning his head to the right and grabbing some freshly made dumplings off to the side. He had no idea what being continued to make the food for the Great Hall, but whenever he walked into the place, there was always plenty of fresh food and drink available to him. He chose never to ask Thaych; you don't question things you're thankful to have around you like that.

The hologram spoke to Traycn as he assembled a plate of food:

"Subject: Kazzvazlisk, Trandoshan. Leader of the Mercenary bandit group known as the Shade Corsairs. They have been attacking several trade routes between the Kaal, Jiroch, Cyphar, Indupar, Haruun Kal, Elattu, and Cerea. The leaders of these planets are interested in dispatching bounty hunters to eliminate their leader.

"The contract states any bounty hunter interested in taking this group must eliminate the leader. They will receive 20,000 credits for their efforts. Any member of the group, known or confirmed, will receive 2,000 for their heads. These governments have stated there are forty verified members, with others likely among them.

"These Corsairs attack trade routes in small, well-organized groups. When a particular ship leaves the planet and makes it one-fourth the way of their desired destination, they get ambushed by a group led by a freighter with a handful of fighters escorting it. The fighters eliminate the convoy's engines, while the freighter deals with any oncoming escort fighters. The group raids the trade ship, taking what they can fit on their transport, and leave the area within fifteen minutes; well-before any established reinforcements can arrive.

"After the Corsairs leave the area, the marked goods are discovered on the black market within the next two weeks, sold to numerous groups across the galaxy in the outer-rim; some governments have noted finding their goods all the way back in the core worlds, smuggled to any being willing to buy their precious resources and supplies."

Traycn continued to eat his small meal, chewing on it as he eyed the datapad. "Damn shame," he muttered through a few bites, grabbing a drink of water and chugging what he could, swirling the mess in his mouth around before swallowing hard. "How long has this been going on?" he asked the datapad.

The datapad replied with a mechanical, "Four months."

Traycn gave a small look, swaying his head back and forth. "I imagine the governments attempted to handle it themselves?" he asked.

The datapad replied,

"Shame," he chuckled.

He licked his lips and kept the datapad on, leaning in to devour his meal. After a time, he pulled away and sighed, his belly full and his spirits raised even more. He turned to the datapad, the hologram of the information continued to scroll by over and over again, repeating the data without vocalizing it. He asked, "ETA until my vode arrive?"

The datapad replied,

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