Ranger Profession modifications

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Ranger Profession modifications

Post by skoomaprince » Tue Dec 04, 2018 9:59 pm

The ranger profession can be seen as a support class in many ways and functions, and I've always appreciated that, however as it stands, a ranger really provides limited group support in most scenarios, particularly in private server settings. After some brainstorming a friend and I have come up with a few ideas to help ranger synergize with groups and turn them into a much more appealing, utility based class.

Camps are the defining trait we know rangers for, sure they can harvest really well, run super fast and scale gnarly mountains, but it's the crazy high tech ranger camps we all remember.
Unfortunately they have a very limited scope of use, I would suggest the following changes to really make them useful

The goal of these changes is to make the Ranger a valuable team-mate and not just a glorified manual harvester or camo-bot,
These are just spitballed ideas, hopefully some of them useful.

  • Camps should remain open for much longer after the owner has departed (perhaps make it an hour or two.)
  • Camps should be unaffected by combat (this makes sense if you have camps 'reset' aggro)
  • Consider placing travel terminals in the highest tier camp to allow groupmates to quickly venture back to the local town and return to the party faster.
  • A banking terminal inside higher-tier camps, maybe a bazaar terminal also
  • Passive battle fatigue healing, 1/5th the strength of entertainers, not to heal BF completely, but to extend the hunt/grind/mission
  • The ability to 'train' creatures into the camp in order to reset aggro; would make high-end hunting much safer for groups if they have a ranger.
  • Mission terminals in the camp would really allow ranger to assume it's identity as an explorer; by taking missions from a camp, you would naturally move about the map whilst making things a lot easier for teammates.
  • perhaps a comm device that allows for training for groupmates (unrealistic and perhaps OP)
  • A cloning facility function which can only be used once per group mate per camp; allowing the group to tolerate one death each, useful in PvP whilst adding a new dynamic (Hunting down enemy camps to ensure they cant keep attacking/cloning)
in the end a camp should be a mobile base, allowing for functions such as these,
rangers are wanderers and they live in the wilds! Lets make their camps reflect that!

Would like to thank Travus for brainstorming with me

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Re: Ranger Profession modifications

Post by JamisonG » Tue Dec 04, 2018 10:36 pm

I would recreate a Ranger with these changes.
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