EiF Anniversary Events!

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EiF Anniversary Events!

Post by Sandarie » Wed Apr 18, 2018 12:04 pm

An Empire in Flame is One Year Old!

Friday, May the 4th (be with you) marks one year since EiF launched! So much amazing stuff has happened. We've have an incredible community who has grown, laughed, cried, journeyed, quested, and bonded together. The staff is planning several events for the Anniversary Week. Stay tuned to this thread, the Holonews Terminals in major starports, Facebook, and Discord.

To kick off events, we are hosting an Anniversary Ball at the Lucky Despot in Mos Eisley on Friday, May the 4th (be with you.) The event will start around 9 pm Eastern, but I'm sure some early birds will get there before the doors open. Attire is formal, entertainment provided, and other goodies.

May 4th Anniversary (Pilots') Ball Lucky Despot, Mos Eisley, Tatooine 9:00 pm EST

May 5th Swoop Race Mos Carova, Tatooine 3:00 pm EST
Casino Mos Carova, Tatooine 8:00 pm EST

May 6th BridgeFest - A Carnival of Flames Broken Bridge, Corellia

May 7th Game Night Pink Pearl, New Zeltros, Naboo 9:00 pm EST

May 8th Jax Jive Lottery Jax Jive, New Zeltros, Naboo 9:30 pm EST

May 9th Creature and Swoop Races! Alexandria, Lok Social 8:30 pm/ Races 9:00 pm

May 10th Shooting Contest Jato 8:00 pm EST

May 11th Beach Party New Zeltros, Naboo 9:00 pm EST

May 12th Social Agathon, Dantooine 4:00 pm EST

May 13th Military Parade Fort Retribution, Talus Afternoon

Many of the locations have games, prizes, and other special events in store for the community! Check back here and in the RP section of the forums for more details as they are made available.
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