Par's Purple Diary

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Re: Par's Purple Diary

Post by witchytech » Thu Jan 03, 2019 1:55 pm

We were going to where I was being called on Kuat. I know.. Dear is missing Eti so I suggested we com her and have her come meet us. We were putting flowers in each others hairs when we got the com that some guards didn’t believe Ren was her manager, so off we went to play imperial. Picked my duster off the ground to look more official, hope the officers didn’t notice the flowers in our hair and we picked the group up on the grounds of a lovely picnic.

Truthfully, we ended up at a cave that was calling to me strongly. Thankfully, this time, the optics didn’t short out. Joining us was Jenn and Shagan-Ri as well. Always welcome, Jenn. Smartest of the group, even if she’s the youngest.

The place was odd, you could tell it was a front for something. Ship parts scattered around, power generators oddly placed around, and a startling large amount of sith artifacts.

While I was looking around I heard Ren hiss and hurried over to see he had triggered a trap that was on the control panel of a generator. Eti, of course, patched him up as I fussed over him. I’ll get him new gloves.

I found a holocron tucked inside the rim of a giant engine, slid it into my sleeve because I was unsure how Shagan-Ri would react to a possibly sith holocron. Everyone walked past while I was fiddling and I opened my sleeve to Ren, showing him the holocron before pocketing it and following the others. There was a pit with eight skeletons and an extra skull, I immediately held my arms out to keep Ren and Eti from getting closer. Like that works, of course Ren jumped down into the pit and I was stupid enough to follow him. Eti had pulled something out of the ground and floated it towards herself just as one of us triggered a trap- a blaster that detects movement, great! I got shot really bad, right through the arm. Ren went to break it but was seemingly caught so off guard by it he missed. I went over to him, not caring how many more times I’d get shot and covered his body with my own. I don't know exactly how long I was like that until Eti and Shagan-Ri pulled us out of the pit. I was about ready to throw lightening at the damn thing if it put Ren out of danger.

Ren made me sit down and Eti told me to remove my jacket and let her fix up the wound. She did and in that time Ren, of course, wandered off to look at something else.

She started semi lecturing me about how he survived without me this long, but I couldn’t help but point out she’s just like me towards Rando. It’s called being stupid and in love. I'm here now and I will do what I can to keep him from as much harm as possible. I moved past to go make sure Ren didn’t trigger another trap- which of course he did!

Jenn, being the smartest, kept far away from everything, so I did not need to worry for her as another blaster trap shot at Ren, hitting him. He fell to the ground and I had enough, I pulled him towards me over the ground and covered him with myself as I threw lightning at the stupid thing, short circuiting it. Ren’s jacket was in tatters, so I folded it up and put my own over his shoulders after Eti sighed and patched him up, muttering about needing to buy more bacta swabs and patches thanks to us. There’s a reason we have two bacta tanks back home. We end up in them a lot.

I’ll get him a new jacket and maybe make something out of this jacket, so Crystal and I can share it maybe? I don’t know. I’ll ask her later.

The call was still strong and we made our way through, I was much more cautious of traps this time around and kept my eye out for triggers. I saw one such thing in the distance and threw my dagger at it, breaking the contraption and the mechanism. I still warned people to keep away, even if I had deactivated it and I could feel the pull trying to take me past it.

My arm was virtually useless right now, but I’ve lived long enough without my right arm for it to not be a problem and I fashioned myself a sling to keep some of the weight off the wound. It was throbbing something awful. That’s when Eti cried out- a spider had bit her.

I’m going to start assuming spiders all have it in their contract to bite tiny Nautolan healers. I couldn’t properly help her so I handed Shagan-Ri the antivenin and told everyone to stay here in case the room that calls is a trap. Ren still insisted on following me part of the way as I dismantled simple dart traps and another blaster trap until I found a sealed box.

I pulled a clamp out of my hair and a laser knife from my bag and got to work slicing it. It wasn’t easy, one handed, and I almost failed at it many times. I really should’ve just asked Ren for help but I rather get horrifically injured than see it happen to him.

When I got it open, I waited for a ton of things to happen, but nothing did. Inside the container sat an innocent looking metal box. No latches were visible on it, tarnished. It was old and there were sith runes on the top. I didn’t want to wait too long, Eti being poisoned, so I didn’t look further into it. This box was what I was here for, so I held it to my chest and hurried to Ren.

I had booked rooms for us all at the mansion and we soon headed out to it. I feel bad, I put everyone in danger due to a darn call, but I was so tired. So, so tired, I simply took Ren’s hand and dragged him to bed. I slept, I healed, and I kept the box near. I’ll look at it with Ren later. For now.. I have an apology breakfast to make for everyone.

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Re: Par's Purple Diary

Post by witchytech » Sun Jan 06, 2019 11:39 am

Yesterday- no.. My head hurts. The day before I think? We camped outside Doaba and finally opened the box after a day of smuggling artifacts around. Ren is the one who opened it though, I must’ve been too tired to see how easily it opened, though Ren pretended it was far more impressive than that. Maybe it was?

There was datachips in it, a holocron, what looked like a key to a ship or house? And a few pieces of flimsy. Ren suggested waiting for a burner datapad since we had used our reserves of them already for the chips and we picked up the holocron. I couldn’t open it and I think Ren was slightly amused by my impatience, choosing to read the holocron in my place and smiling as he started hitting runes along the equator? Is that the right word…. Of the holocron. He saw a redheaded woman happily humming apparently as she pressed them. It opened the holocron and it was… home movies.

Can say that’s a new one. It was Bela Vistal- I recognize that place anywhere since I lived there for years. A little redheaded toddler ran towards the waterfall and tripped, falling in. You could hear the woman gasp in fear and a blonde man diving in after the child, but it was all good it seemed as the kid spat water and giggled as the man moved up to whoever was recording.

That was when the view moved and we saw who was recording. She looked just like me, and somewhere in the back of my mind I could feel something…. Banging? Like it was locked behind something and I could practically hear, “Mom, it’s mom!”

I told Ren that I figured it was wishful thinking- the Jedi said I was abandoned as a baby at their doorstep, but if that was me I was clearly older by a few years. We watched a few more of them before we closed it and I found myself curling around Ren tightly, shaking.

He finally decided to listen to my request of ‘look through my head’ then and there after I asked why I don’t remember them. He told me to relax and open to him. I replied that I always was. I’m always open to Ren, the only time I lower the connection is when I have to for survival reasons.

He gently asked to enter my shields which I started peeling away. My shields are like… a few spheres inside spheres. When he entered I mentally shut a door as I constructed my mind to look like a hallway to make things easier. He was curious about why I swiftly closed a door and conceded to let him look in it momentarily. Memories and thoughts of him. Figured he didn’t need to see what he already knew and I relaxed as he continued moving through my memories radiating love and warmth. He started heading into the part I never could enter, and warned him away from the pool of darkness. He stepped further down and found my memories of my old job and the chest I keep all the times I was…. Locked inside it. He mentioned it was time to forgive myself, and I mentioned I had- I just don’t want to see it. I have enough bouncing around in my head.

