Night at the Apartment

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Night at the Apartment

Post by Mekbourne » Sun Dec 30, 2018 10:10 pm

As he made his way through the grimy hallway, a couple could be heard arguing through thin walls, gray only because it had been so long since they had been washed or painted.

“I’m not good enough for you, but you can debase yourself in the maintenance closet like a cheap red light district schutta - with him? That’s right - I know all about it! Do you have any idea how he talks about you behind your back?”

He moved toward his unit door and allowed the conversation to fade from his attention. He badged in and the lights flickered before finally coming on duty. He pulled off his swoop helmet and dropped it onto a raggedy seat by the door. Out his unit window red light district billboards flashed, and the sounds of the street could be heard 4 stories below.

A rickety, half completed project comprised of wires, some hanging from the ceiling, circuit boards and various droid parts including a repurposed droid head connected as a makeshift holo projector, were kludged together and sitting on a small workbench on the far wall beside the window. It was flashing in aurebesh that 2 messages were waiting. The contraption was pitched to him before he moved in as an amenity by the landlord. There were nights the zabrak wondered whether this womp rat’s nest of a thing would start a fire and burn the unit down.

He had a seat on the bed nearby and pressed an amber button that triggered the droid head to play a holovid image of a burly, sweaty alien pounding heavily on the unit door.

“You in dere!”
“You in dere!”

Sometimes the contraption corrupted the data feed and skipped. The zabrak balled his hand and bumped the contraption with the fleshy palm side of his fist. Playback resumed.

“You in dere! I knows you in dere! You 63 days late now, yah? You pay now, yah? Tolds the management, yah, they -“

He pressed the amber button again and the contraption skipped over to the second message. A slender, neatly dressed humanoid with neatly coiffed hair appears.

“Hi Mr. Risian. Dora with Galactic Resource Acquisitions. First I’d like to thank you on behalf of GRA for your interest in working with us. After careful consideration we have decided to go with another organics supplier for this season’s contract. . .”

He should have reacted, but recent weeks had taken a toll and additional bad news was unable to impact the dull thousand-yard stare already painted onto his face. He pulled his vest and shirt up and over his head, discarding them on the bed. He rose and made his way to the refresher room mirror while the recorded message continued.

“. . . and we hope and encourage you to submit a bid for next season’s contract - submissions start in 8 standard months. . .”

The recording ended with some boiler plate thanks and contact information. The half droid contraption auto-switched to advertising segments - by this time he was no longer listening. He looked at the tatooless, bronze skinned zabrak staring back at him through the refresher mirror. He ran a hand down the neat crest of orat, or horns, that ran front to back down his head.

He couldn’t go back to Wortan. Not after running off, a headstrong jatoless teen, to be with the Rangers only to flame out in the woods of north Corellia in a trail of broken glass, metal, and bodies.

It was about at that moment the building cut the power to his unit. The droid contraption switched to internal battery power as the commercial segments continued. He turned away from the mirror and back into the spartan living space - his unit now being lit solely from the flashing signage streaming through its large portal window.

He took a seat on the bed and stared out of the portal into the night at nothing in particular. The droid contraption continued its bid for his attention:

Pax Mortis Eversio is currently hiring!

Musicians and Dancers
Some experience required, please submit a resume vid to the contacts listed below.

General Security
Combat Skills and Security Experience are preferred. 
Bodyguard skills would be considered. 

Become part of a growing corporation, and help to improve the climate of the galaxy! 

Contact: Or'dino Disimulo - Chief Informations Officer, or Aldara Kota - Chief of Security, or Aimantia Joli - <Fate>
or Aimantia Joli - <Fate> . . .

The contraption started skipping again, drawing his attention momentarily.

or Aimantia Joli - <Fate>
or Aimantia Joli - <Fate>
or Aimant . . .

He surrendered into the bed face up and let out a heaving breath which he pretended to follow as it floated up to the ceiling. The therapy didn’t work.

He turned away from the window, pulled at a pillow, and used it to cover his head.
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