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Future Additions

Post by Chinwhe » Sun Jan 13, 2019 9:27 am

So far I’m loving this server, the changes you’ve implemented greatly add to the feeling of realism. The suggestions outlined below are some things that I feel would follow in those very same footsteps. I will try to keep these descriptions as short as possible, but I can elaborate further on any of these points if needed.

Space Travel:
The way JTL was implemented into the original game wasn’t just immersion breaking, it was game breaking. The ability to instantly “poof” yourself across the galaxy without ever actually setting foot onto a ship robs the game of the feeling of Star Wars. It also removes a multitude of strategically important game elements that could have been used, as well as the ability to turn SWG into a sandbox game similar to EVE online. A simulated game world with ever evolving, play-driven challenges requires far less introduction of new content to keep people interested. The main point here is that it’s vitally important to prevent “space travel” from feeling separate from the rest of the game. Traveling across the stars should not be more convenient than traveling across a planet’s surface.

The War:
If handled properly, the previous suggestion of making “space” just as much a part of the game as the planets would obviously have big impacts on fighting the war. In fact, it could potentially add a sense of meaning to the fighting if things like blockades and landing restrictions are the result of various aspects of the GCW gameplay. Various alternative methods to access a hostile plane’s surface would also add a sense of realism. Things like missions where you must steal access codes and opposition ships in order to get your group into the fight, or smugglers being able to help deliver supplies through the opposition’s blockades become possible and meaningful.

The force:
There are very few things that I liked about “The Last Jedi”, but one thing that resonated with me was the notion that the Jedi and Sith didn’t own the force. The force is shared in some way with all living things. My suggestion here is to give all players an extra “profession” tab simply called “the force”. Here you would be able to spend skill points for various passive abilities that would be commonly demonstrated by force sensitives. Dodge for instance would be buffed because force sensitive individuals can “see things before they happen”, making it appear is if they have superhuman reflexes. Once all of these passive skill boxes have been filled out you unlock a quest line that determines your path, and a “path” skill window. The boxes in this window also cost skill points, but you must do a mixture of meaningful missions as well as some grinding to unlock them. There could be light-side, dark-side, and neutrally aligned boxes to allow players to mix various abilities but have the math work out so that it’s impossible to get all of the boxes. I’d also say that adding the need to surrender all other profession skills in order to obtain boxes in the “path tree” would probably be a good idea. To become a Jedi requires the deepest commitment... so you could decide to stay a bounty hunter, but the only force sensitive traits you could mix in would be from the passive “force” tree. No lightsaber crafting ability, but that’s not to say you couldn’t find a saber as a rare loot item and mix that into your arsenal. Yes I know, force sensitive people are rare... so are players if you imagine there are only say 1000 of us populating the entire galaxy. Of those, only some will choose to enhance their force ability to the level of a Jedi or Sith.

The return of Jedi... and Sith:
Let’s not forget that we’re now entering the time period where Luke is going to begin his new academy, the church of the force is coming out of the shadows, and the acolytes of the beyond are seeking to bring back the Sith order as well. The Empire is literally in flames (not dead, but not what they once were). Force sensitive individuals can now seek out knowledge and teachers without fear of being pursued by Imperial Inquisitors. I like and agree with some of the suggestions to have crystals be obtained through quests and from certain locations. I also feel that red crystals should be created through bleeding the crystals as the Sith did. A Jedi Academy, Sith Resurgence, and Bendu theme park might also be a nice addition. Through these theme parks players would unlock their advanced force training and tailor their skills.

As I said I can elaborate further... I think this server has the potential to finally bring the Star Wars universe to life the way SWG originally planned to. Together we can make this happen. I would love to be able to help in any way possible.

For what it’s worth I have the ability to model in 3D Studio Max (as well as other programs), I’m an avid writer, and fairly knowledgeable of official canon/history.

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Re: Future Additions

Post by dalolorn » Mon Jan 14, 2019 2:29 am

I'm not sure how much I like some of these ideas (or how practical they are, given the size of the server's population), but I feel that I should warn you: What you know about official canon? It means nothing; you must unlearn what you have learned. :P

EiF's take on canon is… weird. The original Starsider is canon, some Basilisk stuff is canon (you'll see lots of characters from Savareen here), SWG is canon, and nothing after RotJ is canon (much like Legends isn't canon to Disney until reintroduced by an official work, neither continuity is directly followed by what happens here). Despite the first three items on this list, it is generally accepted that Disney's take on pre-Endor history takes precedence over its Legends counterpart… but most people still heavily acknowledge Legends when it hasn't been explicitly overwritten by Disney.

The bottom line is, the only people who really know what's going on in the galaxy are the devs. As such, I would be (and am) careful about referencing major events without checking if they really happened/will happen.
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Re: Future Additions

Post by Smallcorners » Tue Jan 15, 2019 11:33 pm

Chinwhe, are you in our discord?

We are looking for 3D modelers, but be advised there is no pay involved, maybe some resume padding though. You will want to contact Halyn about this.

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Re: Future Additions

Post by Chinwhe » Wed Jan 16, 2019 11:17 am

Ok I’ll get on discord the next time I get online. I’ve only done renderings for architecture in 3DS, but would love to learn how to take what I know and help with this project. I expect no pay, just want to help and learn.

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Re: Future Additions

Post by EccentricM » Wed May 01, 2019 2:03 am

You might be interested to know that I've been informed that the instant JTL travel you mention may be removed in EIF, meaning players will have to fly ships manually in space to travel, or if they want the instant "poof travel" they will then have to pay for a shuttle to do it.

As for Jedi, with the new unlock system in the works, it will also be playing into the server's own canon and lore (which is a.. mix of Legends (EU) and Disney from ROTJ and prior, but 100% EIF's own unique canon post ROTJ, which in no way or form is following Disney's route), and will be quite story based too. Jedi bounties are not going to be a thing (though player bounties in general are going to be with the Underworld expansion). As for the Jedi classes, it won't be just "Jedi and Dark Jedi", but as you suggest, there is potential (I'm not a dev so I can't 100% confirm) to be just "Force user classes" with different paths, giving you the freedom to define what you actually "are".

As for the comment on inquisitors, some are still around, since the Empire is still around, just ruled over by a council rather than an Emperor now, and the New Republic is still quite small as it's only a year or two old, so the NR more or less more of a "glorified Rebel Alliance" with a Senate more than anything, so it's still a dangerous place in the galaxy for Force users (Jedi and alike especially).

Space IS going to have GCW elements which compliment the ground GCW system we have.

So in essence, the things you are suggesting are really already on the development table in some way or another :P
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