Defense of Alexandria [Event Request]

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Defense of Alexandria [Event Request]

Post by Ovolf » Wed Feb 14, 2018 12:14 am

Forum Name: Ovolf
Character Name requesting the event: Sevisra
Guild (if applicable): KUSAK
City (if applicable): Alexandria, Lok (/way 3900 -5580)
Event Dates: Friday, 02 MAR 2018
Event Time: 730PM EST (Est run time 1HR)
Event Location(s): Alexandria, Lok

If in a city does the mayor give their approval? Yes (I am Mayor)
Will this event be requiring staff buffs, rezzes & heals? Rez and healing, but I will try to heal/rez as best as possible. (I have my own doc.) Request shuttle beacon for easy travel to the event location.

Event Information

The settlement of Alexandria has disturbed the local wildlife, in particular the fearsome Giant Dune Kimos. A pack of angry wildlife approaches on the town ready to take back their territory. The New Republic sends out a call for additional assistance in dealing with the wildlife and will provide a bounty for the successful removal of these predators. The citizens and militia of Alexandria prepare their defenses as the hoard approaches..(REWARD: 25k/participating account. Withdrawn from my personal funds. I will also have "tokens of achievement/thanks" crafted to be handed out with the reward cash)

Give a detailed timeline for your event, including set-up time: 1hr Prior, set up debris, basic fortification type decor around the city. Possible flavor NR troops and flavor civilians. Setup shuttle beacon. 30 min prior: system message calling for event notice, gather folks by the city hall for briefing by the mayor until 5 minutes prior to start. Event start: "wave" of dangerous lokian wildlife perhaps to start with vesps, snakes, salt mynocks, gurks. Leading up to Kimos, and ultimately a "Boss" level kimo. (I understand npc movement for events it not a thing, will want to work with staff about fortification/enemy npc placements to give the feel of an attack.)

Will your event be open to the public? Open to public, event is neutral.
Any other information you can give us about the event? This is a fully open event, but I do not want PvP or factional disputes for the purpose of being open to as many people as possible even if the city is NR aligned.
Are there any questions you have as to what we can do/implement for your event? I'll ask as they come up.
Sevisra Vastou - Mayor of Alexandria & KUSAK Commander
Jeil Tain - Doctor, Echoy'la Adiik
Pride Sa'lar - Ranger, CH, and businessman.

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