Apparently the hallway turned dark and he found doors bricked up and chained, one with a hole punched through it with Pelistra’s lingering energy mixed with light. Inside, he claimed was my center. I found that odd since I always could center but….

He decided to try and break the wall down with my permission, it took a few tries and through it he mentioned it was built by Jedi, two it seemed, before he pulled it down.

It was.. Hard to breathe. I finally felt complete and whole and with the sudden swell inside me I heard it whisper that that is me. I am Aelius.

I wasn’t bad at the force. The Jedi had blocked me *from* it. Out of fear.

What fear? My parents were Sith. They had loved me, though. I found some closure but I’m still left with ‘why’.

The ordeal made Ren pass out and have a nasty hangover the next morning. I had dragged him into the tent and slept with him. The next morning I swaddled him in blankets and with the terrain, apologized to Carova as I set Ren to rest in front of me on Junior, keeping him boxed in as junior and carova both climbed over the mountains back to Doaba where I rented the suite and brought him in. He had enough energy to clean up and put on a bathrobe when he came to as I entered before he wrapped himself in blankets again and laid in the bed. It was in the afternoon, bored of daytime holo shows as I cared for my darling, that I decided to comm Jenn- see if she could run an errand for me.

I mentioned to Ren I hope I remembered the right frequency and didn’t call a pizza place, which I mentioned in my com to Jenn who, of course, pretended to be one. She amuses me so.

She was fine with getting me a cheap datapad and some adapters. The chips were old- I’d say probably fourty or so years. I think I’m actually almost fifty. This whole time I thought I was like.. Fourty-five? Maybe?

She came by and understood why I didn’t want to leave Ren when she saw him wrapped in blankets, handing me the items I requested. We talked a bit, I was absently petting Ren’s head as I found the adapter that fit the chunkier chips and hooked it up, pausing.

They were family photos. I showed them to Ren and Jenn. I filled her in that it was seemingly my family and Ren was just so.. Warm and soft. I snuggled back into his side as I continued looking through photos and showing a few here and there. Some pictures had so many people in it. I doubted they were all family.

Another chip seemed to have my mothers diary, I’d look at that later. The next chip had Ren’s interest, a family tree. We decided to look at that together another day. The last chip, however. Was encrypted.

Ren adorably stuck an arm out from under the blanket and offered to slice it, but just before he could I told him to put my name. Not the one everyone knows me by, but the one my parents gave me. It worked. But it was.. Confusing. A wall of numbers. Jenn didn’t know what it was, nor did Ren who went back to snuggling into blankets. I stared hard at the numbers and it clicked. Most of it was just gibberish but two lines… looked almost like coordinates. I mentioned such and pulled out some maps, trying to make sense of it. Ren asked Jenn if she knew how to read coords and mentioned she used navigation maps. I asked her if the planets were numbered and she said they were. I scribbled the first series of numbers down and handed it over and she checked them with her maps.

They were Kuat and Corellia. Ren and I had the same thought, the one on Kuat is the location we found this box in. But that means there was one in Corellia. I plotted the coordinates onto my map and found it was near Bela Vistal.

I made sure Ren was okay but you know him, no matter his pain if there’s a job that needs to be done he’ll push it aside. I worry about him when he does that so I made sure to keep a dose of pain killer on me for him. I let him wear my duster, his was in tatters and I told him I’d make it into a pillow for Crystal. I was right in my assumption that she’d like it, so I’ll do that whenever I’m next home.

We left and Jenn let us bum a ride on her ship to Bela Vistal where we started the long trek to where the coords were plotted. There was a hug arch, covered in crystal spikes, a volcano looming behind it. It felt… slightly familiar but nothing more than that. I’ve seen similar things in my travels, so I paid it no mind.

Ren and I looked around the base of the arch and we noticed an odd… shaped rock. Too odd, it must be something. Jenn had out her poking stick and we decided to wait for daughter dearest to arrive before we poked anything.

It slipped our mind we told her nothing and she was overly concerned over why were standing around an arch with a poking stick. Jenn volunteered to poke it with her stick and when she did, the ground shook and spikes started slowly moving out of the ground but the hum died quick. Didn’t stop Ren and I from both running to tackle her out of the way. I sensed Ren and moved to the side, letting him protect her as I inspected the spikes. They clearly were meant to shoot out fast and far, but the mechanism… jammed?

I thought maybe it reacted to what touched it. There had to be a way in after all. I doubt my parents came here to just stare at an arch in front of a volcano, but it’s not like.. It’s not like I knew them. I only saw clips of their life, but they seemed happy. Maybe even nice? I’m projecting. I just don’t want to truly be what the jedi said I was.

We moved to the other side of the arch where another ‘rock’ was located, higher in the air. Most likely the ground shifted from an earthquake or the volcano. I had Ren ready to tackle me out of the way if I triggered a trap as I pulled a glove off and touched the rock. Nothing happened and I could tell it wasn’t a rock. I informed Ren it was metal and asked if he’d be so kind as to check it’s circuitry. I’m still a novice at this.

He said it felt.. Incomplete. Thinking the arch was broken or other. Ren decided to read the arch with Eti’s boost, I tried to read it in case I got more but I saw a few animals grazing around it, useless information. But Ren…

He said he saw my mother touching the rock and doing a count down with the word ‘spark’ at the end to another person. It connected to me. The other door rock thing. Complete the circuit. I’m not good at this but I was the only other being there who could do it so I hurried to the other side, waiting for Ren’s shout. When I heard it I pushed my energy in to seek out Ren’s. I’m a little bit better at finding Ren’s energy than moving through circuits still, so I let my force spark find his that way, completing the circuit. The ground started to crack and shake, the arch lit up with runes all along it, the crystal glowed and a giant entry opened up. It had been so long since it seemed to have been used the ground under the doors collapsed, coughing dust up. The staircase it revealed was huge. I was already running over to make sure the others were okay, falling over between tremors before I was even close to seeing them. I made sure everyone was okay and we took out light sources, heading down the stairs cautiously. The cats did not like this or the earthquake at all.

Once everyone was on the staircase there was a loud hum and clatter as the doors shut behind us and with it, the power completely cut out. No one enjoyed the realisation we were locked underground.

At the bottom of the staircase- which felt like forever- there was a giant bay door, but there was no power. Ren and I touched it and with Eti’s boost we pushed enough power into the circuits to turn the terminal on. Ren told me to input the last few numbers after the coords from the number list on the datachip. He speculated it might be the access code. It was. The doors opened but the mechanism started making a horrific grinding noise and it failed, the power fading from it shortly after. It was big enough for us to get through and we moved into what appeared to be a waiting room and reception area.

Midway through the room Eti froze. She had wanted to see if maybe this was the old section and there were people in a new section, but instead she felt two pits of darkness. One small and moving around, another larger and far off a bit. We made note of it and moved on. I slid behind the desk and pushed power into the terminal i found there, but only enough for the screen to turn on and blank out. Naret Corps. Eti apparently had heard of them, they were old it seemed.

