Operation Black Hole: Squad Null investigates Sun Guard activity on Eshan

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Operation Black Hole: Squad Null investigates Sun Guard activity on Eshan

Post by HK-416 » Mon May 20, 2019 4:02 pm

An undisclosed location on Kuat

The Major sat on a hard bench in a draughty corridor bustling with activity, all around him were men and women in various uniforms carrying out their daily duties with vigour. He could here multiple conversations going on at once but couldn't make out what they were about, though he would occasionally pick up words or sentences.

"Send this report to the Inner Rim Desk."

"Increased activity reported by our asset in the field."

"Squad Besh is due for debriefing at 1500 hours."

The corridor was located within an Imperial Intelligence facility, and a big one at that. Being home to Empire's SIGINT operations for this region of space as well as several senior intelligence officers. Most of the intelligence his unit either gathered or received came through this facility. He gave out a slight groan and arched his neck back while trying to shift some of his weight from the seat. A few moments passed and a young woman in a naval uniform came out of a nearby office and approached the old soldier.

"The Section Chief will see you now Major, right his way please."

She gestured to the office and walked back in with the Major following close behind.

"Major HK-416 is here to see you sir."

Kaidin Lissiri was the Section Chief for the Outer Rim desk of Imperial Intelligence and was probably one of the most senior intelligence officers in the system. A man of modest stature and middle age Kaidin was hardly the most imposing figure. But if there was one thing that the clone had learned during his time with Intelligence was that true power often came from the most unusual and subtle of places. The intelligence officer looked up and gave one of those annoying, insincere smiles he always did. It was like you were being greated as a friend and as foe at the same time. It pissed 1-6 off.

"Ah Major, thank you for coming sorry it's taken so long to see you."

"Liar" he replied in his head without saying it out loud.

"Take a seat, we have an important matter to discuss, I hope you are well?"

"As well as can be sir, considering you took most of my unit from me"

"Apologies Major, it couldn't be helped. The Obedience needed experienced troops embarked for it's latest deployment".

Another lie, the Obedience an Imperial I-class Star Destroyer had once been the personal ship of High Inquisitor Darillius Vynar being requisitioned shortly after her commissioning. She was rarely seen with the rest of the Imperial Navy and primarily operated alone conducting missions on behalf of the High Inquisitor, as a result she had gained the moniker of "The Grey Ghost" within the fleet. Though in truth other than the rumours that circulated about the her, she was little different from other members of her class. When Darillius disappeared after the death of the Emperor Kaidin had wasted no time in assuming control of the ship and 1-6's unit the 81st NightWhispers, a Storm Commando company also appropriated by the High Inquisitor. To stop the Navy asking for their ship back he would often send the Obedience on long deployments to the very fringes of known space.

"Enough of that for now, tell me Major what do you know of the Echani?"

"Not a lot, I know they have rituals when it comes to combat and they seem to have problems with civil unrest with one of the planets in their system which has been ongoing for some time now."

"Ah yes the Thyrsian conflict."

"What's this all about sir?"

Kaidin gave another one of his annoying smiles.

"A few days ago an Echani noble was killed in a duel. It was all very public and has been the subject of a lot of communications chatter from their home world Eshan, what isn't public knowledge was that the person in question Brisin Kenshi, was one -my- assets. I funded and equipped his militia in order to pacify the Thyrsian rebels, in return he bought me influence within the Echani government. His death has unfortunately disrupted my arrangements.."

1-6 let the Intelligence officer finish before responding

"What do we know of the person who killed him?"

"Tadano Nasan, an Echani by birth though it now appears he has defected to the Thyrsian cause. He was seen wearing the armour of the Sun Guard at the duel. Looking at his record he has an extensive history of service within Echani intelligence and 'paramilitary' organisations, his personal life is also just as colourful but I won't bore you with the details, I'll have a copy of his file sent to the 81st's headquarters for you to go over."

"Your standing orders sir?"

"Major I want to you to investigate this individual and ascertain the facts surrounding Kenshi's death, at first glance it looks like a personal feud but my gut is telling me there is more too it, the fact he wore Sun Guard armour makes it look like he was sending a message. The events of the last few days has ruined years of hard work getting a mole into the Echani inner circle and I now have to contemplate starting over and before I do I want to make sure the duel was merely a coincidence or if there is anything more to it."

1-6 rose from his chair as Kaidin continued...

"Most of the 81st are embarked on board the Obedience but I've kept Squad Null behind to assist you in this operation, but you'll mainly be working solo on this one. Oh and one more thing Major, I don't need to remind you that Echani space is normally under the purview of the Inner Rim desk, I don't need to get into a pissing contest with them over operational authority. So this mission is off the books, understood?"

