Crafting As A Main (and its problems)

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Crafting As A Main (and its problems)

Post by Isty » Wed Mar 07, 2018 11:31 pm

Sorry this is a bit of a moan, but i need to say it

My main character is Isty, who is a Tailor and Image Designer, whenever possible i deal with customers In Character as my preference, but go OOC if they seem to want that.

So each day i login hoping people will ask for a Tailor or Image Design, but very often when people do ask, before i can type that im available, somebody else has typed "i can login my alt and do that for you" or something similar.
Now i realise they are just trying to be helpful, but I wait sometimes 2 or 3 days for someone to ask, and when they do someone who doesnt even main the profession has jumped in (trying to be helpful and with the best intentions im sure) and basically taken away the reason ive sat for days waiting for just such a question to be asked.

I do realise everyone who has a tailor/ID has the right to serve a request, even if it is their alt.

I dont know what the solution is, and im really not trying to be negative towards others who clearly just want to help someone
But i really want to main my tailor, and every time i miss out on a chance it feels like a kick in the nuts, and frankly makes me want to scream or cry or quit.

Should i just scrap the idea of Isty being my main? Should i switch to main-ing my combat toon? Should i spam the channel every 30 mins reminding peope, that the only reason im here is to fulfill a tailor order or image design request?
Am i being a whiney kid, or drama queen by even asking this?

I need some answers from the community, even if theyre not very polite :) Im just so bored waiting for such things, then so annoyed when such chances ar taken away from me, and ive no wish to be either bored or annoyed, please help with suggestions.
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Re: Crafting As A Main (and its problems)

Post by Renell Conrads » Thu Mar 08, 2018 12:53 am

You deserve to be happy. You must create the space for fun. Your fun.

So advertise, remind us that you are able and wanting to shape your rp for tailoring.

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Re: Crafting As A Main (and its problems)

Post by stopitstravtime » Thu Mar 08, 2018 1:50 am

I believe it you should just advertise more.
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Re: Crafting As A Main (and its problems)

Post by starguts » Thu Mar 08, 2018 6:07 am

I'm guilty of making a tailor alt because I felt guilty, A) not knowing what colors I wanted clothes to be specifically, making me in a way dread buying clothes in fear of wasting someone's resources, or B) simply not knowing what I wanted specifically.

That said, I tend to only make clothes for myself and friends and have often recommended you as a genuine tailor who knows what the hell they're doing. The only times I've made clothes for people outside my small group have been when I've not seen you in game. You've clothed me numerous times as well as made wonderful furnishings lightning quick so you're always who I point people to when the subject is brought up in GalaxyChat.

You're right to be frustrated as having a crafter be your main focus is sadly not how it was on live with the then one character limit being replaced with three. To that end I would say put a barker droid out somewhere. Advertise like hell all over the galaxy. As empty as the cities might be, they're the only starports we've got. A well placed droid inside the Coronet starport might just drum up a bit more sales for you.

No matter what, keep doing what makes you come back to the game. We love having you here and you do a fantastic job making the galaxy look dapper and in the case of some people (and it's fantastic all the same) like hunks of garbage.
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Re: Crafting As A Main (and its problems)

Post by ansgaming » Thu Mar 08, 2018 7:32 am

Good morning.

I had a few thoughts on this.

Do you have a BE source and make those clothes?
That would be great to advertise for alot of different types of players.

Found a website that may help with ideas/options/color choices etc.
The customer can put in sex and species for the most part and choose things.

Travel to the different Cantinas with a "Shop" on board.
I know BB has all the crafting stations.
I know you may prefer to work out of your shop but it might be a way to meet people and future customers.

Not really sure how stat migration works or ID but if you need to meet in town at the "booth" maybe announce in Discord and "galaxy chat" once a day your times??

I would say you would be a great source for New players, but you have to find a way to reach them.
Barker droid was a good suggestion.

Also maybe create a Tailors union/club that can work together or spread the "wealth" so to speak.

Again just suggestions.

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Re: Crafting As A Main (and its problems)

Post by Smallcorners » Thu Mar 08, 2018 12:36 pm

Can barkies be placed in our NPC cities? Which makes me wonder why we are not using them to direct people to the PC cities if other things like signs and NPC dialogue cannot be set long term to do so? Granted, if these are what I remembered from live, my sister-in-law would grumble every time her PC had to be rebooted, or the game came down for a hard patch, just because she had to replace all of hers. I also remember that the chat clutter was so bad, that the messages were lost anyway.

Our population is smaller, kinder, they may work better here.

Also, if Halyn gets the holonet terminals working proper, perhaps there can be a classifieds included?

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Re: Crafting As A Main (and its problems)

Post by Halyn » Mon Mar 19, 2018 4:31 pm

Barker droids do work. With the shuttle changes, they remain in place unless you travel off-planet.

Newsnet terminals are hooked up. If you have a suggestion with details on how we could effectively use them, please talk to Sandi.

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Re: Crafting As A Main (and its problems)

Post by Demi » Sun Apr 29, 2018 6:27 pm


Now that I know you feel this way (even if my reply comes a month and a half after you posted... I spend so little time here and all my time on discord).... I will go out of my way to never do this. Not sure what you've decided at this point... but I would focus on what truly makes you happy. If it's still tailoring and ID, stick with it and advertise more. I hope you've found what you're looking for in the last month and a half.


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