Par's Purple Diary

Write in your Journal. These are IC for the writer, but OOC information for the reader. Share your personal adventures with others. Give them a peek inside the character they might not otherwise get to see.
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Re: Par's Purple Diary

Post by witchytech » Sat Dec 01, 2018 9:26 am

So much stress and worry in this house. The Empire took Dantooine. Thankfully.. Thankfully Eti and the kids are not here. We’re both happy they’re elsewhere. We’re stuck here, but we’ll figure it out. We have our ways and we know where we stand. We know our privileges.

Mal is busy helping those who need help and keeping a low profile himself. I’ll also be keeping an eye on Ivu. My worry is Cari. She’s giving me a reckless vibe.

I have my orders, we have our plans.

Now my job begins. I will protect Ren.

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Re: Par's Purple Diary

Post by witchytech » Sun Dec 02, 2018 12:01 pm

Papers a bit damp in places

We’re taking a small break to recover.

There was the races yesterday and in the middle of it, Crystal, Ren and I decided to go have lunch. We settled in Palace 2 and I made them food, brought out dessert. We chatted and relaxed as much as we could. It seems Crystal likes my idea to coordinate outfits for Eti’s wedding. We also know Ren will just tell us we’re pretty no matter what we wear, so might as well go shopping together. Have a girls day out.

Afterwards I left them to it, figured they’d like time without me in their hair and I bothered the young ones in the Cantina, gave Jenn some cake I saved for her. Since the place was empty now, I decided to try the track. I’m a terrible driver, but since I weave through Agathon on patrols, I didn’t hit anything. I even beat the top score!

I stopped there, knowing if I tried again I’d blow something up.

Talking about.. Blowing something up. Fazza was murdered, his house was set ablaze. Jenn was crushed. I did what I could to make sure she didn’t react rashly and I listened in on the info on the memorial to give to Ren.

We snuck out to Chandrila and attended the memorial. Ren and I.. we don’t care much for funerals or anything of the sort. After talking with those gathered after I… outed myself to Zarek. He needs support, so I slid him a piece of flimsy with my other freq as well as an offer to help guide him, teach him. I’m sure he knows I’m a packaged deal in that, so there’s two guides.

We eventually dispersed, checking out the ruins.

sketch of a part of the glyphs

Does this not look like two people dancing? Darling didn’t think so.

We also decided that.. Before getting supplies and heading back home, as well as checking our connections and contacts to aid Rando and Eti.. We’d go to the lake with the empty shell and rest there for the night.

I didn’t bring my fishing gear with me so I simply sat in the grass and watched him fish, made the fire and swam a bit.

We chatted, going a bit dark and shaking ourselves free from it. We would live on, and we would continue to do what we do. We took a walk along the lake before heading back to the shell of the house. Carova, the floor, each other and a few easy to pull off blankets were our bed.

I woke up just before dawn, uneasy. I have a feeling he’s not quite sleeping either but I slipped out. Remade the fire and now it’s time for me to swim and catch fish with my bare hands.

Eti would laugh so hard if she saw me.

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Re: Par's Purple Diary

Post by witchytech » Tue Dec 04, 2018 8:42 am

Well, I rather not have a night like that again sometime soon. It’s been a long time since I was tossed in a cell overnight.

Got stopped by the blockade on the way back home. They separated us and put us in cells until Ren could talk to his boss. Then, of course, we were treated nicely.

I did my best as Kisu, making sure everything went smooth from the shadows as we wormed our way back onto Dantooine.

We have to cough up artifacts- the OB showed interest in the mission- so we have many things to do. I still vote that one day we give him that artifact I have- it yells non stop if you open it. Great party trick.

It seems all was quiet while we were gone, so there’s a good chance they’re waiting for people to relax, get comfy.

We didn’t last too long once on Dantooine, opting to go to bed shortly after arriving. I’ll apparently get better lessons on addressing in the morning, with a possibility of going over my maps to find spots to get things for our mission. So many missions….

Need to contact a few sentients for supplies for Eti and Rando.. mustn't forget

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Re: Par's Purple Diary

Post by witchytech » Thu Dec 06, 2018 11:32 am

The other day when I went to get lunch I walked into Keeper’s to be met by an officer, his ensign and a trooper. I immediately slid into my dancer persona- a scared civilian who just wants to dance in peace.

They first questioned me over my cat, if junior was a threat or if I was allowed to bring him in. I assured them he was tamed, he is completely tame, and motioned for Junior to curl up which he did. Doesn’t mean he wouldn’t attack if they hurt me.

