.: Solco Mining, Weapons & Manufacturing

Have something to sell? Need some resources, tools, housing? Post your wares here! Create a classified for the items you are looking for, as well!
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.: Solco Mining, Weapons & Manufacturing

Post by citizen2608 » Sun Aug 04, 2019 3:06 pm

.: Solco Mining
  • Many premium resources from the last 650 days from 2 cpu.
  • Large amounts of radioactive power and grind metals and ore at 1 cpu.
  • Always looking for mining subcontractors.
  • Contact Rolly directly as managing all that stuff on a vendor is too much work!
.: Solco Weaponsmithing
  • Focusing on high quality unsliced ranged weapons. Available for sale from the Alexandria SkyMall, Lok.
.: Solco Powerups & Field Supplies
  • Good selection of weapon powerups , droid batteries, camps, vehicles, grouper droids etc. Available for sale from the Alexandria SkyMall, Lok.
.: Solco Manufacturing
  • Can provide any artisan, architect and weaponsmith items in bulk at a discount. With custom names if required.

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