Friday Feature 7/21/2017 – Creature Resources

In the Empire in Flames galaxy, crafters are the ones who enable players  to handle more and more difficult content. They enable roleplayers to dress their characters appropriately for their given roles. Crafters create the buildings, the droids, the weapons, the armor, the furniture, the food, and so much more!

However, none of those items can be crafted without resources. When I first began playing SWG, I was an NGE girl. I didn’t really comprehend how in depth the crafting sandbox of pre-CU was until they brought in the Beastmasters. This time around, I’m testing the waters of the chef. I’ve learned that unlike crafting in other MMO’s, the quality of the resource matters. That high quality resources only exist for a short window of time. Some resources still haven’t spawned in the game for some of the crafters. *Thinks about lidium for the Droid Engineers*

Resources can be mined from the ground, water vapor pulled from the air, creatures killed and harvested for hide, meat, and bones. Testing each of the resources, to see what is currently available in EiF is time consuming. If the information isn’t shared, then everyone has to check on the resources they care about themselves. Galaxy Harvester is a website, designed to track current and past resources. Up until a few weeks ago, players who checked resources could manually update the site. Other players would come along behind them and verify the resource.

In EiF, we rarely had GH updated with everything at the same time. Halyn was able to use code another SWG developer shared with him to pull the resource information from EiF and automatically import it into GH. The import didn’t however clear up the resources no longer in spawn, if they appeared on multiple planets. Ditchbuster, a prominent member of the EiF community, refined the script to clean up expired entries.

Now every two days the script runs and GH is fully up-to-date. It’s run at that interval, so players still have a reason to check for specific needed resources to give themselves an edge and to use the DE made Interplanetary Survey Devices and survey tools to run those checks. One of the updates to  ISDs is they give not just a list of what is in spawn, but also the stats. These upgrades to EiF’s resource management has changed the lives of crafters in our community.

It also created some confusion and consternation. We discovered there were shellfish to be harvested, some animals had horns… Wait what! There were a numbers of resources we didn’t know existed before! Then learned not all did exist, but *could* exist if they were created. Ugh, things were getting complicated again. And just what creature did you hunt down to get that scaley hide from anyway?

Earlier this week, two of our staff, Gail and Kelta took it upon themselves to identify which creature resources were actually available in EiF, as well as which creatures could be harvested to obtain the type of resource needed. Below is the spreadsheet they created! I hope this is as useful to you, as it is for me!

Creature Resources

Community Manager

Patch Notes – 7/18/17

  • Declare overt command is now available. Simply type /declare to move between special forces and combatant status.
  • Characters that have resigned the Imperial faction can now be properly delegated New Republic faction points.
  • Simultaneous characters online on an account have been increased from 2 to 3, as per launch intention.

Friday Feature! 7/14/2017 – Player Events!

::Holo Report from HNN::

A human female who looks to be of Nabooian descent appears on the screen. Below her name is the title, Naboo Security Analyst. She’s standing outside a cantina on Tatooine.

Cheeriah Musca reporting from Mos Espa, Tatooine. I’m following up on rumors of a group of rogue Jawas attacking Cioral, a city here on Tat. With the demise of Jabba the Hutt, a power vacuum has emerged. It appears the Jawas are being emboldened and striking out at settlements across the desert. Most later, as I get all the details. I would issue this warning to those thinking about coming to Tatooine. Don’t. It’s living up to it’s reputation of being a hive of scum and villany… and crazy Jawas.

More later as I get the details!

I’m Cheeriah Musca. *waving a hand in a circle* and this is my galaxy.

Screen fades to black

The last time EiF saw Cheeriah she was covering the events surrounding the Rorgungan invasion of Broken Bridge, the new player starter city. That EiF sponsored event was a huge success, spawning a lot of RP.  Since that time more players have joined EiF and cities popping up all across the galaxy!  Roleplayers are demanding their roleplay! PvEers want challenges! Halyn wants to spawn Krayts and Gorax and giant nunas and teensy tiny, but powerful Jawas!

The EiF admin and staff shouldn’t be the only ones to create and set up events. Fort Vigilance on Corella just sponsored Empire Day with RP and a fishing contest! If you want to hold an event for the server, a city, your guild; or a roleplay event you have planned, the EiF staff is available for support. On the forums is an Event Request form to use when you’d like help from the staff (well, Halyn) to enhance your player event.

Event Request Form

Request Guidelines:

To request a player event, create a new topic and cut and paste the form below into the new topic. We will get back to you as soon as possible and let you know if the Admin is available to help you with your event!

Forum Name:

Character Name requesting the event:

Guild (if applicable):

City (if applicable):

Event Dates (please provide a variety of dates, in order to coordinate a time that works best for our staff):

Event Time (please give a desired start time. EiF support 1-2 hours, but set up time could be extra):

Event Location(s):

If in a city does the mayor give their approval?

Will this event be requiring staff buffs, rezzes & heals?

Event Information

Please give us a brief description of your event idea. Keep in mind that we can create any in-game props that are not buildings with interiors, as well as spawn creatures that are implemented* in the game only.

Please give us a detailed timeline for your event, including set-up time:

Will your event be open to the public? If no, who will be attending?

Any other information you can give us about the event?

Are there any questions you have as to what we can do/implement for your event?