I was asked to take a seat for questioning after I was asked if I knew I worked for rebel scum. What? Me? I had no idea…

With that information I tapped the receiver on my thigh holster that sent a blank message and coords to Ivu- a warning to not come over.

The officer took a chiss named Wren aside and put his ensign on me with the trooper standing guard. She asked typical questions that I answered my usual way of twisted truths.

The chiss bolted out of the cantina at some point after Bane.. the worst spy I’ve ever met.. Came in. The officer let the chiss go and focused on Bane.

They’re looking for rebels and jedi, know they’re here. With that information I slid in a bit about Bywing, leaving the name out and playing up that I had no idea and the officer was scaring me when he yelled that I knew it. It would be a tad suspicious if I had zero information, this was safe information for I haven’t seen Bywing around in a long time. It was just a description of armor as well. They had asked if there was any secret meetings, of course there isn’t. I just have house parties.

I seemed to have won over the ensign and trooper, perfect. They may just come in useful in the future.

I also had a feeling the officers might have planted listening devices or recording equipment so I handed Ivu a book with a letter in it with the information and slid Jaz a note to give to Cari later on.

I was reading in the cantina when a twi'lek came in to talk to Ivu. I have a feeling I should know her name but it escapes me. I left them to it and headed back. I had things to prepare.

When Ren got home from a hard day I gave him the information. He was probably too focused on his day to find it as amusing as I did, the twists of truth, but he did praise me. I’m just glad I didn’t have to hide behind his name. I have my own tricks, but I’m glad to know if I’m out of my league he’ll be there to save me.

He commed Ivu after I informed him she most likely had information now. It wasn’t the best news, a kernel of hope here and there but.. She had Ren put his glass down so he wouldn’t break it in anger.

After she retired we went out to patrol when Ren suddenly swerved around. Eli was here, apparently. We walked up to him, I had already semi slipped into Kisu at this point and stood behind him on the right. They did their usual dance around each other until Eli asked Ren if he and his pets would like to walk with him.

I jokingly asked if I was invited and Ren called me his pet. I am so upset at myself for getting a thrill at that. I followed behind and kept my gaze averted, eventually teasing Ren about being his pet. I already know I practically am anyway.

After Eli left with the parting words that clearly informed us they believed there were more jedi here, we went to Jaz’s place- Cari had shown up at one point and asked questions. Eli knew about her and she knew about him, but that doesn’t mean she should bring attention to herself the way she did. He did comment on it.

I was growing tired though and Ren decided to bring me home. Flip flopping personalities is hard on me and I was only myself for an hour in between.

We didn’t even bother turning the holoscreen on, we simply curled up on the pillows, talked a bit and passed out.

Yesterday was uneventful in comparison. Only thing of note is I may have found the best combination for Eti’s wedding cake but they’d need to try it and that Ren, Crystal and I had a movie-thon cuddled together with the pets. I have a feeling we still slept through most of the films.

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Re: Par's Purple Diary

Post by witchytech » Wed Dec 12, 2018 11:02 am

Page was clearly once damp

We were sitting in the cantina in Mos Espa, drinking a beer together and talking when I could tell Ren wanted to be anywhere but here. I offered to take him off planet and away we went. Nothing upsets me more than seeing him upset. He told me stories of his past and I understand the spiral of thinking the person you love is....

I took him to the lake retreat on Naboo, I’ve been wanting to take him there for a long while now. He was feeling better once there and I took his hand, leading the way to the gazebo we had planned on sitting in and watching the stars together way back. It was nice, cozy. He held me and we watched the stars snuggled like that, moving to the beach to watch the sunrise before crawling into the tent to sleep.

It was.. Needed. It was nice. Many things have happened and just taking that time to the side was worth it.

Grix went missing. Presumed who knows? Ivu came tearing up to us, disheveled. Apparently a darksider and some thugs- Grix told her to run and get help. By the time we arrived the thugs were all down, either beaten or with obvious lightsaber burns. We followed the tracks to the river, and it didn’t look good. It was assumed Grix beat the darksider full of regret and left to disappear. Even his ship was gone, his tracks simply faded. We found no sign of either.

Ren and I bonded over dumping bodies again- this time to the grauls instead of in a lake.

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Re: Par's Purple Diary

Post by witchytech » Thu Dec 13, 2018 9:33 am

We raced, it was fun, we didn’t do very well and were glad to get out of the things. But it was fun to do together.