We hesitated, thinking about trying to power the door out and leave, but Eti wanted to continue on, so we moved through the door and found cubicles. An office.

We started searching around and I filled my bag with work orders and papers- eventually moving them into the saddle bags on Junior to make my life easier. Ren found a map, Eti found a toy of sorts. Jenn was doing her best to be brave but I still felt so bad for roping her into this. Again.

Eti didn’t want to move down because she felt the thing below us, but after looking at the map Ren and I both said in our typical sync ways that there’s a lot of down. The apartments were below and we may just get an idea of what happened and where people went. We went down the stairs and found another locked door. Ren, Eti and I powered it on and he sliced it, letting us view the labyrinth of halls and apartments.

Eti chose a direction and we followed her, giving me directions to point out if anything calls to me. A lot of the apartment doors lay open, the contents inside looking like a mix of empty and ransacked. It was suggested there was an evacuation. Perhaps the volcano got unruly?

I tried to read the wall but all I got was a sense of panic. Ren touched it and said he heard blaster fire and people running, yelling to get to the hangar. We had saw a hangar on the map and concluded it was our way out. Now we just hoped there was a ship still. Eti brought us further in and we went to the only locked door at the very end of the hall, one of the bigger apartments it seemed. We powered it on and Ren sliced it. It was the only place intact, everything was still in place. It wasn’t an earthquake then. Everything was covered in dust and as I walked down the hall I paused. Family portraits. My family.

Ren, the sweetheart, started recording them knowing we couldn’t take them. I entered a childs room. What I guess was once my room. I didn’t feel a connection to it but it was a soft green. I took some toys, a note book, a family picture. I noticed some crystals just on the desk and Ren took them, putting them in Carova’s bag. I know I should’ve stayed with the group who were in the den looking at books, but I moved into a giant kitchen. Out of date by todays standards, but once upon a time it was state of the art. I looked around it and found a notebook full of hand written recipes. My moms, perhaps? I took it anyway and moved on into what I guess was the master bedroom.

Large bed and a locked viewing case. It was caked with dust and I tried to spark the thing to life but failed. Ren came in behind me and quietly asked if I’d like him to do it, of course his help is appreciated. He powered it up and I went to slice it. I did a bad move it seems and next thing I know I’m in pain and waking up on the floor with Eti looking over me and the bright light of Ren’s new saber- unstable with brats power- pointing at something in the corner. An ooze of some sort, from the look of it.

I took the last of Ren’s painkillers for myself, the thing had a toxin of sorts it seemed and my muscles were in agony. Once I could move I finished slicing and opened the viewing case and saw exactly why it was locked. It was full of artifacts, holocrons, scrolls. I dumped them all into my bag. There was also a box and that went in too.

Eti, the genius that she is, realised she could contain the ooze as Ren tired from fighting brat in its blade form and he powered down his saber as she lifted it, keeping it behind her.

Ren suggested we start moving, and I requested to check the closet before we left. I walked in and felt a pull to the shelf, moving my light over it I saw a double-bladed lightsaber hilt and a holocron. I put those carefully into my bag and looked to see the clothes.

Rows upon rows of glamourous, luxurious dresses. I see I got my moms taste in clothes. I was sad to see she was tiny, though, as I took a beautiful dress out and it ended under my chest. I showed the dress but no one seemed to pay any mind- understandable- and I simply put it in my bag. I’ll repurpose it. The fabric was going to waste here.

We started moving and that’s when Eti felt the small thing above them, just as the duct cover started shaking violently. It was ramming it, whatever it was and we started hurrying out of the apartment area. We were almost out when it went silent. The creature… knocked itself out? Either way, we continued moving down the stairs, past what was the security level and down to the next one. There was a hanger attached to this level and we just wanted out. Even if there was no ship we were planning on opening the doors and finding another way out.

It was as we were powering the door up to slice into it we heard the thing again above us, scratching angrily at the ceiling- no ducts thankfully here. Once Ren sliced in and we entered what looked like an intelligence floor. Consoles, terminals, everything. Ren, Jenn and I both wanted to power things on and get things but we reminded ourselves we can come back as the thing started ramming a duct cover above us.

We started rushing to the door that led to the hanger, but before Ren could push it open the cover fell down and with it a small dark blob that instantly rushed Eti. Eti lowered the blob she had been floating behind her hoping to stop it, but the thing decimated it in its quest to attack Eti. It nipped at her tendril as she tried to grab it and then rounded to go after Jenn who tried to smack it with her lance. She lifted her arms up to protect her face but it sunk its beak into her arm. It was a dwarf nuna. A.. dark…. Dwarf nuna.

Nasha, however, was having none of this and ripped the nuna off Jenn’s arm, eating it like it was a nugget. We stared at Nasha before breathing out. I walked over to Ren and placed a hand on his shoulder. I was reaching exhaustion, as was he, and he placed his hand over mine and we stood a moment. Ren brushed off my worries, like he tends to do in moments like these, and I simply decided to shut up and find center with his presence as Eti tended Jenn’s arm. I offered to fix her jacket, I fix my own and Ren’s all the time.

We moved through the door and started heading down the corridor- it was lit eerily with glass tubes full of magma along the top of the walls. We didn’t need our light sources with this and we continued down a long way before coming to a landing with huge bay doors.

Eti said the big darkness was right in front of us and we sighed in preparation before powering the door up and slicing it. It, too, jammed halfway open and we slid in.

The hangar was empty outside of a single.. Maybe prototype version of what would become.. I think it was a VT-49 someone said? But our attention was taken under it. A nest.

Clicking filled the room as long legs stuck out and a large kliknik slid out from under the ship. It’s eyes milky- blind maybe? Either way it took off right after Jenn, faster than a kliknik usually is I think? I threw a dagger at it but it barely slowed down, Jenn tried to whack it with her stick and it ducked her and Ren’s combined attempts. Nasha… Eti swears she feeds her but Nasha rushed forward and just bit down on this things abdomen, crushing it. It tried to spear out Nasha’s eyes, but Nasha just shook her head to get a better grip on it. The thing was struggling so hard to get out, it didn’t notice Ren swing his stick down and removing its head swiftly.

We breathed out when Eti confirmed the area was clear and we moved to the ship. In my exhaustion I completely forgot I had the key for it and let Ren slice the door. He stood up triumphantly, but before he said his usual ‘boom’ he sagged. I stepped forward, having a feeling this would happen, and caught him, carrying him into the ship.

It was dusty, full of books and items but we were too tired. Eti motioned to a bed in another room and I put Ren on it. I needed to stay awake, I needed to power the doors to the hangar, but as I leaned forward to check on Ren I must’ve.. I must’ve passed out myself.

I woke up with a massive hangover with Ren, on the ship.

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Re: Par's Purple Diary

Post by witchytech » Sun Jan 13, 2019 12:37 pm

These days have been a blur of sleeping and getting the ship in our name. I practiced relearning everything while taking care of Ren as he recovered, in between needing my own recovery time from having… so much force. I never had this much and while I feel complete it’s also overwhelming.

