Friday Feature: Planetary Factional Alignment in EiF – 5/19/2017

Planetary Factional Alignment

Factional alignment of planets is one of the major questions surfacing, as people prepare for city placement and roleplaying. Putting¬†things into perspective, Empire in Flames’ timeline starts three weeks after Endor, ¬†Below is the listing of planets and their factional alignment in EiF.




Corellia Imperial Core
Tatooine Neutral Outer Rim
Naboo New Republic Mid Rim
Tanaab Imperial Inner Rim
Lok Neutral Outer Rim
Dantooine New Republic Outer Rim
Dathomir Imperial Outer Rim
Talus Imperial Core
Rori New Republic Mid Rim
Mandalore Neutral Outer Rim
Yavin IV Imperial Outer Rim
Endor New Republic Outer Rim
Kashyyyk Imperial Mid Rim

Sandarie, Community Manager

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