We were planning on going back and camping when Eti asked if we were willing to go someplace that didn’t sound very welcoming. She told us to meet them at Mos Entha, but.. They never came in the end. Told us to prepare for a lot of sand- so not what I’m wearing right now.

We were in the hotel in Mos Entha and I was playing up a cheerful, albeit naive and gullible, partner that wanted to gamble and flirt. I… My heart stopped when Ren said I may kiss him, but my mind rebooted and reminded me he meant on the cheek, so I did just that and continued to play up the airhead for any curious eyes. I’m normal, not doing anything weird, look away.

We eventually piled out of the hotel when we realised they weren’t coming today. It must’ve been for tomorrow morning and we hadn’t been informed. We walked to the theater and Ren sat on a seat, staring at the empty stage, lost in thought.

I curled up to his legs and rested on them as he thought, eventually he began petting my head and we talked a bit as he came out of his thoughts, mentioning a storm.

I swore to him… that I will protect him, but not at the cost of myself like I used to. He said that’s all he could ask. I want.. I want to be with him until he either has enough of me or until we’re old and pass on as we should.

We both got up, offering each other hands in that odd sync thing we do, before heading back to the hotel and taking a suite there. The hotel.. Is not a good one. I laid out my camping gear on the floor and we snuggled together there until we fell as asleep as one could be on Tatooine, always with an ear and eye out for thieves.

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Re: Par's Purple Diary

Post by witchytech » Sun Dec 23, 2018 12:40 am

I lost you for a bit diary, I’m sorry. Must’ve put you in the box shipped home.

Too much has happened for me to record it accurately.

Today was the festival. I’m writing this quickly before I join Ren in sleep. I.. didn’t expect to win the two events I entered. Now our trophy case has more trophies. Who knew throwing a knife brought more accurate hits than a blaster? I also had a fight with the fish but still caught one more than Ren.

We did sneak off to the still after the ranged competition-we cuddled and drank a bit, returning for the bardic.

Ren once again recounted how he met his wife. It’s adorable how much he likes to tell that story. I love how they are. The way we met is so boring.. It’s not even a story. If I bring up any moments that mean the world to me I’m just reminded how plain they are. Ordinary. Normal. But to me alone… precious.

I don’t… have any interesting stories like that. Not ones I can tell publicly anyway. Almost my whole life is wrapped up in classified tape.

We didn’t stay long at home but… I missed it. Ren must have too because the minute we were alone in Keepers last night he dragged me home to cuddle in front of the fireplace.

We dusted off the cuddle room and fireplace in NZ today, been a long time since we were last here. We talked, deep talk like we usually do. I told him some more information about me. I trust him with everything of me. He too laughed at.. That. Everyone who knows it does. Didn’t even try…

All right, diary. It’s time for me to go back to Ren, hopefully I don’t misplace you again.

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Re: Par's Purple Diary

Post by witchytech » Wed Dec 26, 2018 8:26 am

Life day was…. Quiet, loving. I wouldn’t change it for anything. Sure, the party was.. A tad loud and I couldn’t hear or feel danger with all the people jammed into one room and Ren picked up that I just.. Wanted out. I had gifted him a coat, some items for his still and for slicing purposes - should the time come where he has no choice but to do it himself- and then once we were away from the party… We went to the hotel in Coronet and took the suite, flopping on the bed and curling up together when I pulled out a handmade bracelet. I told him he didn’t have to wear it but he held his wrist out for me to put it on. It was made from strips of leather and thread that's the same gold as his hair. I’m glad he liked it.

Once he made sure I was no longer overwhelmed, we left the hotel and scooted off to Bela, running through the mountains until we found a place with a view. Ren pointed a spot out and the view was absolutely wonderful. Mountains everywhere, the sun hanging low as it set and the first stars peeking through the swirling clouds… Gorgeous.

We talked about how just being with each other was truly the best gift and we held each other as the sun set and a storm rolled in. We continued talking curled up in the tent until we both grew too tired and fell asleep.

Mal may have woke me up in the middle of the night with his happiness when he finally found where I hid his presents on his ship a few months ago. Took him a while! Wonder if the kids found theirs yet? I saw them at the party but no idea. It was cute to see Caarlah comfortable with so many people in a room, even if she was half hidden in a tree against Kay.

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Re: Par's Purple Diary

Post by witchytech » Mon Dec 31, 2018 12:43 am

We’ve been busy on our mission, treasure hunting.