Near the end of his recovery, Ren was good enough to go out shopping for overhauling the ship. I went for aesthetic items and Ren came up with just a ton of plants. I got more and filled an entire room of the ship with plants just for him. Neither of us are good in space, but this room I made for him. His comfort is the most important to me.

Liath helped us with the ships registration, making it seem like it hadn’t been missing for almost fifty years and she named it.

Ren and I both realised far later the possibilities of what the name could be and we vowed to check the name next time we were on the ship.

We parked the ship in Kuat and went camping on the beaches there. We talked and he helped me practice and calibrate my abilities. I was apparently splashing with the force, not something I want to do when I pretend to be a dumb dancer to imperials. Ren helped me find my new center and helped me as i figured out how many strands to pull and tug to lift something without flinging it or not using enough. I’ll need to practice to not use my hand again, I noticed.

Ren told me as I was remaking my shields stronger and relearning how to weave the threads of the force about his force injury. It breaks my heart that this happened. Good intentions, sure, but they still hurt those by lacking care.

He told me how he used to wrap himself in the force to disappear and I pulled that into mind as I began wrapping myself in it. It diminished my signature but I could still be felt. It took two days of watching over Ren as he rested more for me to cover my signature up once again.

Ren finally felt recovered fully the third day of camping on Kuat and he set me down to try my lightning again. This is something I’ll only practice with him- he can pull me out of anything. I pulled ire out and aimed at my metal staff and I pulled too many strands. I melted the pole and the lightning was jumping chair to chair. Darling thankfully got up before any harm befell him.

He knew I would never forgive myself if I hurt him, but I was already shaking as I sank to the sand, trying to center, ground, breathe. He sat beside me and wrapped me in warmth, love and acceptance and I pulled it through me as I sank into my center and struggled to ground. He soothed my fear and warmed me more until I finally could pull everything back together and with a final breath and his encouragement, I sparked from my fingertips and hit the pole properly with controlled energy. I’ll need a new whacker.

Ren felt we were needed elsewhere and I packed up the camp, picking smooches up and wrapping her around me as I climbed atop Junior, following Ren back to the city.

We wound up at MonCal, Eti waiting for us there distracted. She missed her love, and I know that feeling well. I originally had wanted to go over the items we found at Naret Corps, but Shagan-Ri and Cari showed up and I wasn’t about to pull sith artifacts out near them.

I spent most of the time leaning against Ren and at one point Eti asked me about my parents. I know nothing about them outside of the clips into what would’ve been my life in the box.

My mother looked like me and was short, my father was tall and blond- may have made a joke about genetics and nudged Ren who teased me back- they dealt with weapons and science. Were of the sith belief. That’s the extent of my knowledge.

Eventually Ren and I tired and we headed to the hotel to sleep.

Ren had things to do and he left early in the morning and I found myself back at Eti’s house, staring blankly out the window and aching. I missed him, stupidly. He was only gone for half a day!

I was lost in thought over it- I didn’t sense Eti until she was resting against my arm. We talked about missing our loved ones and our home when Ren waltzed in. He walked up behind Eti and in almost sync we curled our arms around her and resting our hands on each others backs as we watched the sun set.

I was distracted during this time- he’s devastating in the golden light of the sun and the soft oranges of the sunset. Ren wanted to finally get his jacket and my skirt was destroyed so I commed Jaz to have him make us the items- he was in New Zeltros so we hopped on the shuttle and headed there. A little vacation in our old home.

When we got there Jaz had set our clothes off to the side and without a care to all the eyes I switched into my new skirt with a sigh. I love this skirt. Ren handed me back my jacket he had borrowed and I smiled. Brown is a colour I’ll always associate with him. It suits him.

We set up shop in a corner and ate, cuddled and chatted when there was talk of autographs- a young Twi named Nima apparently had Jaz’s autograph. Ren mentioned he’d like to meet someone whose autograph he wanted tattooed and Eti and I both chimed in he could get ours.

It turns out that Ren and I were serious. We got each others signatures tattooed to each other. It was almost like… he figured out a way to show me how serious he is when he tells me he wants, needs and loves me and that he wants to keep me. He must’ve picked up that I sometimes still worry.

I got his name in his signature brown colour on my left bicep, and he liked the colour and got mine done in that on his right bicep, but had the heart I had added to the signature filled in with purple.

After our tattoos- done by Jaz who apparently took a class on it? Either way, he did a good job- we headed back to the cantina. There was a woman sitting by the stage who was from Dath and said we should give Coven a look. Ren and I chimed together about how interesting it sounded and I knew then it was a place we had to go to eventually.

We began to tire and one by one we left. Eti needed to be helped to sleep so we all piled into the cuddle room at the tower, turned on the holo and lit the fireplace. Ren gently put her to sleep and it was so… I’ll be honest, it made me kinda fall in love with him more when I see him be this soft, beautifully caring being. Once she let go and fell asleep I asked Ren to hit my switch but… I knew one of us needed to be alert in case of danger and I quickly pressed his off switch, carefully helping him to rest onto the pillows as I curled up to his side. I’ll watch over them.

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Re: Par's Purple Diary

Post by witchytech » Wed Jan 16, 2019 10:34 am

We had finally decided to use our papers and names to get back on Dantooine- we had missed it and knew it well for our mission- when we got a com from Ivu.

Someone was injured by the cantina. Ren and I immediately made our way over after dropping off our stuff to see… It wasn’t pretty.

The guys arm was a mess- mangled and bones showing. Pretty sure that’s how my arm looked all those years ago. I took his feet, Ren his head and a new face showed up to help with the middle. I didn’t mention I would recognize the face of a clone anywhere. They’re their own person, they’ll tell me who they are in time.

We carefully escorted him to our hospital where we carefully put him on a bed. Eti rushed in at that point- she must’ve also been looking to sneak back to Dant- which made me relieved. This new man, Corik was his name, was a medic so I already knew I wouldn’t have to try and help with my basic medical knowledge and training, but having Eti there just made me breath even easier.

Ren and I relocated up to stand in the waiting room and watch from the balcony. At some point Jaz’s partner, Gaki, came in to see what the commotion was about. Ren talked with him a bit as we watched from above. Never know when we’d be needed. It looked like it was messed up pretty badly by possibly a blade and that amputation was the best course.

Jaz had wandered in at that point and was quickly snatched up in Gaki’s arms. Seemed they hadn’t seen each other in awhile and they talked quietly while Jaz looked anywhere but at the gore down below.

It probably was a bit macabre that while watching this poor man- who also appeared to be another clone so Corik being around was great- Ren and I talked quietly and I got a little thrill at being called his. It was around then that I was asked to take a blood sample to identify his blood type for a transfusion.

I was getting the stuff when Corik mentioned he knew the type as it was his as well. O negative. Ren and I both were not that so our blood stores would be useless, so I went to check the stores upstairs. Empty.

