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BE Calculator

Post by Kelta » Sat Jul 29, 2017 12:31 pm

I'm just trying to get a grip on BE and while I'm only planning on doing pets for deco purposes, I'd like to figure out how to make a higher level pet for myself. I thought this might be helpful for others. I"m just starting to play around with it myself and see if it matches with what I get in-game. Check it out!
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Re: BE Calculator

Post by SquirrelGirl » Thu Aug 24, 2017 2:04 am

Sandi reminded me that I should be reading here more, and I'm glad I am, and I'm glad you posted this. I was a pet making BE on live, and to say the least, I've noticed deficiencies in pet crafting. I, however have had a hard time remembering what things should be compared to what they are in EiF. First thing I notice on the tool, is initial values before experimentation are exceedingly higher than what I see on EiF. My memory tells me that we used to get to about 40-50% of what end results would be on live, but this is even higher. My memory could be failing me as this was of course several years ago now, but this might indicate one of the problems with pet crafting.

I have other issues which I might post about elsewhere, but I really want to see what happens when we have experimentation armor attachments before I really pass judgement. How many points can we achieve in all will affect what if anything needs to be adjusted in the existing system. All I will say here for now is BE pets need lots of help to keep up with their tamable counterparts. You can make a CL50 gurreck with comparable health and damage, but nothing else can be matched. They'll have respectively 1/6th of their wild counterparts action and mind. And that's just the start. One of the main roles of BE pets was to fill that hole where you can use the maximum of your skill to control 1 pet, in a level 70 pet. Here, we can make up to around CL66 (I've heard fairy tales about a CL74 floating around out there, but either they cheated or lied) and that is a pet with serious handicaps.

All that said, the end values for successful experimentation per attribute in the tool is accurate. It does still have purpose even if we're short in one area or another for the time being.

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Re: BE Calculator

Post by crnel » Sun Aug 04, 2019 11:17 am

Late reply to an old thread with some recent observations.

CL is determined mostly by Power (and to a lesser degree by weighting from other stats). This is something to keep in mind when trying to craft a powerful pet. While it may be strong, it will also be the only pet you can have out. Conversely, a weaker pet may still boast high defenses while also allowing for more pets to be out at the same time. However, regarding defenses...

Sadly, EiF also currently presents a few unique defensive challenges to bio-engineered pets that should be noted before trying to create these high-level pets.

First, special resists on most creatures have been largely removed in lieu of effective resists. Special resists are very valuable to bio engineers because they maintain their values throughout each crafting stage, while effectives vacillate and must be restored by experimenting on physique. DNA from pets with special resists can be used to achieve high resists without needing to spend any experimentation points on physique, freeing up those points for other pools. This has now been mostly lost.

Second is the increase of both these effective resistance values and various other stats, especially fortitude. Even though resists are often now 20% or more higher on many creatures, because fortitude now often exceeds 1000 (bull rancors, gaping spider queens, etc.), the effective resists revert to 0 during assembly and cannot be restored by experimentation - ever. This means that the physique of a bull rancor will never fully translate into a crafted pet on our server.

As a result, DNA from previously sought-after creatures is now worthless, as are all the recipes compiled from them over the years (cf, because the defense of any pet crafted from their DNA will be laughable. For a truly powerful pet with meaningful defense, one must locate a creature with special resists (now a rare feat). Otherwise, be content to use inferior DNA from creatures with fortitude under 1000 and spend experimentation points to raise resists to mediocre values.
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