We went to a water temple to search for artifacts and while we found some broken bits and pieces of interest, the best things was found when I dived into the submerged sections of the temple. A broken amulet that cut my palm, old broken lightsabers, medallions… all sorts of interesting things.

Some worries on Randos part, we found ourselves with him and Eti at the cantina. Apparently Ghaal was skulking around. We just happened to spot him entering the Cantina as we were leaving and decided to head back in as backup just in case. I, unfortunately, had a bit too much to drink and would’ve been rather useless, Ren had to help me to the hotel. We were too tired for full massages so we simply held each other and massaged our switches until we both zonked out.

Today we moved on to Naboo to search some ruins I had spotted during one of my patrols long ago. I had tried to open the door to it myself- it being four statues connected to a mechanism but I just couldn’t make it out. I’m a novice at seeing this. With Ren it went well. Together we found the mechanisms and triggered them with our force energy. The statues slid apart and revealed an old staircase to an ancient temple. We speculate an Enclave. It had been overtaken by spiders and vines.

We had pulled out our crystals to light our way. Of course, brat was far brighter than my stone. I think I made a joke about Ren always outshining me.

I found an artifact but it had little to do with our mission, will look at it later to catalogue it and figure out which library it belongs in. This was clearly a room dedicated to some ritual. I moved on as Ren came in- he instantly found a holocron that most likely will work for our mission- and found a tapestry depicting a gungan in crystal regalia. I pushed it aside to see if there was a secret compartment, but found a dart trap instead. Barely missed me.

I noticed an alcove a few feet above me and I climbed the wall and stuck my hand in expecting a mechanism for perhaps a secret room and instead found my hand bitten by a large spider. It hurt so bad and Ren helped me clean it out and bandage it. When he did he pocketed his crystal in the same pocket he had put a crystal crown and it started glowing. Ren had handed it to me and it was so pretty and.. Almost compelling that I had to put it on.

I regret doing that, especially so close after Crystal had asked us both to keep each other away from artifacts. It suddenly felt like I could do anything, whatever I wanted and it pushed everyone I love out of my mind. I suddenly didn’t care about being near Ren and I left the temple, almost as if I was surveying the land I wished to conquer. Ren.. must’ve known something was up because he hit the one trigger that’ll always work. He offered to kiss me. That.. somehow broke through and I pulled the crown off and looked to him, though I still felt a yearning to pick the crown back up, but the pull to Ren being honest about the kiss was far stronger than the crown.

I thought for sure he would pull a bait and switch again, especially when he licked my nose after he hugged me tight, but he angled down to kiss me and I met him halfway. Even if it was a tactic to manipulate me into removing the crown, I can’t bring myself to regret the kiss we laughed through. There was something so... I wouldn’t trade it for anything. To be honest I wanted to kiss him again right after, but I refused to push my luck and stayed thankful I even got one.

Ren apologized for the manipulating reason behind it, but told me he didn’t regret the kiss and enjoyed it. He still isn’t sure where he stands, but I told him he could do it again if he ever felt the wish to. I will always be open to him, even if he doesn’t like the word always.

We don’t know what to do with the crown outside of keep it from me, we stashed the artifacts in one of my mansions and headed up to Jato. I had heard there’d be a fight night but no one showed up. Eti fixed up my hand properly too, it still burns but less so now that all the gunk is out of it.

We talked for a bit and headed to moncal where we met Qualnar again in the cantina there.

We chatted, we ate. Ren and I seemed to have a contest on how tipsy we could make each other while sharing cake. The usual. I booked a hotel with a spa package.

After freezing yesterday from diving into the water and not having a towel, I deserve a long soak in a hot tub. We’ll go over our bounty tomorrow and figure out what goes where and what is part of the mission.

For now.. It’s relaxation and sleep time.

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Re: Par's Purple Diary

Post by witchytech » Wed Jan 02, 2019 10:10 am

We were camping on the outskirts of Espa, checking through our bounty of treasure to see what we could send for our mission and what we would keep for ourselves.

One medallion we had picked up had no value for our mission, but it was a religious artifact from long ago. Perfect for Library Two. Another was a small artifact, a medallion that was broken. I cut my hand on it when I found it… it glowed faintly in reaction to me and I recognized the sith runes written along the edge of it. I recognized it from a book I had read a few months ago. I told Ren to tell Kay- who was in Library Three where the book was- to have him look at the book that the artifact is mentioned in. Pretty sure it had to do with body swapping or soul something. Either way, the important information was broken off so the artifact is virtually useless. Unsure it would work even if you knew what to do with it.

