Caarlah's Small Blue Journal

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Caarlah's Small Blue Journal

Post by witchytech » Tue Jan 22, 2019 7:11 pm

[Page has heavy revisions and notes, rewording parts and scratching some words and filling them in with the proper word. The writing is neat but a little unsteady.]

It was requested that I keep one of these.

School has been fine, tiresome but fine. I’ve learned much, as you can see with the fact I can write. I still need to use a program at times to.. Find words. Or simply ask Kay when he’s home or around.

We finally had a day off from school and we decided to go to the ever fun game night. Oddly enough, no one was there when we got in. We decided to cause mischief elsewhere.

In the end we simply settled for burgers and chatted about anything and everything- the usual. Bored, we decided to walk along the beach, hand in hand under the clear night sky.

We meditated a bit and as the sun rose I could feel the pulls again. We talked a bit about those pulls.

I forget what.. Caused the action, but after watching the sunrise I felt this need to write. It turned into writing on Kay’s back with pudding. Thinking back on it, we must have made a sight. He tried to puzzle out what I wrote as I cleaned up the pudding. If you think for one moment I would let that pudding go to waste… I love pudding.

It apparently was something but it wasn’t coherent. That is me with most writing. I told him to go ahead and do the same to me, fair play.

His writing… tingled. It tickled slightly but there was a tingle there and I enjoyed it thoroughly. I was a bit distracted with the clean up, but I felt i understood what he wrote on my back. Peculiar, I must remember to properly ask about it.

We decided afterwards it was time to commence our plan and we went back to Palace. It was empty, sad. No food in the conservator. They had moved to Dantooine, it was sad to see it empty still. I ordered food from the pearl, using Canna’s stick to pay. The holoscreen was moved, it seemed, and we decided they wouldn’t mind us sharing their gigantic bed to watch films.

It was some action film I do believe. The food and company were great, as always. I’m unsure when we fell asleep, perhaps during the fourth film- stuffed from all the good food and drink.

I woke up warm. I write now, as I feel it was.. Important. To document important things. I do not know why it’s important, but it is.

[drawing of incomplete runes]

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Re: Caarlah's Small Blue Journal

Post by witchytech » Tue Jan 22, 2019 7:12 pm

Tonight was lottery. I may have… overdone my apparel. There was that pretty dress that Canna kept around. He no longer could wear it so it was gathering dust. I took it. A long black and purple glamorous dress.

Kay seemed to like it, but sometimes I’m unsure with him. We had bought enough food to last us through the day and we spent the evening walking along the beach again, hand in hand. Night had fallen by the time we made our way to the Jax. The place was quiet and we slipped in easily with our tickets. Kay insisted on ale, this one didn’t have as bad an aftertaste so I could stomach it more.

That zeltron? Lady from that time at the beach brawl was talking to us. I honestly… do not remember her name. She mostly talked about how good her city was doing. I guess that is an important thing? I am not sure. I’ll need to look into it another day.

Kay was not interested in dancing, but was open to the idea of eventually learning how to, maybe, in the future.

No one won the jackpot, much to our disappointment. We were thinking of using such funds to buy a ship to go to our own digs, instead of being stuck on Coruscant.

Kay won the house draw and it was enough to pay our way back to school. Well, our apartment there, anyway.

We were exhausted after the shuttle back and collapsed on our couch. I am most thankful this couch is comfortable enough for us to sleep on.

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Re: Caarlah's Small Blue Journal

Post by witchytech » Tue Jan 22, 2019 7:13 pm

It hurts. It hurts so much.

Our fathers were weak from overuse of the force, so Kay and myself were called in to protect our sister, Eti. I didn’t expect anything. I foolishly assumed we’d be fine.

I was terrified.

Kay did his best to remind me to be calm, we bantered where we sat in gunning stations assuming nothing would go awry.

I was wrong.

Kay kept focused as he shot, I shot with shaking hands. We climbed aboard the vessel with the purpose of guarding Eti.

I also made sure to guard Kay. I knew the focus was Eti, but I will keep my eyes on him.

It hurt. I was at a bad angle going to heal him when I felt it enter through the vulnerable side of my armor. I kept on my feet, I made sure Eti and Kay was uninjured as we moved though.

It hurt. The compression and black cloth kept the blood from showing as we protected those within. Some commotion happened but we were lost.

Apparently, people got spaced. There was mechanical issues. I sent through our bond to Kay that I should keep quiet of my abilities. I was informed to keep our identities a secret. Kay encouraged me to help, so I was sent to fixing life support.

It took a bit- I’ve never worked on a ship like this- but I got it working.

