[Advertisement] - The WSC Hunting Company

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[Advertisement] - The WSC Hunting Company

Post by EccentricM » Sun Apr 07, 2019 2:21 am

*An quick video flashes on the holonet screen, a dark grey protocal droid begins to speak*

"Salutations to you all! On behalf of my master, I am here to bring awareness to and promotion of The Wooraabecca Snare & Capture Company!

The WSC Hunting Company prizes itself on the hunting and pacification of wild animals. We are are comprised of some of the best game hunters in the galaxy to bring a valuble service to the people. The WSC Hunting Company shall glady perform the task of ridding your lands and homes of any unwanted fauna, whether they be deadly or passive, big or small!

Do not hesitate to contact our offices, or visit us in person at our offices at Crescent Bay on Corellia for buisness enquiries".

*The ad ends, flashing up contact details of Wooraabecca and the location of his company building in Crescent Bay (Corellia 7303, 4699)*
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