I was requested to thaw plasma instead, Corik offering his own blood to help the injured man. Ren helped me figure out how to thaw it since Eti didn’t seem to appreciate our curious wonders to if Rova would work, or between our bodies.

We put two packs of plasma to thaw on its proper heater before I brought it down for her. Ren followed behind- at this point I’m pretty sure Jaz had left to escape the smell and sight. His partner must’ve followed him out, because I no longer sensed either of them in the vicinity.

Ren and I may have stared at the arm once it was removed, as it had rolled onto the floor. We learned he was sick with decanter sickness and he had ports on his back. Ren and I speculated on what it was but nothing further. Corik also explained there was a tumor that was placed there as a fail safe. Must get Jegy to look at him. Also, Ren and I decided to get this man a cybernetic arm and I reached out to a specialist using my lesser used doctor alias.

Once all was settled and he was stable, Ren and I slipped out and went home. Put on a film we never watched and held each other to sleep. We had work to do in the morning.


I had missed Dant so much that after making breakfast for Ren and Crystal, giving Ren his morning head smooch as per usual and a wink at Crystal, I left to dance in Keepers. Give them time to catch up and hopefully not do anything in a place I relax. Not even gloves can save me sometimes. Must look into a way to make gloves more effective when I’m tired.

I do try to stamp down the tiny thread of jealousy- I’m thankful for what I have. Should he ever be comfortable enough to pull me into kisses, I’ll be more than pleased, but I won’t hold my breath. I’m beside him, that’s all that matters to me. Jealousy can go find a corner to hide in for all I care.

In the evening Ren came into Keepers and we talked a bit. He had been studying one of the holos, and was very lost in thought. I asked him a few times which one- we had amassed how many in the corps alone? But he stayed lost in thought. I bought him food and stuff for Eti as I felt her coming over.

I gave up waiting for him to answer me and talked to Eti. The change in subject must’ve pulled him from his thoughts finally and after a bit I finally asked him again which holo he had been studying.

The journal one. I offered to help him translate it. Our Olys Corellisi is a bit rusty but I think together we can translate it. Or as we nicknamed this dialect ‘olys olys corellisi’

Eti must be stressed and missing Rando, she breezed past and left after being confused on what we spoke of. I mentioned holos since I wasn’t about to say holocron in public, and ren filled in the basics of what we knew about it. Some woman and a journal. She didn’t seem to understand and left frustrated. I hope Rando finally replies to her soon.

We packed up our food and went home, getting comfy as Ren set up the holoprojector. He had the basics translated and as I listened to her speak I filled in bits and pieces and chuckled, showing Ren what the intro said.

We both mulled over the fact that this journal appeared to be for one Kayarn Kodaigo. The twin of Reynala. This was the journal he had been searching for. My.. great great grand.. aunt? Knew them it seemed. Quite well from the way she teased.

We quietly translated for a bit, lounging against each other and discussing phrases and terminology. We got stumped on one- the writing was different and we both doubted it was saying that this Kay needs to listen to a flower.

We were tired and decided to sleep on it. Turning the projector off, Ren stretched onto the couch and I crawled over him, squishing him into the couch and snuggling in. At some point in the night I felt Crystal approach and I shifted to the side. Ren’s arms kept me firmly in place and I gently moved one of his arms so Crystal could slip next to me in the safer spot by the back of the couch. Once she settled in I put his arm around her and had my arm over his to keep me in place.

Let’s not talk about how gracelessly I had to slip out of his arms this morning to cook.

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Re: Par's Purple Diary

Post by witchytech » Sun Jan 20, 2019 12:17 pm

So much has happened… so much. I’m making sure Ren’s not depleted. Eti had come to us the other day not feeling well. We figured she just used too much and needed to rest but.. It wasn’t that at all.

Bath, rivers, lakes. Nothing was replenishing her. She couldn’t draw from us and she was growing weak as something drained her force. I went up to Jato without her to bring back information to Ren and Eti, and while there I saw Rando. I know he’s busy, but Eti is not doing well. He needed to know and I had hoped just to bring something back to give her hope.

Rando brushed me off and I left, as Ren said it’s between them and I butted in, but I was still annoyed. In the end he made good on what he said and he arrived the next day to take care of her. She wasn’t getting better. Before he came, though. Ren and I tracked her down and felt she was fading fast. She was almost.. Burned from Ren touching her so we put her on Nasha and brought her to the hospital.

The droid found nothing odd and I was worried to touch her. I tried to sense in her but it was not the will. We took her home and tucked her in on her wishes, kept the com and datapad next to her and made our way home.

We spent the next day researching. That morning Rando informed me she wasn’t doing any better and I looked her over. This time I felt something. It was draining her and bringing it elsewhere. Ren and I put our heads together, called the kids in to research at the library and got to work.

Ren confided in me that he was scared and I promised him we would figure this out and we would get her back. The Will would never let Eti go so soon.

Eventually I commed Rando to check in on Eti. We had gotten a faded, almost distorted message through the bond that he was bringing her somewhere with healing waters. Mon Cal.

We packed up and headed to her. We had theories and ideas, and with my tracking we were hoping to locate where she was being drained to. We took the Triumphant Retribution that had various nicknames now. Eti calling it Pink. Crystal and I had a good time painting it pink.

Cari had also tagged along and we all went to Mon Cal. Crystal had helped me fix up Cupcake- the droid that had been on the ship- so I didn’t have to pilot either as we did our best to get Cari up to speed and discuss further possible theories.

When we arrived Ren reached for her and felt her off in the water, so we rented speeders to go see her. Neither of us were quite up for that sort of swim. They didn’t notice us it seemed and when they surfaced in their.. Boat submarine? Ren was tossed out of his speeder. I helped him into mine and we figured they hadn’t noticed us. I tethered Ren’s speeder to mine with the rope in my bag and made our way back, giving back the speeders and figuring they went to their house.

I did my best to keep Ren calm and soothed, sitting between him and Eti. We had discussed our theories and I went about tracking through Eti. We had used the process of elimination to assume it was either on Yavin or Tatooine she picked up whatever was draining her. Ren caught the scent through me and we both decided it was Tatooine, but I knew Ren was not going to go with me. I kissed and said my goodbye to him just in case as he informed Kay that he was to aid me in the search.

We went to the ridge Eti had been shot down in and I began to feel for it. I could feel it but I couldn’t at the same time. Kay set out a droid to search for metal as I continued to walk and feel. He and I had the same abilities roughly, it seemed, so I asked his aid but in the end I found it below us at the same time the droid beeped for metal.

I still wonder if it sensed itself. Kay noticed an indent in the side of the ridge and a deep shaft built of rock leading down far. We both came prepared for climbing, at least, and we slid into our harnesses, pulled out the ropes and started making our way down.

I wondered if it was an old enclave maybe, Kay muttered there wasn't enough data.

What I hadn’t been expecting to find was the remains of a ship, millennia old. There were also these cute little sandcrabs skittering around. I knew I would adopt one before the day was over.

I was searching for a way in when Kay suggested we just make one. I asked if he had the tools, hoping he wasn’t suggesting a lightsaber. He ignited his lightsaber. Mine is always disassembled, but I had my mothers in my bag.

