Friday Feature 10/20/2017: A Chat with Kelta!

Woo hoo! Another chat with one of the Empire in Flames Staff! Enjoy getting to know Kelta!

EiF: Which versions of SWG did you play? pre-CU, CU, NGE?

Kelta: I only played NGE. Unfortunately, I was a late comer to the game.

EiF: Which server did you play on?

Kelta: I played on Starsider!

Kelta: I played a LS Jedi and a Commando/BM. I tried to do Jedi/BM, but when they put my tanking heal at the bottom of the tree, I had to give up my narglatch.  I also had–at various times–a tailor, dancer/image designer, and a medic/BM.

My jedi was my favorite because I really enjoy tanking, but my commando was a close second. Who doesn’t love to set things on fire? Plus, my commando had pets!

EiF: How many accounts did you own/manage?

Kelta: I had two accounts. They both started out as my then-boyfriend’s  and then became mine.

(He paid for them though, so I guess that made them technically his!)

EiF: What type of gameplay style do you most enjoy?

Kelta: I was and am mainly an RPer. Tanking during instances was a close second, and gunning during space events was third. I also enjoyed just playing the game. I loved exploring the planets, following the quest lines, and fighting with my various pets.

EiF: What’s a typical gaming session for you, what activities?

Kelta: My gaming sessions vary. I have a tailor that I horribly neglect–when I get the crafting or decorating bug, I play her and start some wild scheme like creating a swimwear line! Mostly I hang out on my rangers and play with my pets. I spend a lot of my time hunting, taming babies, or running missions with my friends. I’m slowly getting into the RP scene. I have lots of ideas and not so much with the time right now.

EiF: What do you most enjoy about SWG?

Kelta: I love the pets!  I usually run with a pack of cats, but the variety of species I can tame is awesome!  I enjoy ferreting out the new tamables that have been added and searching for the super rares. I’m very excited that now I don’t have to be a bio-engineer or have a ton of money if I want specific pets; all I have to do is go find them and tame them! Taming is probably my favorite change from the NGE.

EiF: What do you enjoy most about Empire in Flames?
Kelta: Cat mounts! xD
It’s having all my friends gathered back together in one place and getting to see familiar names popping back up both in-game and on Discord, honestly. When Galaxies shut down, we tried to find another game that we could all make a home and nothing ever clicked. Now I have my closest friends back creating a game together, while other friends come back to check out and enjoy what is being created. And I’m gaining new friends as well!

EiF: When you are not ingame, what do you enjoy doing?

Kelta: Sleeping mostly. 🙂 But I also enjoy cooking, baking, gardening, reading, writing, gaming, and spending time with my family.

EiF: What do you do outside of EiF / do for a living?

Kelta: I’m a high school English teacher. ( 1) No, you won’t hear me correcting your grammar. I only do that if I’m teaching, you’re a student, or you ask me to. 2)You probably have an urge to check for grammatical errors now. Go ahead. It’s okay!)

EiF: What is your role with EiF? What does that entail?

Kelta: I’m the wife of the owner and I have no programming skills whatsoever. Pretty much, I offer suggestions when asked, serve as a sounding board as needed, enjoy playing the game, and point out bugs as I find them. Occasionally I make wild suggestions that are either shot down or considered.  I also yell “Shuttle” whenever I miss them–which is frequently–and try to help the actual programmers remember to enjoy the game too.

Oh, and I enjoy being a helper when I’m in-game!

EiF: If you could have ANYTHING instantly in EiF, what would it be?

Kelta: Everything finished to the point where the team could play a bit more and my husband could RP with me!

EiF: What gives you Developer’s Crack?

Kelta: Ummm…Bringing one more person over the “Dark Side” and watching them join the CH fold! Or visiting the awesome player cities and observing the way they mold this virtual world into their own(which always gives me more ideas for decorating!) Or rping!


Friday Feature 10/13/2017 – A Chat with Abi/Gail!

Continuing the Empire in Flames staff interviews. This week we get peek into the life of Gail! Enjoy.

EiF: Which versions of SWG did you play? pre-CU, CU, NGE?

Abi/Gail: All, but I preferred the CU.

EiF: If you played in the pre-CU live, approximately how long did you play in the pre-CU?

