Friday Feature 11/3/2017: The Friday Feature Archives!

Empire in Flames turns six months old tomorrow! Since we launched EiF a Friday Feature has been put together nearly every week! (except one, oops.) The staff and community has found over the past months that we’ve referred to these posts over and over and over! So now you have an archive of them to easily reference for personal use or to direct a new player to the information!

Sandarie, Community Manager

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Housing in EiF

Launch Day is ONE WEEK AWAY!

Have you started thinking about what kind of building or house you want? Planning your business venture? Want a place to train your militia? Maybe just a place to craft or a house which is more like a closet for your wardrobe?

All the houses you loved before and now some of the NPC buildings you only dreamed about will be available to players. Take a look at the list!

  • NPC Capitol
  • NPC Cantina
  • NPC Theater
  • NPC Combat Guildhall
  • NPC University Guildhall
  • NPC Commerce Guildhall
  • NPC Hospital
  • NPC Clinic

Each of the listed NPC buildings are available in each of three styles; Tatooine, Corellia, and Naboo.

If you need a reminder of the layout, head to Mos Carova on the Test Center and take a look!

Below is a listing of the player housing which existed prior to EiF.

  • Tatooine Small Two Styles
  • Tatooine Medium
  • Tatooine Large
  • Tatooine Guild Hall
  • Naboo Small Two Styles
  • Naboo Medium
  • Naboo Large
  • Naboo Guild Hall
  • Corellian Small Three Styles
  • Corellian Medium Two Styles
  • Corellian Large Two Styles
  • Corellian Guild Hall
  • Generic Small Four Styles
  • Generic Medium Two Styles
  • Generic Large Two Styles
  • Generic Guild Hall


So much excitement ahead. I can’t wait to see what people choose, how they use and decorate them!


Sandarie, Community Manager