Ramblings to an Astromech

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Ramblings to an Astromech

Post by starguts » Fri Feb 01, 2019 12:12 am

A holorecording of a young Zabrak in a cluttered room appears. He leans back in a rickety wooden chair and stares directly at the viewer.

Tlau you're recording, right? This is important ya know. Only get a few trips to get supplies and I got stuff I need dammit! First things first, we need more oil for the baths. All this sand is makin' you slow and stars know we can't afford you slackin' any more than ya already do. Second, we need more booze. Dry enough in this desert as is. Third - wait, what was third?

The Zabrak settles his chair back on four legs and dips his head slightly out of view. An audible sniff cuts through the silence before the man appears back in frame.

Tlau, I ever tell you about Cal? Good guy that one. Ugly, but you know that about Humans, don'cha? Guy couldn't synthesize to save his life but kriff was he a good at talking himself out'a a situation.

The Zabrak dips quickly out of frame once again. A faint sound of pouring resonates before the man sits back in the chair.

Him and I were on a little trip paid for by some slua or another from the outer rim. Paid us up front to carry three cases of glitterstim onto a shuttle to the core. Had a few stops along the way to pick up and drop off people as they do, ya know, so Cal and I had a lot of time to kill. Few days, anyways. First day or so we just pissed about in our little room on the shuttle drinkin' the swill they passed off as booze but that got dull quick after the first day or so. Cal was fine company I s'pose but we start to get real restless.

The Zabrak chuckles to himself and shakes his head a little. He reaches forward and lifts a glass to his lips, takes a drink, then places it just out of the recording's view.

Alright so maybe I got restless. Cal was always the more level headed one. So I start to talk some sense to him. "Ya know Cal, this glit's already paid for. Who's to say if the slua we're droppin' off to even knows how much he's gettin'?" and so on. Like I said, Cal was real level but you know how persuasive I can be, don'cha Tlau? Eventually I wear him down. Maybe he cracked that first case open just to shut me up. Stars only know now, but open it he did. And I'd be lyin' to your dumb droid face if I said that glit' wasn't the purest I've ever seen. Suddenly, that cheap booze they was pushin' didn't seem so bad and the little room we had wasn't so boring. We're havin' a romp, a hell of a time with ourselves. Talkin', runnin' around the shuttle like it was our own. Ya know, things ya do when there's a case of glit' lyin' around and you got two days to kill.

We lost time quick with all that spice and booze pumpin' through us and quicker than we knew it we were on Duro.

He chuckles once again and takes another sip from his glass before reclining in the wooden chair.

I'm sure them fine sentients were as ready to get off that shuttle as we were after all the mess we made during our little trip because they ushered him and me off so quick we hardly had time to remember the other two cases of glit' we had to deliver. So we finally get off the damned shuttle, one case for each of us now, and dodge our way past security and as soon as we duck the port there's a kriffin' huge Doshan lookin' right at us. Now this scaly kriffer's lookin' real, real hard at us and our cases. And ya gotta remember we wasn't told who we was droppin' these cases off to or nothin'. Slua who paid us just said the drop'd know us when we got there. So Cal, ever the level head, walks right up to him and offers out his case. He's swearin' at me to come and fork over the one I've got but I'm still horns-deep in this glit' trip, half drunk, and I'd never been to the core at all. So I'm just plain out'a my element. Dunno how I got there but next thing I know that big kriffin' lizard's got both cases and is hissin' somethin' fierce to Cal.

The Zabrak drains the last drops from his glass and slides it away from himself out of frame.

Didn't even know Cal understood them kriffers up 'til that point. But he keeps calm, swear on my horns he does, and just says, "Security getting onto the shuttle sniffed out one of the cases. I don't know a thing about it but you might tell your boss not to stiff on his smuggling containers next time." Kriffin' thing is, the damned Doshan buys it. Does a little hiss-grunt combo, strangest thing I've heard to this day, and walks off into the city. Dunno how Cal did it, the ugly kriffer, but he did. Never heard nothin' about it from the supplier either. Spent a few more days on Duro spendin' the credits we got for doin' the trip on anything we could throw 'em at before headin' back to the rim.

He lifts the empty glass up and grumbles to himself before looking at the source of the recording.

Dammit Tlau why'd ya bring up Cal? That was one of the last times I saw that ugly kriffer. Ain't right to do me like that ya damned droid. Go get me another bottle and go check the plants. They've gotta almost be ready to harvest. Go on! Get!

The recording ends abruptly as a hydrospanner flies toward the viewer.
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