PvE/RP Guidelines:

1. For this type of event we cannot give

  • badges
  • item or cash rewards (unless supplied by the requester)
  1. For these kind of events we cannot:
  • Spawn MOB’s or NPC’s that drop loot
  • Teleport participants or event host/hostess
  • Stop other players or guilds from participating
  1. For these kind of events we can:
  • Spawn objects and non attackable NPC’s and MOB’s
  • Spawn Event MOB’s/NPC’s that will not drop loot
  • Send system messages
  • Keep order
  • If requested it can be announced on our Facebook page, or twitter
  • Buff and Resurrect players

PvP Guidelines:
1. All above Event Guidelines still apply unless specifically stated by EiF.
2. For these kind of events we cannot give/spawn

  • Faction deeds, bases, turrets, mines or any faction item that can purchased from recruiter or obtained by players.
  • Credits unless they are supplied by the event requester
  • Rewards unless they are supplied by the event requester
  1. For these kinds of events we cannot:
  • Award Faction to participants.
  • Turn off faction loss.
  • Change faction of participants to even out the odds.
  • Resurrect participants. Staff heals and buffs will only be available between rounds.

Staff reserves the right to refuse support for any player event that does not follow the above guidelines, is in violation of SWGEmu Rules and Policies, EiF Rules and Policies, or is not feasible to support with the Staff tools or in-game mechanics.

Patch Notes – 7/8/17

Server will be down for a patch on 7/8/17 in the early morning.

  • Interplanetary Survey Droids now return information on resource quality.
  • Added milk to Taanab creatures.
  • Added Taanab to Galaxy Harvester uploads.
  • Mind and Action Damage taken by a player character is now multiplied. Original change was lost somewhere between test and live.
  • Port Jato screenplay fix.

Friday Feature – Port Jato, July 7th, 2017


“I’m paying you to run it.”

“I need a budget,” the Zeltron girl said.

“There isn’t a budget,” the man said in return. “Every credit for this project is just keeping the lights and heat on. Scrounge it if you have to, steal it if you can’t.”

The Zeltron smirked at him. “And here I thought you were the respectable sort.”

“If you really thought that, you wouldn’t be here, would you?”

Tansarii Point station was one of the highlights of the NGE version of Star Wars Galaxies. Functioning as an extended tutorial and new player zone, it was packed with NPCs, quests, and atmosphere that rivaled anything else in the game. The one downside, however, was that there was no going back – after a character left, he couldn’t return. (Never mind Nova Orion Station introduced later on – it was single-note and never matched the feel of the original Tansarii Point.)

In the upcoming client patch, Empire in Flames is bringing in a new space station instead: Port Jato.

An image of an old worn receipt. The logos and some of the words have faded over time; bits of the flimisplast are illegible.

Date: 4th Day of the 8th Month, 24 years after the formation of the Empire
Time: 2300 GST
Location: Faded and Illegible
Parties: Andarta Camma – Seller for Camma Enterprises, <illegible> – Buyer for Private
Items: One (1) Space Station “Enigma Terminal”, “as is” condition and location
Cost: Faded and Illegible
Warranty: None

The document is signed by both parties, but the signatures are too smudged to be read.

A New Place for New Players

“What sort of clientele are you expecting?”

“I expect we’ll get all sorts, from wet-behind-the-ears farm boys to seasoned Nar Shaddaa smugglers.”

A new character logging into SWG for the first time has options – head to Tatooine? Corellia? Naboo? And on each planet, there’s multiple starports to choose from. In fact, for a new player on a small server, it’s entirely possible to miss the entire population unless they specifically go looking!

Empire in Flames is changing that up – new players will instead find themselves on Port Jato, a player-run space station with roleplay, transportation, and intrigue, allowing them to immediately find members of the community before heading into the wilds.

A New Place for Established Players

“What about the war?” the Zeltron girl wanted to know.

“The war is no business of ours. The New Republic and the Empire will officially ignore us, but I’d be shocked if they didn’t plant Intelligence agents here. Everyone spies on everyone, and a place like this will have all kinds of useful information.”

Unlike Tansarii Point, existing characters can return to Port Jato at any time…though finding an off-the-books place like Port Jato will require the services of a smuggler, rather than public transportation. With the station’s amenities and upcoming content, new and veteran players alike will be visiting the station.

Amenities for Everyone

“Seriously, though, I need a budget. I need credits if you expect me to turn this place into a thriving station,” she insisted.

“I’ll find a few somewhere to get you started, but then it’s up to you. I hired you because you agreed you could make this place earn credits, not dump them down a black hole.”

Port Jato boasts services useful for players new and old. Aside from a unique underworld travel network accessible only from the station, the station has a public bank and bazaar, cloning (though given its underworld nature, insurance and storing cloning data is not available), private conference rooms and warehouses for roleplay deals, a unique cantina, the “Mistell”, run in-character by community manager Sandarie’s character Meg, and finally the Marketplace.

The Marketplace is space specifically laid out for players to drop vendors – with permission from the station manager, of course – to hock their wares to travelers.

Future Plans for Expansion

The Zeltron girl smirked. “That’s not why you hired me. But still,” she offered a handshake.

The man in the duster took it. “Then we’re in business.”

Port Jato is designed as a hub in more than just a sense of travel – much of the planned non-factional content will be accessible from Port Jato. The station will also adapt and change according to the actions and needs of the player base. It’s a place with a story, not just another POI to visit once and never see again. Find friends, make enemies, conduct business, scam the wealthy, and come out ahead on Port Jato – if you’re more clever and faster than everyone else.