Akaanati'kar'oya / Tusar Event

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Akaanati'kar'oya / Tusar Event

Post by Tor » Fri May 25, 2018 12:45 am

Forum Name: Tor
Character Name requesting the event: Tor Kyrdaan
Guild (if applicable): Be'dral Tome <Tome>
City (if applicable): Outside Mos Carova, Desert
Event Dates: TBD
Event Time: TBD
Event Location(s): Outside Mos Carova

If in a city does the mayor give their approval? Yes
Will this event be requiring staff buffs, rezzes & heals? No
Give a brief description of your event idea. Keep in mind we can create any in-game props that are not buildings with interiors, as well as spawn creatures that are implemented* in the game only.

The seasons turn and a galaxy of planets swing around their moons and stars, the changing of the season. For the Mandalorians, however, seasons have an ancient meaning long rooted in their history of the nomadic warrior culture. As the suns and stars turn, moving in a cycle forming a ring around their planets. It soon comes to an end and another must take its place. A new season is born amongst the Mandalorian culture attributed to the stars shining in the night sky to the fallen rulers of the planet Mandalore. Tusar or Akaanati'kar'oya marks the slumber of Arasuum due to the hot summer heat, allowing them to move faster and work harder, preparing for the hunts and gathering of food and water. At this time, Hod Ha'ran and Kad Ha'rangir would be at a standstill in their war against each other, the Mandalorians spill their blood in battle circles to appease their gods.

Hod Ha'ran, the trickster god is the bringer of the rains and storms. In summer, as it begins to dry, Hod Ha'ran stops banging his war staff and fighting Kad Ha'rangir, the god of war and change, both watch over the sons and daughters of Mandalore. They await for sacrifices or new blood, be that new warriors born, adopted or made into the Mandalorian culture. Hod Ha'ran will only bang his war staff to bring rain once he is satisfied with the sacrifices, if not, he will simply stop and drought comes. To prevent this, Mandalorians of certain beliefs will offer to all those willing a tourney of sorts, to test their mettle against Mandalorian warriors and gain the chance of joining their ranks. Before the start of the competition, the host of the festival will drink from an ancient horn a sacred brew and then all those who wish to participate in the tourney drink from it as well, swearing to adhere to the laws or forever be tricked by Hod Ha'ran. Anyone who doesn't wish to participate can watch, as older Mandalorians and merchants will bring their goods to sell, be it food, weapons, armour, masks and drink. The winner of the tourney will be named the champion of the summer, and a feast will be held in their name. If they are an outsider, clans present can offer them membership. If there are other outsiders who proved themselves, they too can be offered a place though the champion will be the prize, chosen as Hod Ha'ran most cunning and Kad Ha'rangir strongest. However, interpretation of this holiday is different from clan to clan and Mandalorian to Mandalorian. Some Mandalorians know this holiday as Akaanati'kar'oya instead of Tusar, Akaanati'kar'oya meaning — "War of Life and Death" it is believed that it marks the cycle of birth, life, death, and rebirth. It is the end to a beginning in their belief. Arasuum will fall into slumber, Hod Ha'ran will bang his war staff and confront Kad Ha'rangir where they will await sacrifice of blood until he is satisified, if not, they will be in bad favor with the god. To prevent this, blood must be shed. An example of this was during the Mandalorian Wars and Mandalorian Crusades, Crusaders and Neo-Crusaders sought this to belief that declaring war was considered divine or take this opportunity to wage ritual combat as the summer days long, as they fight one another blood too will be shed for their gods. As tradition, their is a crowned champion of the summer and a grand feasts ensue in their name and chosen to be seen as Hod Ha'ran most cunning or Kad Ha'rangir strongest. As a holiday of a cycle of new, some Mandalorians take this as an opportunity to remove unnecessary from their lives be it physical items or non-physical items that encumbered their lives as warriors to make room for the new that they'll reap later. While some Mandalorians allowed aruetiise or better known in Galactic basic as outsiders to participate in such holidays. Others have stuck to traditional belief that outsiders have no place amongst their holiday and it would been seen as bad fortune from Hod Ha'ran and an insult to allow them to participate. However over the changing times, this has been broken and the old views have taken different interpretation.

Give a detailed timeline for your event, including set-up time: TBD
Any other information you can give us about the event? None at this time
Will your event be open to the public? If no, who will be attending? Yes, open to public and guild
Any other information you can give us about the event? None at this time, feel free to ask about any details I may have missed
Are there any questions you have as to what we can do/implement for your event? None at this time. I've sent inquiries about Mandalorian banners along with getting tents often found in NPC cities and possibly however not mandatory the circle in Nyms as a standalone item. I'm thinking of Nomad Market from live meets Mandalorians as discussed with Sandi on Discord. We're hoping to get the following; Tents (preferably those typically seen in Mos Eisley) a couple for merchants and others for shade, Long Table w/chairs under one of the tents, banners I'm not certain if the Mythosaur skull banners are in from TCG but worth asking and of course a battle circle of sorts doesn't have to be fancy although I did ask Sandi If taking the circle in Nyms courtyard as a standalone item is possible however not required. Could be a mound of dirt for all I care. And lastly, a Mandalorian mask somewhere around the premise.
Are there any questions you have as to what we can do/implement for your event?
Nothing comes to mind right now.

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