Housing in EiF

Launch Day is ONE WEEK AWAY!

Have you started thinking about what kind of building or house you want? Planning your business venture? Want a place to train your militia? Maybe just a place to craft or a house which is more like a closet for your wardrobe?

All the houses you loved before and now some of the NPC buildings you only dreamed about will be available to players. Take a look at the list!

  • NPC Capitol
  • NPC Cantina
  • NPC Theater
  • NPC Combat Guildhall
  • NPC University Guildhall
  • NPC Commerce Guildhall
  • NPC Hospital
  • NPC Clinic

Each of the listed NPC buildings are available in each of three styles; Tatooine, Corellia, and Naboo.

If you need a reminder of the layout, head to Mos Carova on the Test Center and take a look!

Below is a listing of the player housing which existed prior to EiF.

  • Tatooine Small Two Styles
  • Tatooine Medium
  • Tatooine Large
  • Tatooine Guild Hall
  • Naboo Small Two Styles
  • Naboo Medium
  • Naboo Large
  • Naboo Guild Hall
  • Corellian Small Three Styles
  • Corellian Medium Two Styles
  • Corellian Large Two Styles
  • Corellian Guild Hall
  • Generic Small Four Styles
  • Generic Medium Two Styles
  • Generic Large Two Styles
  • Generic Guild Hall


So much excitement ahead. I can’t wait to see what people choose, how they use and decorate them!


Sandarie, Community Manager

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