Shedding the Organic Shell - The fate of Norin Durame

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Shedding the Organic Shell - The fate of Norin Durame

Post by kevmascolcha » Thu May 09, 2019 5:44 am

Chapter 1
Corellian Engineering Corporation YV-560 light freighter Nomad Son
Somewhere in the unknown regions
52 ABY

Norin Durame had just about seen it all. As a child the Galaxy was caught up in the Clone Wars. As a teenager and young adult the Empire had risen to power, tightening its grip around the Galaxy. As he came of age he escaped to the outer rim, his greed having gotten the best of him and saw him cast out of the posh core-world life he grew up in.

He had to resort to odd slicing jobs here and there to make ends meet because him getting fired from the Corellian Engineering Corporation for slicing into the payroll database to get a bit more pay than he deserved didn’t sit well with pretty much any reputable employer. His new life forced him to see the scum of the Galaxy first hand. It was something that frightened him at first, but something he’d eventually get used to.

Eventually the more civilized part of the Galaxy made its way into the outer rim, though calling the Empire more civilized is a matter of opinion, one that certainly wasn’t shared by Norin. They also caught up with him, and his stolen cybernetic enhancements got him thrown in the Imperial detention center on Wobani shortly after the destruction of the first Death Star.

However, thanks to one of his former associates (who was also looking after his ship, droids and Cybernetic-enhanced Nexu, “Captain Fluffles” - such a nice guy!), the Rebel Alliance learned of him and his exploits and decided to break him out. A new chapter of his life had begun, and he began to fight the good fight, even getting some action in the famous Battle of Endor, serving as an Electronics Warfare Officer aboard the Nebulon-B Frigate Redemption.

He never got used to dealing with organics though, and he needed a healthy helping of a taste from home - Corellian Ale, in order to deal with them in more than just a utilitarian manner. Even while working for Rebel, and then later New Republic Intelligence he always preferred droids and machines. In fact, he often wished he was a machine, rather than half man, half machine.

At 80 years of age, Norin Durame was old, and tired. He lived through not one, not two, but three large scale Galactic wars, always offering his services as needed. They certainly were always needed, and they always managed to pay him exactly what he wanted, but now credits weren’t what he wanted. He wanted to finally shed his organic shell. Advanced age had crippled him to the point of no return, and most of his daily functions required assistance from his myriad of cybernetic enhancements and replacements.

“Beta, do you have the program ready?” asked Norin, with a significant strain in his voice. He was stroking the synthetic fur of what only could be assumed to be Captain Fluffles, who was no longer physically alive anymore, as Nexus don’t have nearly a long enough life expectancy for the beast to have reasonably even lived past the golden age of the New Republic. Instead the feline animal was all but an artificial replica, the dead organic parts replaced with artificial ones making it all but just a droid - though it still resembled the original, thanks to artificial fur that had sensors attached, made apparent by the vocabulated “purring” it made as Norin stroked it.

“BE DWEEEEP!” affirmed the BT-1 assassin droid, which served as Norin’s first mate aboard the Nomad Son.

“Good. Now I can finally assume the form I was meant to have. No longer will I be restricted by this failing organic shell. I shall be immortalized inside the computer of my ship. My home.”

A scomp-link extended from a dataport at the computer terminal Norin was standing next to, and he slowly hobbled over to it, leaning his back against the terminal so that the dataport on his Borg Construct Aj^6 implant could connect.

“Alright computer, this will be the last time we interface,” he said, talking to the terminal, “Soon we will be together, as one program. My consciousness shall be your consciousness.”

A chorus of beeps, blips and buzzes went on for a while, and then moments later Norin’s cybernetic eyes dimmed, and his organic body slumped, lifeless and inanimated.

“I did it!” was the phrase spoken by a synthesized replica of Norin’s voice over the ship’s intercom, “Immortality is mine, and I have taken the perfect form. My ship and I are finally one.”
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Re: Shedding the Organic Shell - The fate of Norin Durame

Post by kevmascolcha » Wed May 15, 2019 7:31 am

Chapter 2
CorSec Station - Nomad Precinct
Doaba Guerfel, Corellia
56 ABY

Adson Vigil, recently promoted to the rank of Inspector in the Corellian Security Forces was about to get his first major case. In Doaba Guerfel, the typical cases usually didn’t go beyond a hiker getting lost in the nearby Nomad Mountains, or the drunken antics of a raucous reveler who had a few too many Corellian Ales.

However today was a different story.

Adson sat at his desk drinking caf and scrolling through the holonet news on his datapad. He had short, clean cut blonde hair and brown eyes and wore the typical uniform of a CorSec inspector - brown pants, black boots, and a khaki suit jacket with corellian green trim.

“Adson,” said a slightly rotund man with a handlebar moustache and balding gray hair, “We’ve got a new case for you. A body was found inside a residential home.”

“Alright Captain Moreis,” replied Adson with a slight tinge of skepticism in his voice, “But something tells me that’s not all there is.”

“You guessed right,” replied Moreis, his voice sounding low and gruff, almost like a slice hound that could speak basic, “The autopsy reports that for all intents and purposes, the man was in perfectly good health and they could find no reasonable explanation for his death.”

“That’s odd. Could I have a look at the full report?”

Moreis tossed a datacard to Adson, which he caught between his pointer and middle finger.

“Have at it, if you think it’ll get you somewhere.”

The inspector inserted the datacard into his datapad, and an autopsy report came up above the holonet article he was reading.

“There we go,” said Adson to himself, the Captain having left the room just moments after he handed him the card, “He had one of those cyber brain headband things. Maybe it malfunctioned.”

Adson thumbed through his pockets and pulled out a small disc shaped object. He pressed a few buttons on it and a holographic image of a young woman in technician coveralls came to life on top of it.

“Yes, Inspector Vigil?” she asked.

“Technician Weila, I have a request to ask of you. One of the bodies they recently ran an autopsy on has a Borg Construct Aj^6 implant. I’d like to have a diagnostic run on it. Then inform me of anything you find that’s out of the ordinary.”

“Alright Inspector,” she replied, “I’ll send you the report once it’s ready. Weila out.”

The holographic image fizzled and Adson was about to slip it back into his pocket when it chirped. He then pressed a few buttons again, and another holographic image came to life, this time the image of Captain Moreis.

“Yes, Captain?”

“We’re getting reports of a missing droid. I know I already gave you a case, but this report came from the same neighborhood that missing body was found.”

“So what you’re saying is that there’s a possibility these cases are connected. Somehow.”

“Exactly. You certainly do seem to have a knack for this kind of work.”

“Promotion well earned, I guess. I’ll be at the scene shortly.”
Kev-Mas Colcha - Echani/Thyrsian Sun Guard
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