"Understood sir, I'll report back to you when I get something..."
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Re: Operation Black Hole: Squad Null investigates Sun Guard activity on Eshan

Post by HK-416 » Fri May 24, 2019 1:13 pm

81st NightWhispers Headquarters, Fort Retribution, Talus

1-6 let out a sigh as he eased himself into a comfortable chair in his office, he took a sip from a freshly made Kaminoan tea. On his desk a secure datalink terminal was projecting a holographic mugshot of Tadano Nasan while the viewscreen displaying a rather extrensive list of his known associates and past transgressions. Nothing really stood out, most of the names were Echani and as far as he was concerned nobody of great importance. Though admittedly some were high profile Politicians from the Echani system, including the late Lady Nasu. Acting on an impulse 1-6 made a number of keystrokes on his consoles keypad and after a few seconds the deceased Echani woman's profile was displayed. He didn't know much about Echani culture and even had to go to the archives to dig out a few books on the subject but as far as 1-6 could tell Tadano had been some kind of bodyguard for the woman, the profile also listed Brisin Kenshi, the man killed in the recent duel as a known associate.


The clone took a another sip from his mug as he continued to read, Nasu had been murdered in a ferocious attack some time ago and Tadano extracted an equally brutal form of justice on those he considered responsible for her death. Apparently according to Echani culture this was completely legal, though he did not take his own life as he was expected too being honour-bound as a member of the clan's guard. It didn't make a great deal of sense and 1-6 groaned in frustration. So he had a dead noblewoman, an entire clan supposedly slaughtered in retalitation and after a period of time he (Tadano) returns as a member of the Thyrsian Sun Guard, sworn enemies of the Echani and promptly kills Kenshi, a nobleman himself and in turn an acquaintance of Lady Nasu.

"What am I missing?"

Whatever it was it looked deeply personal, 1-6 was about to retrace his steps to see if he had missed anything when heard his commlink bleep.

"Yes, what is it?"
"Sorry sir, this is Specialist Lancaster, I have been told to tell you that your transport is ready and that there is a new data packet from the Outer Rim Desk. It says that it's urgent, I'll send it to your console now."

Avro Lancaster was the odd man out in the NightWhispers, he wasn't a Commando and hadn't even served in the infantry. He has been transfered to the unit from the Imperial Army's Corps of Engineers and was responsible for some of the more specialist tasks that the unit may have been assigned. He had also proven adept at setting up clandestine logistic chains which were essential in order for 1-6's men to successfully carry out their missions.

1-6 opened the data packet, it contained a video recording and brief written message from Lissiri. It read:

"This appeared on the Holonet not so long ago, it was swiftly removed by the censors and forwarded on to Intelligence for analysis. Have a look for yourself, I think you'll find the footage useful."

He opened the attached video and began to watch, it was a recording of an individual from their perspective engaged in combat with a number of lightsaber armed assailants. 1-6 quickly deduced these people were Imperial Inquisitors, who one by one were dispatched mercilessly. Whoever they had decided to attack they had made a grave error in judgement and were now paying for it dearly. He couldn't make out much about person who seemingly neutralised the Inquisitors with great ease, but he could make out armour worn on their arms. It suspiciously looked similar too the same kind of armour that Tadano Nasan wore during his duel with Kenshi, under normal circumstances 1-6 would be tempted to dismiss it as a coincidence but before the video cut out the unknown assailant spoke

"The Crimson Dagger sends his regards."

The Major's eyes widened the astonishment upon hearing the voice.

Major HK-416 - Imperial Storm Commando Commander
Sergeant TK-455 - Imperial Storm Commando
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Re: Operation Black Hole: Squad Null investigates Sun Guard activity on Eshan

Post by HK-416 » Fri Jun 14, 2019 4:56 pm

An onboard the Merchant Vessel Free Enterprise, somewhere in Echani Space

1-6 made his way back to his quarters from the briefing room on this converted merchant ship, a former bulk carrier built to carry vast quantities of ore across the galaxy. Now she had been requisitioned by Imperial Intelligence for a most clandestine and sinister purpose. The clone sank into his chair and began to remove his gloves, as he did he noticed that the viewscreen on his desk was flashing. Indicating there was an incoming transmission. He quickly mashed a button on the keypad which answered the call and projected a hologram of Kaidin Lissiri, 1-6's handler and station chief for the Outer Rim station.

1-6 spoke first, keeping the pleasantries to an absolute minimum

"You were right, Nasan sent someone to pick up his family, my guess is one of his old contacts in the Echani military."

"How did it go?" Kaidin replied bluntly.

"More or less to plan, Null managed to surround the perimeter and pacify most of the guards, I had to eliminate a good part of Lady Nasan's personal guard. But you can consider your message 'delivered'."

"Excellent, Tadano should now know that we know and we won't be going away anytime soon, it's likely to accelerate any plans he may have. But as a result it will force him to take bigger risks and that may even force his masters to surface."

1-6 fidgeted in his chair trying to make himself more comfortable before responding.

"You still suspect Colcha is involved?"

"Hard to say, I don't have a lot of hard evidence to confirm it. That said there are too many factors at play here for me to dismiss it as mere coincidence."

"Do you want Null and I to stay in the system? In case Tadano surfaces?" 1-6 replied after a short pause.

"No Major, it's time to come home. I'm borrowing the ship you are on as favour from a colleague and they want it back before their superiors notice it's been 'appropriated'. Tadano and his friends are in the wind for now anyway, and besides we need to talk in person to discuss your next move."
Major HK-416 - Imperial Storm Commando Commander
Sergeant TK-455 - Imperial Storm Commando
Specialist Avro Lancaster - Imperial Engineer

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