I pulled out the hilt and lit up the double red blades. Kay didn’t even blink at it and together we carved our way in.

You could tell it was once full of sand, crabs scuttled around as we walked and looked around. I paused in the hall. Faded letters. Naret Corps. Of course its my family's. Kay was recording as we wandered, finding the bridge. I closed my eyes and started focusing, the thing was somewhere in the middle of the ship. We made our way roughly to the middle and I looked for it again. Directly below. I cut my way down and paused as I took in this weird contraption. I told Kay to come down but not go all the way down to it just in case.

It looked like an altered version of the Imperial crest. There seemed to be a crystal in the middle and weird domes between the walls. There was power in it. Eti’s power. This was the thing draining her. I carefully made my way down but it didn’t seem to react to me.

I looked around for cables, anything at all that would help me find an off switch for the damn thing, but instead I found what looked like a modified blaster, a container sliced open by what appeared to be a lightsaber that had spherical ammo in it. Jedi robes laid in a corner untouched for millenia. I called Kay down, knowing he’d like to record all this and boy did he.

We both felt a slight regret at the realization we had to destroy this machine, but the choice of knowledge and life? Easy choice to make. We found what looked to be a guide and took it. It was in ancient sith and I’m a bit rusty, Jadia was still hiding in my head somewhere and didn’t wish to aid either.

Kay had come up with an idea to destroy it then. A lightsaber through it. He was offering his own up but I told him not to use it. I didn’t want to use mine or my mothers, so I searched the Jedi’s robes and found a small backup saber. It will do.

Kay then went about bagging things up to take back as I started carving a hole through the ship to make a direct line to the crystal for the saber to fall through. It was just before we got around to it when Kay suddenly felt a call and he walked through the ship, destroying a monitor to get into the room. He pulled out a box and nodded, saying it was what he needed to get. At that same time I felt a pull to the back and found someone's living quarters and a small box. I pocketed it and it was time to leave. Time was of the essence.

We climbed up through the hole and Kay lit up the small saber. With the force, he shoved it down fast and with some twisting and pressure, he destroyed the crystal. The shaking it caused made the ridge start collapsing as we were rushing up the ropes. I knew I would’ve been buried if Kay didn’t grab me and jumped with the force, putting me down outside as we got back on our cats and started to run.

We found Jenn and Cari searching for us. The energy contraption seemed to have affected our comms- or being so deep underground did- Eti thought we were in danger. We were a bit but…

We made our way back to Mon Cal and I didn’t even bother to clean up. I was bleeding, covered in sand, dirt and soot. But there was Ren, depleting himself, and I sagged against him and instantly started giving him my own energy as Kay settled beside us.

Kay filled in what happened but Eti.. she was no longer draining but she was still leaking.

In the box Kay had found was a journal in ancient sith and a glowing stone with a glyph on it. He handed me the journal to look over and I could semi understand it. I needed to learn this better, it seemed, but I got the main portion needed.

Naret Corps had modified a blaster that's ammo drained whoever was shot and powered the engines. It was made to take down Jedi. The ammo was in the torn open box, and my theory was the sand Eti pulled around her to protect herself had the ammo in it since it seemed she pulled the sand from the cave.

Maybe the ammo got in her somehow? I asked Kay to search in my place. I can normally feel things off in others bodies, but right now I wanted to give Ren energy back.

Kay tried but didn’t quite feel anything so I moved from Ren and placed a hand on Kay and focused myself to help him. He found where it was and I disconnected from him and made my way back to Ren, curling around him and keeping him close.

She needed surgery to get the thing removed. Until then it would keep leaking her force energy, but she no longer was being drained. By this point everyone was tired. Rando and Eti curled up and rested, Kay got up to go to a hotel after I gave him a credstick for it. I know he’ll use it for ridiculous things, he’s young. I see him as my own son in a way. Let him have his fun.

I talked quietly to Ren after he finally let himself disconnect and rest. He informed me he was never worried about me because he had seen something, but refused to indulge what it was. Just to have faith. In what? Him? The Will? I’ll always have faith in him. But I am really curious and a little frustrated he won't tell me what he saw.

We were both tired, and Ren semi threatened to throw me in water. I was bleeding everywhere from the gashes in my head and shoulder. They’ll heal. I’m sure. I curled up to Ren when he finally let himself fall into the pillows and pass out. I felt Caarlah as I started to drift off, I’m glad to know she’s not alone in Agathon.

When did they get a ship? I'll ask later.

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Re: Par's Purple Diary

Post by witchytech » Mon Jan 21, 2019 11:11 am

When I woke up I knew Ren immediately was feeding what he gained back to Eti. He was going to deplete himself fully… I do wish he would rely on me more. Sometimes it feels like he forgets that I’m there. That he can rely on me instead of putting everything on himself.

Kay and Caarlah came in in the afternoon to check in on Eti. She wasn’t feeling well still, but was no longer draining. Kay seemed to be able to deal with her sharp tongue better than Caarlah could.

I was frustrated. So many contacts commed, none wanted to help. I finally gave in and commed Jegy. I know he tolerates me and nothing more. I offered to pull strings since I was asking a former inquisitor to come to Mon Cal. I just knew he’d do anything for Eti. She had that charm. Ren seemed a little hurt when I said I had a feeling he didn’t trust us- or like us much. I pointed out that we’re quite shady to those that don’t know us and Ren understood. Kay also understood it was why we wanted him and Caarlah to keep their collective noses clean.

We both felt when Jegy finally made his way onto Mon Cal and Ren sent the kids to greet him- except they apparently missed him as Jegy climbed the stairs with the kids nowhere in sight. They eventually came up, a little confused, but they returned.

Kay began telling Jegy what he saw, I pitched in a bit more knowledge from the tech to help- as well as a warning. Jegy apparently thought ahead of that and used his own power to neutralize it before asking us to bring her to a place he can operate.

I’m glad Caarlah was there, she was training in being a medic on the side of her studies, so I knew it would be handy. I’m also glad she found something else she cared for, even if her main reason was ‘In case Kay makes a wrong move during a dig and loses something.’ I know, like me, she longs to be useful.

I’m glad she’s warmed up to me and we have these heart to heart com calls every now and then.

Once set up in one of the local hospitals, he realised he couldn’t find the thing anymore. I mentioned when I first felt it it was lower in her abdomen which means it moves. This seemed to rile Jegy, who barked at Kay to find it and to get a box for it. Caarlah looked to me and I nodded. I did, indeed, have a warded box in my camping gear. It’s what I transported the screaming holocron in. She took off to find it, coming back with it. I had meant to tell Kay how to activate the box but there was no time as Jegy cut her open and fought with the thing. It seemed to fling itself at force users. Kay took the box from Caarlah and left her to sew up the surgical wound as she’s practiced in it while he is not.