Once we were back at Jato, I admitted I needed medical assistance.

I knew it was bad when I saw everyones faces as I was finally convinced to reveal myself. Eti knew who we were anyway, and those left knew us. Nearly disemboweled I think it was.

It hurt. I was so scared.

Kay stayed with me and he took me to our fathers med center on Naboo and chucked me into a tank.

I may have reopened a day later foolishly.

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Re: Caarlah's Small Blue Journal

Post by witchytech » Tue Jan 22, 2019 7:15 pm

Suspicious. It is so suspicious.

The fathers called on us to aid again, but there was no Eti. This time it was to aid Salt, whose kind has been going missing.

Many of those like me on the ship were of her kind. I refuse to sit by and let such horrors continue. I was more than honored to attend in possibly bringing a slaver to justice. Legalities are dependent on planet, after all. Perhaps we can find a loophole.

We went by Dot and Wacko this time around. I hope Kay was truthful about getting jax for our ship. I love them so.

That was the only bright side of the night. So many suspicions are with Kay and I. Not enough data, but suspicions may lead to evidence.

He did his best to keep me calm as I was met with the poor soul who died in a box, a broken slave collar…

I told Kay if he saw any symbol similar to the brand on my back to move quickly. They take no prisoners, and I refuse to see further hurt by them.

After we went back to Agathon to continue research and abstracts, we compiled our data and suspicions. We need more data, but we hope they pursue a few leads. Tatooine may just be one, as it was scratched into the lid by Tark, I believe the name was. May his name be known.

I am glad he let me hold and cry on him. It hurt to remember. It hurt to be reminded. It hurt to see Tark.

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Re: Caarlah's Small Blue Journal

Post by witchytech » Tue Mar 26, 2019 12:56 pm

Much has happened since I last wrote. Kay and I had a one night marriage at the love festival. I still wear the ring, but hesitate to see what he’s done with his. We were requested to socialize- Kay to flirt- with the Corellian aristocracy. I doubt I was originally in the plan but Kay let me come. Something about ‘exotics’. I also was there as a bodyguard. I would extract him in some way should the need arise.

Sadly, it lead to a lot of awkward come ons and my leaving the situations quickly. Kay constantly checks on me and I constantly slip alcoholic drinks from both ours hands as I pass so we do not get drunk.

It’s gotten so bad at times we’ve escaped. One night in Kor Vella to be as far from the party on Bela as we could, sick of watching him be pawed at and my getting touched inappropriately in corners. I think we’ve made a few friends, but most of the time it’s Kay being his charming self and my trying not to get in the way. Though..

After escaping to New Zeltros for a bit, ending up at game night to unwind, Kay did bring up learning to dance and dancing together. I would be more than happy to deal with this if it meant I could dance with him. Just being with him brings me enough joy to survive the looks, remarks and touches.

I called mom- or mother hen as I sometimes refer to them- to calm down and unwind and get their perspective on the matter. They simply say to just keep loving him, regardless of the outcome. That they’d be there to support me should it be needed, but to not press. Live on and love, they say.

The com was cut short when Ren called them to continue whatever they were doing, I did not press, but was saddened. I had more worries to go over. Hopefully Kay won’t notice my anxieties.

I don’t want them to taint what I learn, what he teaches me. I want to become useful and be able to control what I can do. I may not be as gifted as he is, but he feels I have enough promise to keep training me.

Don’t let the worries consume. Wrap yourself in love and keep them safe. That’s what they always say to me when I worry, they wish not for me to fall to them.

I hope these parties end soon and we can go back to movie nights, training nights just… being together nights. I miss them.

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Re: Caarlah's Small Blue Journal

Post by witchytech » Fri May 03, 2019 11:21 am

Where to start.. Where to start. Kay told me I should write down my thoughts on what happened now that I have time to breathe. Help process it all.

When Kay said something happened to Ren-dad, I feared the worst. The only way Par-mom would let anything happen to him is if she was taken out first. Seems they were taken out at the same time from the security feed a shady bothan showed us.

We took to searching around for mom and dads contacts. I know Par, she’d hide them. Of course, I looked in their intel room instead of the kitchen. Intel room was Ren’s contacts, kitchen was Pars.

We never had a chance to get help, though.

I never want to feel it again. When Par reached out to me and was tortured in the same breath? I never want to feel that pain second hand again. We were able to tell her Ren was alive, atleast, with a strong sense of relief before she was knocked out.

Kay had to carry me home to rest.

We regrouped and went to Coruscant where we met the bothan. He and Arzu went about getting information. I don’t remember too much, it was.. Overshadowed by the box I received by the bartender.