It still amazes me, the bond between Ren and Kay. Ren brushed himself off when I told him so, but hells if I’ll let this incredible man write himself off so easily. He didn’t know how to react when I informed him that while he may not have the path of glory he saw his son have, that doesn’t mean his own path and person aren’t amazing within themselves. Because he is. He's wonderful.

We had a few holos, Ren asked for the screaming holo from Library Four so I had brought that along a while back. Maybe it just hates me. He’ll be giving over that stupid crown, good riddance. I hope it gets destroyed.

There were two holos in the bag, one being a map of crystal caves across the galaxy. That’s going into Library Five for sure. The second one…. Well, the first one we opened…

Jadia reacted to it. It started with a woman with seemingly red hair and a scar on her face talking. The overwhelming reaction of happiness, sadness and longing was thrown at me along with flicks and images and bits of information before Jadia cut herself off from me and hid somewhere in my head. I relayed the bits of information I got to Ren, as well as the fact the woman in the holo mentioned a variation of Kay’s name. My old basic isn’t the best.

What I learned from Jadia in that onslaught was that that was her sister, her name was Ael-something? The scar she had a strong reaction too but it was so much sadness and upset I couldn’t make out the information. The only thing I got clear was the woman wearing green Jedi robes. Corellian Jedi. Jadias sister was not a sith like she was, it seemed. Explains the stray thought of ‘runaway’.

The holo eventually cut away from the woman and showed someone flicking through pages of a journal. I wonder if this is.. Kay’s journal. Not the first artifact found that hinted at a Kay in the past.

We are definitely keeping this holo for ourselves.

There was also a few lightsabers in our bounty, I pulled out the red crystal from the chamber of the first one I grabbed and focused on it.

We’re keeping these and Ren wrote out the story as I told it. This is a story that needs to be known, it may help future generations to put aside differences for a goal. An imperial force user banded together with three possible Jedis to go against the trade federation. She did her best, as did the other three but they were overwhelmed and eventually cut down, but not before destroying a good part of the enemy. Their sabers were collected to remember them by, and I shall continue this tradition in Library Four. Eventually, with permission, in the future- the reliquary.

We were setting aside which to give up and which to keep when Ren’s com beeped. We were summoned for the artifact drop off. Three instead of Five, hopefully good enough.

We packed our things up and I pulled on my duster to seem more.. Kisu. We got on our cats and made our way back to Espa, shoving our to keep trinkets in a locker before heading to Kuat.

Ren said I did well in the office, I mean.. I’m a good stander. But I guess he meant in not decking the human who insulted Ren. At Least I seem to be largely ignored and probably just seen as Ren’s shadow. After some banter we left, Ren and I managing to keep our composure but I feel we both wanted to laugh. We rented speeders and headed back.

I had booked two seats at a nice restaurant on a dock and seeing Ren’s awe at the place brought me joy. We held hands as we walked up to the fancy restaurant and we settled down at the circular bar together. He, of course, ordered only the fanciest whiskey they had as well as steak and shellfish, which I duplicated to make things simple. Ren, humoring me, also requested two of their tiniest umbrellas, which we put in each others hairlek for fun.

The food was amazing, the drinks were good and I told Ren about the gourmet ice cream place across the way, didn’t stop us from having the most amazing cream puffs at the restaurant, though.

As we headed towards the ice cream parlor Ren took my hand and placed it on his arm. It was so damn dashing I blushed as we went to the parlor. He got vanilla sage and I got the deluxe hot fudge sundae. Not that I would use the spoon. My hand was preoccupied so I licked at it instead. We, of course, shared our ice cream and at one point I held both as he commed someone. A mansion on the other side of the planet was where we would stay that night. Fancy!

It took a few times of him saying it for me to get it thought. The sun had risen and while he was talking I got lost in how the sunlight lights up his hair and warms his face beautifully.

I had finished my sundae and was trying to get the fudge sauce I could feel on my nose when Ren swooped in and licked it up. He’s adorable.

He finished his ice cream and we strolled off the dock together before getting back on our swoops and starting the long journey to the mansion- which was gorgeous.

Huge, with a gazebo beside it. We were exhausted by that point and we didn’t do much except find our room and pass out together on the bed in a pile of limbs.

In the morning I appreciated the architect of the place more and I borrowed the kitchen to make Ren his favourite breakfast. I missed being at home and cooking at my whimsy so I made the most of that kitchen as Ren got everything together.

We’re off to Library Five to go over maps for possible locations for our mission.

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