Kay and Jegy were fighting with the thing, it refusing to stay in the box. It came at me and just as I was about to crush it with the force they threw the box at me. I decided I shouldn’t waste my energy when Eti needs it and slammed the box on it, activating the glyphs and locking the box down. I pocketed it and went back to filling Eti’s reserves with my own energy.

Ren and I were both drained from this and we asked the kids to go in our place to help Salt. I just.. I hope Caarlah doesn’t come back with a stomach wound this time. And that it's not a trap of some kind.

At some point Ren finally demanded the connection back so that I’d rest and I gave it over- after making sure he recharged enough- then I got comfy on the floor with his thigh as a headrest. It’s comfy!

Hopefully… hopefully Eti recovers fully.

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Re: Par's Purple Diary

Post by witchytech » Sun Jan 27, 2019 7:56 pm

Ren and I had been researching. The thing ripped Eti up in the force. She’s frayed, surrounded by darkness. I heard of so many purification techniques, there’s gotta be one that works. None of us can do purification. We must search.

Our first stop was to Ryloth which Ren and Mal helped me deal with. Eti didn’t seem to understand the absolute haunting pain thinking your partner was murdered right in front of you. I know Mal is alive, but it still.. Even sometimes at night I probably wake Ren up with the nightmares when they come up. He called me a long-term project.

Jenn brought us to the library, I had a moment of weakness and commed Mal who helped calm me. I pulled myself together and began searching for books. Jenn said we can take what we need so we did. Eti was feeling faint, fighting the darkness does that. I was fighting my own battles there- Ryloth was the start of my fall long ago.

Standing where they most likely sold slaves reminded me of my own time in slavery, and Ren must’ve picked it up for he suddenly kissed my ear. Quick way to get my attention, that’s for sure.

I showed Ren something I found and we figured it was a lead, around that time Eti leaned against us, exhausted. Ren scooped her up and we made our way to Jenn’s ship, stopping there for the night before going to Pink and following up that lead.

The lead was an enclave of light on Yavin. The doors yielded to Cari, clearly a place of Jedi. When I used the force to open a door it got jammed. I hope I don’t get a bill for it. Cari decided it was best she open the doors from now on.

Eti was guided to a chamber, one I could feel was used for rituals and took to reading the tapestries. There was an artifact, I could tell by one tapestry that it was bestowed on those worthy. Purification, blah blah, jedi stuff.

Ren tried to read the floor but too many rituals occurred for him to piece it together. Eti felt pulled to ask for aid from the ghosts she felt and we were brought to the center chamber. Eti looked around and called out. I brought up looking beyond, but Eti didn’t seem to understand. So I looked at Ren who has his way with words and he translated what I said in terms she’d recognize.

So she sang and sang. Ren and I waited with Cari and Jenn as she convened with whatever she was witnessing. Afterwards, we learned, that she was to take a form of the padawan trials, and to start at the beginning. Apparently they said she’d never be a jedi. Fine with me.

We made our way back out and to the Pink where Ren and I pretty much passed out in bed.

Yesterday I got a letter from a former student with coords to a possible dig site. I brought it up to Ren who seemed intrigued, as did Eti. We even managed to rope Cari and Jenn into it. I directed Cupcake to fly us to Talus where it was located and we threw our IDs around a bit before making our way to the spot.

Ren and I had seen many of these sorts of statues, usually ruins. Jenn kicked up some dirt while we were searching and a holo appeared.

A code puzzle. Of course it’s a code puzzle. When don’t Jedi throw their code around?

Eti began to recite it and I could feel the burns and bruises start up and had to place my hands over my ears. Ren picked up, maybe even remembered why I hate the code, and did his best to center me, pull me out of my memories.

Cari solved the puzzle and the ground gave way to an old tunnel leading down. Ren and I went first with the rest taking up the rear in case of danger, which cari and I spotted. I used my knowledge of traps to find the trigger. We had to crawl on our bellies. Jenn was displeased. Eti didn’t like it either as she was in a skirt. So was I, so I showed the best way to do it.

Once we made it over we found a door, and it wasn’t locked. It opened into an empty chamber and I dropped down into it. Poking the floor with my staff, it sounded hollow. All I triggered was traps while searching for the way in though.

Ren figured out what to do and together we opened the door. And fell through it. Atleast I broke his fall so it was just me who was winded. Turns out it was a shrine room. Ren caught Eti as she hopped down and we began to search the place. I found a few odds and ends, Eti wanted me to record something she found and Ren found some journals.

Then it came time to get out and well… I wanted to float Eti up, but I’m still struggling with using. Too much and I’ll launch her, too little and she won’t budge. She wasn’t budging due to my fear, and I got frustrated.

I did not expect Ren to react to that by spinning me around and kissing me in front of everyone for a good while. This time I did push my luck by kissing him again after he picked Eti up and threw her out of the hole. Not the gentlest idea….

I grabbed Ren and force jumped out to see that Jenn and Cari couldn’t catch Eti and when we landed in a pile, it knocked Cari into the hole.

She was out cold and Eti climbed down a rope I lowered to check on her. She eventually came to and was fine and climbed out with Eti close behind. Cari apparently heard chanting, we didn’t hear any. It was odd.

I prepped for us to go up by getting my rope and force jumping out of the room- my foot caught and I slammed into the floor breaking my nose. Thankfully no one rushed to make sure I was okay and I could set it before lowering a rope to them. The way back out was uneventful outside of crawling and by that point we were tired. I set up camp and we all washed off in the river before tucking in for the night.

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Re: Par's Purple Diary

Post by witchytech » Sat Feb 02, 2019 11:35 am

Much has happened since I last wrote. Naboo is now under Imperial control, we can’t get a break it seems. We were researching in our house in New Zeltros when it happened. Ren had gotten second place at a shooting competition so I was taking him out to a nice dinner but everything was quiet. Sure, it meant the restaurant wasn’t crowded… But it also made us realize we must’ve missed something while deep in holos.

The food was great either way but we started looking around. Noticed the refugees were gone and the place was rather quiet. We packed up our stuff and took our leave, our mission and IDs let us go back to Dant with relative ease if not a few com calls and checks.

Ren wanted to sleep in our bed so once Cupcake landed our ship nicely in the airfield we took our restless cats out for a run and headed to bed.

It wasn’t until the next day while we were chatting in our den that our coms went off with Cari saying a transponder was going off or some such. There was a lot of chatter as Ren and I were a touch busy with each other before we went to see what all the fuss was. Something about Tatooine and wanting backup if it’s a trap.

We piled back in our ship and Cupcake took us to Tatooine where we followed Cari’s lead to the cantina. Ren and I went to the bar where I kept my arm around Ren to keep him anchored in the now, doing my best to keep him from his memories of this cantina. Eti sat nearer to Cari and the guy who apparently was responsible for the transponder.

We greeted Anishor as we saw him come in but overall kept to ourselves. I was a touch more focused on Ren and looking out for trouble.

Turns out we were to meet elsewhere, more private. Understandable. The guy complimented Ren’s beard, it is a nice beard.

We made our way to an outpost? I had been to a time or two before and Ren and I kept to the side. We were simply backup.