When we went to Talus I finally opened the box.

The box had a womans dismembered head in it. The eyes were taken out and Par’s optics were shoved in. The woman had the earrings forced through her ears. It was terrible. It was terrifying.

Kay and Eti took it back to her ship and Arzu comforted me. She took guarding seriously and when Kay returned she settled at her post for the night. Kay comforted me for a long time before it was decided he would dreamwalk.

I held Kay’s hand as he went to dreamwalk, Eti going with him. I was his anchor, so I… couldn’t experience it. I felt envy, but my job was important. Maybe one day he’ll trust me enough to take me with him.

When they returned I learned that they had found Par, Jadia seemed to have pushed them into Par's dreamsphere. She was on Corellia, a Lord Za having her.

We went to Jato in place of our parents, it was very odd and there was a chiss named Gin who talked to me for a bit. He seemed nice.

As we were eating in the mistell I noticed a strange individual who slipped off towards the hangars shortly before Kay was informed Eti had a pay on delivery package.

It was heavy. We carried it to the little trouble and we went to Agathon. We all knew it was from this Lord Za. In case it was explosive we did it in the field between our houses and the medical center.

It ended up being a woman’s torso wrapped in Par’s armor with one of her daggers sticking out of the chest. When the armor was removed.. They had cut the body up to mimic Par’s scars, even going as far as to add her tattoo.

Kay… Kay touched the body against my warning. I held him all night that night as he dealt with feeling her death. I held him the next night too. I held him as long as he needed to be held.

It was decided then that they’d get Ren over Par.

So we tracked Ren down to Kuat. I hope mom never sees me in an imperial uniform, Ren didn’t look too happy about seeing us in them.

Ren’s.. Boss? Offered us tea. We drank while Eti didn’t and used what we learned with our aristocracy party training to keep his attention a bit on us. We were allowed to take Ren with us, he didn’t look so good though. As we were leaving he shouted that Ren needs to keep his pet on a tighter leash. I later learned that Par was the pet.

It wasn’t long before Ren insisted we get Par as fast as possible. He had caught her before she fell. The urgency had us moving to Corellia to try and track her down. Mal-dad was waiting for us in the spaceport of Coronet. He had felt this was the place to find us to help get Par.

All together, except myself I… can’t do that. They felt where Par was located. Mal talked with him through their bond and said that the Lord was gone, Par having done something to him, and only three guards were there. Ren said we needed to hurry because Par was in a ton of pain.

We drove along a river and eventually came across a house. Ren stayed back, ill, and let us get to it. It hurt, the guards hit hard and while Kay and I spar together, practice is nothing like reality.

Eventually we knocked them all out but not before we all got rather hurt, except Kay. I guess he was too pretty for them to hit. There was a trail of blood leading out of the house, and the guard hurried out without locking the door. We followed the blood into an office that had a pool leading from a locked door. I opened a wall drawer and found two dead guards.

Eyes gouged out and throat slit on both. Par’s handiwork, Mal recognized it. There was a two way mirror beside the desk and rope that was hanging from a metal hook in the wall. Eti was all but breaking down the door and Kay found the card that opened it.

It was a torture room with a cell. There was blood all over the floor, a dismembered leg in the middle of it all. I remember stepping around it in a daze to get the files out of the computer in the room when I spotted the camera. Ren had slid in at some point to get the data from the office. Mal carried a broken Par out of the cell she had been trapped in and it was hard to recognize her. They had stuffed large optics in the sockets and they were irritated from being too big. Solid gradient blue with moving black bits to simulate an iris and pupil. They were as unnerving as the blood smeared across her face and down the coverall she wore.

Kay and I brought up the rear as Eti hurried Mal out the house to get away from the scene. Ren eventually came out when he got all the data. I was surprised when he ducked down to kiss Par regardless of the thick blood on her mouth. Turned out she bit a chunk of Lord Zanostess’ throat out after she was forced to feel the watchers death for the hundredth time when he made her touch the leg. That was the time Ren caught her before she fell.

Mal carefully arranged Par in Ren’s arms and he carried her to Kor Vella where we stayed the night in the hotel.

That.. was not how we expected our spring break to go, Kay and I. We watched over Ren and Par until it was time to head back to school. Par even taking the time during her recovery to teach us course work and play with rune sequences.

I was taken by surprise at the strange way Kay and Par seemed to play off each others energies and seemed to somehow know the sequences they were writing.

We did.. Manage to take the time to go to Vreni to try those rasp wings Kay mentioned. It was a nice date and I think it was needed for us both, the normalcy.

School is back in session and I need to get back to studying.

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