Abi/GailI played from June 25th 2003 until the bitter end. There were a number of times where I wasn’t in game for long stretches due to real life, but mostly during the NGE because it wasn’t as interesting to me.

EiF: Which server did you play on?

Abi/Gail: Starsider. For life.

EiF: Which classes and which was your favorite?


PreCU – Doc/TKM (Dizzy & Knockdown!)

CU – Bounty Hunter/Pistoleer/Combat Medic

NGE – Spy

EiF: How many accounts did you own/manage?

Abi/Gail: I had one that was my primary, but at the peak of the CU I had three.

EiF: What type of gameplay style do you most enjoy?

Abi/GailPvP, difficult PvE, and Space PvP

EiF: What is a typical gaming session for you, what activities?

Abi/Gail: There isn’t really a typical – Sometimes I’m in EiF crafting or running missions with friends, sometimes I’m being dragged into an RP – sometimes I’m playing another game like Battlefront or Skyrim. My gaming time has decreased a lot since having a kid. Now I can only squeeze in a little time after about 1930 when my daughter goes to bed.

EiF: What do you most enjoy about SWG?

Abi/Gail: Being able to do things with my friends – secondary to that is the ability to do what I want how I want. I also like that you are not forced to play one specific class in one specific way. You can be or do almost anything you want in a way that you enjoy.

EiF: When you are not in-game, what do you enjoy doing?

Abi/Gail: Spending time with my little girl and making costumes. I’ve been a member of the 501st for 12 years now and I’ve been making costumes ranging from Star Wars, to Star Trek to Firefly and many more.

My goal is to make it as movie or screen accurate as possible – to that effect, I own two screen used costumes (Starship Troopers and Stargate) and one screen used prop (The Dark Knight).

Time with my daughter involves going to the park, playing in the yard, coloring and watching either Star Wars, My Little Pony, Pokemon or Tangled.

EiF: What do you do outside of EiF / do for a living?

Abi/GailI am a systems administrator for NASA. I also run a small decal business on Etsy.

EiF: What is your role with EiF? What does that entail?

Abi/Gail: The best description of my role is ‘Gap Filler’ – I do a little with textures, a little with code and as a sounding board for ideas from Halyn and Anishor. Occasionally I help Sandi with the community, but not very often since I think everyone would prefer I not interact with the community as much – I’m a grumpy guy.

EiF: If you could have ANYTHING instantly in EiF, what would it be?

Abi/Gail: CU Combat Medic – but just for me.

EiF: What gives you Developer’s Crack?

Abi/Gail: I am not a professional developer or programmer, so it’s a learning opportunity for me. Working on EiF is a chance to experience something that I don’t normally do day in and day out at work. That being said, I’ll keep my day job. Coding wasn’t for me in college and it still isn’t something I’d want to do to pay the bills.

EiF: Feel free to add anything else?

Abi/Gail: It is interesting to go all the way back to Pre-CU SWG. I really did the most in the CU, so to have the system be the older version is like going back to when I very first got in to the game with my friends. It reminds me of the person I was back then and how I’ve changed.

Also, I’m looking forward to having a TRE file full of stuff I’ve done to be added to the game and for players to start finding them. Don’t expect it this week, but the first things are on the horizon.

Friday Feature: 10/6/2017 RP on EiF!

Plopping down heavily into a chair in her work area, the station manager leaned forward to fold her arms on her desk and laying her head on them. A sigh escaped her lips while recounting the events of the past few days. It all started with the arrival of a quirky droid who apparently was, and still is, looking for teams to help protect the shipments of his master’s cargo. In an of itself, that wouldn’t be out of the ordinary for a space station such as Port Jato. Jato was really more of a shadowport, turning a blind eye to illicit activities, clandestine meetings, and the like. Heck she was working to create some private meeting areas to facilitate such activities, including sections where special cargo could be safely secured.

Shortly after the droid’s arrival and solicitation of her customers for escort and protection services,  the group out to harm the droid arrived in the Mistell demanding the droid be turned over to them. The type of clients she catered to didn’t take too well to being interrupted with a possible job being negotiated and the firefight broke out. A fire fight! Dammit! Not on her station! It was one of the few things Halyn made sure she understood, keep the activities to things that wouldn’t destroy his station!

