Patch Notes – 7/18/17

  • Declare overt command is now available. Simply type /declare to move between special forces and combatant status.
  • Characters that have resigned the Imperial faction can now be properly delegated New Republic faction points.
  • Simultaneous characters online on an account have been increased from 2 to 3, as per launch intention.

Patch Notes – 7/8/17

Server will be down for a patch on 7/8/17 in the early morning.

  • Interplanetary Survey Droids now return information on resource quality.
  • Added milk to Taanab creatures.
  • Added Taanab to Galaxy Harvester uploads.
  • Mind and Action Damage taken by a player character is now multiplied. Original change was lost somewhere between test and live.
  • Port Jato screenplay fix.

Patch Notes – 7/6/17

  • Added new NPC faction for upcoming events, heroics, and missions (coming soon)
  • Added new NPC mobs to new faction (coming soon)
  • Added new travel NPCs for Port Jato (coming soon)
  • Added new Rori tamables
  • Fixed disease blackbarring from Plague Strike (rancors, pets, etc)
  • Adjusted special attack availability for corvette super battle droids
  • Balance pass on corvette mobs
  • Adjusted dizzy – in addition to adding a chance to fall when posture changing, it now decreases accuracy and ranged/melee defense
  • Added Galaxy Harvester update functionality

Patch Notes – 6-9-17

A week later, and we finally got this patch pushed live. Sorry about the delay!

  • Evened out armor piece complexity ratings.
  • Evened out armor layer complexity ratings.
  • Increased armor chestplate hitpoints.
  • Updated previously Artisan foods and drinks to use Chef experimentation.
  • Updated previously Artisan weapons to use Weaponsmith experimentation.
  • Added new Creature Handler tamables.
  • Tweaked DNA sample to allow sample-kills to work again.
  • Adjusted entertainer buffs to be in-line with the new system.
  • Adjusted mind cost for Squad Leader specials.
  • Squad Leader specials now only affect in-range group members.
  • Mind cost for SL specials now scales according to group size.