I still don’t know when exactly I apparently signed back up for the military, but Cari offered us all. I am technically dead to the republic, don’t know what I can do to get around that. Ren said it was best I kept my past quiet and bury it, so I never brought it up. I don’t want to do that again anyway.

Though, it felt like I was back at my old job. Not so sure that’s a good thing. I wanted to escape but stayed for them. Wherever Ren goes, I go. If he joins, I’ll join. I do wonder how we’d go about two missions at the same time though. Must ask darling.

After we were dismissed, we made our way out into the sands and set up camp. Ren and I were exhausted and slid immediately into the tent to pass out.

More research was needed, so we headed to the libraries afterwards.

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Re: Par's Purple Diary

Post by witchytech » Mon Feb 04, 2019 11:46 am

We decided to have a nice picnic on an old bridge I had found months ago between two hills. Once upon a time there was most likely a river and maybe some towns that are long gone now. Eti met us there and even though it was raining we simply sat down on the bridge and ate sandwiches. We live on Dantooine, a little Naboo downpour is nothing to us.

While cuddling with Ren, Cari commed me wondering where we were so I gave her the coords at Ren’s insistence. We had been discussing shielding with Eti. We also were looking for ways to help with her darkness. Cari showed up and began talking about the military cell, we’re aware we’re unconventional. Eti mentioned that she pushed clumps of her darkness into the planet and we began discussing places of light. Cari mentioned Wefi might have an artifact for purification, but she wasn't sure where it was. She also wasn't sure of any places of light.

Either way, we ended up making our way to our ship and brought everyone back to Dantooine, heading off to some crop of trees that Salt and Caarlah both said had a strong light feeling.

I mentioned my worry about being there, as I know I’m not fully light. Ren had mentioned that he was called off-white and that he’d consider me milk in caf. A bit darker than him but not fallen. When the day comes where I may not need to call upon my darkness, that’s the day I’ll let go of my darkness for good.

Eti centered and kneeled in the middle, Ren following suit and myself after. I felt them reach for each other and I rested my head on Ren, my hands on his sides. More contact and our bond is strong as is. He can pull easily from me like that.

The first batch of darkness slid from her hand and was purified in the ground as Dantooine took it. She wondered if she should try again, but this time the darkness clung to her. She seemed to cut it off from reentering her body and Ren decided to send an energy pulse at it using me, in place of me absorbing the darkness and corrupting myself a bit more.

I let him pull from me and he threw the energy at it, and it disappeared. I made sure to replenish him in that moment and we leaned back. Her hand hurt, the corruption must have messed with her cells. Ren picked her up and we made our way back home to Agathon where I drew her a bath. We got in with her and let her heal, talking quietly to each other. Cari came in at some point, but didn’t enter the bath. We were fully clothed, but I guess she didn't want her dress wet.

Eti wanted to know how to please the masters with her shield and I mentioned she shouldn’t be trying to please them. She snapped that she needed their help, which I know she does. I explained that she needed to understand the lesson of building her own shields herself and learn how to contain darkness. It's not about pleasing them, but impressing them with her own ability. Ren understood what I was saying, and he understood the lesson. It is Eti, now, who must understand the lesson and learn from it.

She asked Cari what masters she knew and how they were and I had to hide a laugh when I mentioned Eti knew a master. Well.. he left before he was officially made a master but he quit minutes before he was made one. She mentioned Shagan-ri and Kanzen and I had to mention it was a grumpy man who doesn't like the Jedi much and made her ship do crazy things. She then realised Mal was a master. Or would’ve been. Technicalities.

This got us on the conversation about where Anishor wanted to know our level of training. I mentioned I had no idea, but I had been trained by both Mal and Ren. We figured I was around the level of a Knight, Eti and Cari were Padawans and while Ren continued to lower his own ability… I wouldn’t let him. I told him everything I thought about him, Eti chiming in that we love and trust him as well. Ren, to me, is the same level as Mal. I’d consider Ren a master. I refuse to let him look down on himself.

Eti was tiring, her hand was better but stiff and she decided to sleep in our bath. We climbed out and changed- Ren wanted some food next door so we went out in the rain... Defeating the purpose of changing out of our wet clothing… And headed to keepers where I ordered us food.

We sat down with it and Ren and I playfully stole each others umbrellas and drinks while we ate. Cari came in shortly thereafter, having been called away for some reason or another.

We talked a bit more but Ren and I grew tired, after we ate and finished our drinks we bid her a good night and went home.

The next day found us back on Naboo. Ren and I both knew something would happen today and we heard the whispers. We went to the Pearl and talked quietly as we ate and we had to get some provisions, so I took him out for ice cream that he insisted on sharing when I only bought for him.

We got what was needed and headed back where we curled up in the tower, hugging and talking. I saw a few nights ago… us much older, together and laughing. I knew we would not die anytime soon. I mentioned to him that he won’t get rid of my easily, that I would be with him until I was no longer. He admitted it would hurt, losing me. I didn’t want to bring him more down by mentioning that I’m sorry if he ends up outliving both Crystal and I.

We spent the hour before meet up holding each other and talking quietly. Just before we left, he kissed me quickly. I could get used to this as he gets more comfortable with it. Maybe one day I can initiate it back.

We got through the whole thing with only a few minor burns and holes, we’ll heal. We piled onto the pillows and held each other as we… watched? A film. I think we made it a whole ten minutes longer than usual before we fell asleep.
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Re: Par's Purple Diary

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Family trees.

We’ve been looking over the one that was in the box left for me so long ago. My family is… was… huge. I found Jadia on the tree, her husband had fifty brothers. I was not sure I wanted to know how he had that many brothers. Ren was resting, or thinking, maybe both at the same time, when Jadia slid out of her little area of my brain.

Seems she finally calmed down and wished to talk a bit about the family. She told me about her husband, Hask. Or, as she affectionately referred to him, ‘nineteen’ or ‘my clone’. He was a clone. Explains how he had so many brothers. She was very wistful as she spoke, I could tell she adored him to bits and couldn’t help the smile as she recounted some of her favourite moments.

Some were.. Odd. Detailed and shown to me in images that I didn’t need to know. She mentioned a loyal… I don’t know if he was a pet or a person… but she mentioned him in passing in a bit of an adoring tone.

I saw a few glimpses of animals, people, friends, family. When I pointed out Aelia’s name being scratched out she grew quiet before explaining a bit more about her to me.

She's the one that scarred Aelia’s face. She was sent to kill her sister for being a traitor, but she couldn’t do it. It was her twin and she loved her, even if she was a Jedi. Apparently long after she set up her own business and enclave with ‘nineteen’ she reconciled with her sister. They still didn’t see eye to eye on many things but they helped each other when it was needed.

She eventually slid back in, loneliness seeming to exude from her as she let slip a few more scenes of her and Hask to me. I hope I don’t linger after I’m gone. This.. this torment is not something I’d be able to handle.

With that, I woke Ren up from his snoring meditation- we had discussed making our own family tree for descendants to find, it was probably time to start.

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