“Meh,” she muttered into her arms, “Gotta get the new security team trained and settled. Get the new meeting rooms set up too, maybe that would have kept the scum away from the business activities being conducted.” A little bump against the blue hair covering her head startled her. Looking up she found a durni had landed on her desk. “Gah, seriously? My desk now?” Looking about she noticed several of the durni’s had escaped their pen and were nibbling on the fruits and veggies she was attempting to grow.

“Ugh! I’ll deal with you bunch later, right now, I have to get some secure rooms set up.”

Empire in Flames successfully launched its first roleplay campaign last Sunday. The story continues on Sunday with the droid, Custos, looking for teams of 3 to help escort his master’s cargo and keep it from being stolen while enroute to it’s destination. Two teams have formed so far and more are encouraged to be created. Each team will split a 1 million credit payment for services rendered at the successful completion of the campaign.

The staff of EiF are all avid roleplayers themselves and we are excited about bring the campaign to our community.  While EiF does not consider itself a roleplay server, it does think of itself as a friendly roleplay environment and it attracts a large number of people interested in roleplaying.

Port Jato is developing into a joint effort between the staff and community. The nearly completed arena has been decorated entirely by a member of our Community, Doreen. She has also set up Megan’s work area, complete with a test kitchen, working stills for her custom brews, and a garden. Other players are creating other sections of Jato, such as our arrival checkpoint and medical center.  (see this Friday Feature to learn more about features and plans for Port Jato .)

Join us Sundays at 9:00 PM EST for more in the ongoing story. The storyteller is our very own Halyn, who has created a lot of epic story content not only in SWG Live on Starsider, but is also a published author with two books to his credit and has had his work included in a complilation with other authors.

Community Manager

Patch Notes – 10/4/17

  • Merged latest SWGEmu code. (Check’s unstable patch notes for details.)
  • Added combat walkers.
    • These powerful new weapons of war are not available for regular use. They can be requested for events, and the devs may be happy to show them off if asked politely. Otherwise, expect to see these come the Galactic Civil War patch.
    • Added two new commands: /takeCommand and /fireCannons.
    • /takeCommand allows a player to take control of an appropriately setup NPC vehicle. For now, this is restricted to the new combat walkers, but other vehicles will be coming soon for certain scenarios and upcoming content.
    • /fireCannons will allow an appropriately-equipped combat vehicle to fire its weapons on an opposing target.
  • Added several new sets of GCW armor. (Not yet obtainable – coming with the GCW and/or new themeparks.)
  • Added several new NPC structures.
  • Added several new decorative objects. (Not yet player-obtainable.)
  • Fixed bug causing Devaronian female characters to be inaccessible after being logged out the first time.
  • Added several new shuttle types to starports. Expect to see more freighters about than just the standard transport.
  • Freighters now park at Port Jato.
  • Other fixes and bugs that have been forgotten about.

Friday Feature 9/15/2017: Looking Back: Loot Kits

Lots of hardcore decorating has been going on in various places around the Empire in Flames galaxy. Cynabar’s Fantastic Technology in Barataria on Rori. The Gnorton Zoo and Sanctuary in Gnorton on Naboo. The City Hall and Wookiee Guild Hall in Whisperwind on Taanab. Port Jato Space Station. The Cantina in Mos Carova on Tatooine.

These are but a few of the outstanding locations the amazing decorating talents of players in EiF can be found. Not everyone is into decorating. If you are hunter or mercenary out taking contracts (missions), or maybe exploring a planet such as Dantooine and stumble over a group of hostile Janta or Dantari, then you are likely to be running across valuable decorating items.

Some items are more obvious than others such as the bowls and schematics.There is one catagory which isn’t as obvious and those are the loot kit parts. Those annoying orange or blue threads that seem to have no purpose other than to fill up your precious inventory. Yet if you go to Gnorton or the Broken Bridge Cantina you’ll see beautiful orange and blue rugs. These rugs were put together by collecting those threads and adhesives and other things and placed into a loot kit obtained from a junk dealer.

Below is a link to a guide on 5 of the loot kits, pictures of what they look like and the parts needed to make them. You can often find the looted parts on various player vendors and there are some players who often have the completed items for sale. Check in trade chat on Discord, if you are looking for something in particular.

Good Looting!

Community Manager

((Apologies for the delay in getting this out. My plans were another interview with an EiF dev, but he’s been out of power for over a week from Hurricane Irma 🙁 ))