Friday Feature: 10/6/2017 RP on EiF!

Plopping down heavily into a chair in her work area, the station manager leaned forward to fold her arms on her desk and laying her head on them. A sigh escaped her lips while recounting the events of the past few days. It all started with the arrival of a quirky droid who apparently was, and still is, looking for teams to help protect the shipments of his master’s cargo. In an of itself, that wouldn’t be out of the ordinary for a space station such as Port Jato. Jato was really more of a shadowport, turning a blind eye to illicit activities, clandestine meetings, and the like. Heck she was working to create some private meeting areas to facilitate such activities, including sections where special cargo could be safely secured.

Shortly after the droid’s arrival and solicitation of her customers for escort and protection services,  the group out to harm the droid arrived in the Mistell demanding the droid be turned over to them. The type of clients she catered to didn’t take too well to being interrupted with a possible job being negotiated and the firefight broke out. A fire fight! Dammit! Not on her station! It was one of the few things Halyn made sure she understood, keep the activities to things that wouldn’t destroy his station!

“Meh,” she muttered into her arms, “Gotta get the new security team trained and settled. Get the new meeting rooms set up too, maybe that would have kept the scum away from the business activities being conducted.” A little bump against the blue hair covering her head startled her. Looking up she found a durni had landed on her desk. “Gah, seriously? My desk now?” Looking about she noticed several of the durni’s had escaped their pen and were nibbling on the fruits and veggies she was attempting to grow.

“Ugh! I’ll deal with you bunch later, right now, I have to get some secure rooms set up.”

Empire in Flames successfully launched its first roleplay campaign last Sunday. The story continues on Sunday with the droid, Custos, looking for teams of 3 to help escort his master’s cargo and keep it from being stolen while enroute to it’s destination. Two teams have formed so far and more are encouraged to be created. Each team will split a 1 million credit payment for services rendered at the successful completion of the campaign.

The staff of EiF are all avid roleplayers themselves and we are excited about bring the campaign to our community.  While EiF does not consider itself a roleplay server, it does think of itself as a friendly roleplay environment and it attracts a large number of people interested in roleplaying.

Port Jato is developing into a joint effort between the staff and community. The nearly completed arena has been decorated entirely by a member of our Community, Doreen. She has also set up Megan’s work area, complete with a test kitchen, working stills for her custom brews, and a garden. Other players are creating other sections of Jato, such as our arrival checkpoint and medical center.  (see this Friday Feature to learn more about features and plans for Port Jato .)

Join us Sundays at 9:00 PM EST for more in the ongoing story. The storyteller is our very own Halyn, who has created a lot of epic story content not only in SWG Live on Starsider, but is also a published author with two books to his credit and has had his work included in a complilation with other authors.

Community Manager

Friday Feature 9/15/2017: Looking Back: Loot Kits

Lots of hardcore decorating has been going on in various places around the Empire in Flames galaxy. Cynabar’s Fantastic Technology in Barataria on Rori. The Gnorton Zoo and Sanctuary in Gnorton on Naboo. The City Hall and Wookiee Guild Hall in Whisperwind on Taanab. Port Jato Space Station. The Cantina in Mos Carova on Tatooine.

These are but a few of the outstanding locations the amazing decorating talents of players in EiF can be found. Not everyone is into decorating. If you are hunter or mercenary out taking contracts (missions), or maybe exploring a planet such as Dantooine and stumble over a group of hostile Janta or Dantari, then you are likely to be running across valuable decorating items.

Some items are more obvious than others such as the bowls and schematics.There is one catagory which isn’t as obvious and those are the loot kit parts. Those annoying orange or blue threads that seem to have no purpose other than to fill up your precious inventory. Yet if you go to Gnorton or the Broken Bridge Cantina you’ll see beautiful orange and blue rugs. These rugs were put together by collecting those threads and adhesives and other things and placed into a loot kit obtained from a junk dealer.

Below is a link to a guide on 5 of the loot kits, pictures of what they look like and the parts needed to make them. You can often find the looted parts on various player vendors and there are some players who often have the completed items for sale. Check in trade chat on Discord, if you are looking for something in particular.

Good Looting!

Community Manager

((Apologies for the delay in getting this out. My plans were another interview with an EiF dev, but he’s been out of power for over a week from Hurricane Irma 🙁 ))