Event Request: Fort Tusken Raid

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Event Request: Fort Tusken Raid

Post by cdent4 » Fri Jun 22, 2018 9:02 pm

Forum Name: cdent4
Character Name requesting the event: Kurkston Brave
Guild (if applicable):
City (if applicable):
Event Dates (please provide a variety of dates, in order to coordinate a time that works best for our staff): 6/29, 6/30, 7/6, 7/7
Event Time (please give a desired start time. EiF support 1-2 hours, but set up time could be extra): 9pm EST
Event Location(s): Fort Tusken

If in a city does the mayor give their approval?
Will this event be requiring staff buffs, rezzes & heals? Not if doctors come along

Event Information

Give a brief description of your event idea. Keep in mind we can create any in-game props that are not buildings with interiors, as well as spawn creatures that are implemented* in the game only.

The Tusken Raiders have taken the Governor of Tatooine, Tour Aryon, hostage. They are holding her hostage at the bottom of the Fort Tusken camp (next to the pool POI). The citizens of Tatooine (and the galaxy) have been requested to take on Fort Tusken, eliminate the Tusken contingency there, and rescue the Governor. This would also allow everyone to get the hard-to-get pool at the bottom of Fort Tusken badge.

Give a detailed timeline for your event, including set-up time:

If we could have the Governor set in place by 9pm EST, then the coordination of players could be done and ready to go by 9:15-9:20. Event could/should take no longer than 1 hour.

Will your event be open to the public? If no, who will be attending?

Open to anyone who wants to join.

Any other information you can give us about the event?

Are there any questions you have as to what we can do/implement for your event?

Is there a discord voice channel we can use to coordinate, or do we need to provide our own?

PvE/RP Guidelines:

1. For this type of event we cannot give

item or cash rewards (unless supplied by the requester)

For these kind of events we cannot:

Spawn MOB's or NPC's that drop loot
Teleport participants or event host/hostess
Stop other players or guilds from participating

For these kind of events we can:

Spawn objects and non attackable NPC's and MOB's
Spawn Event MOB's/NPC's that will not drop loot
Send system messages
Keep order
If requested it can be announced on our Facebook page, or twitter
Buff and Resurrect players

PvP Guidelines:
1. All above Event Guidelines still apply unless specifically stated by EiF.
2. For these kind of events we cannot give/spawn

Faction deeds, bases, turrets, mines or any faction item that can purchased from recruiter or obtained by players.
Credits unless they are supplied by the event requester
Rewards unless they are supplied by the event requester
For these kinds of events we cannot:
Award Faction to participants.
Turn off faction loss.
Change faction of participants to even out the odds.
Resurrect participants. Staff heals and buffs will only be available between rounds.

Staff reserves the right to refuse support for any player event that does not follow the above guidelines, is in violation of SWGEmu Rules and Policies, EiF Rules and Policies, or is not feasible to support with the Staff tools or in-game mechanics.
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Re: Event Request: Fort Tusken Raid

Post by A'rai » Wed Jun 27, 2018 10:17 am

Sent you a PM on the forums. You can contact me here, or on discord @Aimi to discuss the event. :)
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Re: Event Request: Fort Tusken Raid

Post by cdent4 » Fri Jul 06, 2018 8:23 pm

Sorry, I didn't have my settings set to email me whenever someone replied, so I just saw this today!

I'll be in discord, and off/on in game tonight, if you want to work out details.

cdent4 in discord, kurkston in game.


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